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2 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, Bye, Geithner!

  1. Max

    CDN authors,

    This is off topic for the headline, forgive me Allenah. As a recent commentator to your site, I would like to provide feedback. I think your site has potential, but it isn’t active enough to make me want to stay. Specifically,

    When I was looking for conservative blogs, I found yours and the first thing that caught my eye was a very nice CDN page design. I think your banner and logo are cool. Then the name.. “Conservative DAILY NEWS.” I was like… even cooler… this sounds like a great place to be… you know… DAILY. Well, it only took about 48 hours for me to see that it isn’t a DAILY news site. That was a bummer… but I said to myself… lets see if comments get feedback. And the feedback was like pulling teeth, as in hit and miss. I believe it was Mitchell that returned a comment which didn’t go very well (no blame on his part… just two different opinions.) But what I found in the commenting back and forth was there isn’t much of it. Most of my thoughtful comments (regardless of what Doc thinks about them… or Mitchell) just sit there unanswered. So I won’t be coming back, at least not for awhile. I don’t know how long you have been operating your site… but the main reason I lost interest is that the AUTHORS don’t have much interest in engaging discussion. Closest I came was with doc, but he either has gone away for the long weekend, or simply got bored with what I had to say.

    Anyway, I thought it best to leave constructive feedback. Hopefully you guys get better.

    1. Allenah Manzanagrano (twitter: @FreedomsBlsings)


      Thank you for your feedback. I believe constructive criticism is a positive thing. It shows us where we need to grow, what we need to work on as a team, and individually. We have gone through some staff changes very recently, and as always, when there is growth there is always growing pains. I hope that you will check back in with us from time to time. We have many things on the horizon that you may find interesting.
      Again, thank you for your feedback.

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