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Capitalism – Where the Flaws of Man Only Affect a Few

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  2. “Hopefully, Americans understand the need to push back this collectivist government mentality.” (Evans)

    While I would love for that to be the case, the pendulum isn’t swinging toward individual freedom and independence. I would hope the conservative media would track down and interview Peggy Joseph, who three years ago proudly stated that she would no longer have to buy gas or pay for her mortgage when Obama was elected. My gut tells me she joined the movement of socialists who chose not to pay their mortgage to the “greedy bankers,” and when pressed, would state she is voting for socialism (again) and all it needs is “more time.”

    At the core of liberalism is a tape worm, and it is infecting society like the parasite that it is. Liberals have destroyed the future of my grandkids who are unborn, yet saddled with enormous debt, not including over 50 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. If I were a State, I would secede from the inevitable, destructive path we are on.