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Be Careful Who or What You Allow to Move You!

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  1. Yes, history is replete with individuals being “moved” in the wrong direction. Like the 900+ Jim Jones followers being “moved” to drink cyanide in 1978. It’s amazing, some 32 years later, that the people of California would elect Jerry Brown to serve as a retreaded-governor, since he attended Jim Jones church services the first time he was governor in the 1970’s. That isn’t ignorance, it’s total stupidity.

    Since your article focuses on brilliant orators with the wrong message, able to draw huge crowds, I can only say from an American viewpoint is we, as a nation, have strayed too far from arguments posed in the Federalist Papers. One presumption being presented was that government would remain sound provided certain measures were in place, without focusing on stewardship, in that the primary duty of elected government is to preserve it’s foundation (our Constitution and way of life). Thus allowing radicals in the hen house. One of the precepts JFK wrote about was the duty of elected government to rule against majority public opinion under the misguided notion that government knows better than its people. This mindset has ruled democratic ideology since the days of FDR, and has deeply soiled the Republic. They pick and choose words from the declaration and the constitution to suit the all-powerful government welfare state. One example they tout is “promote the general welfare,” which they interpret to mean free handouts to illegal aliens and lazy people. Another example is “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (a mantra they love while disregarding the rest…) or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (something they detest).

    When were the American people ever consulted to double the amount of foreign aid to Egypt, or give foreign aid to China?

    Our illusion of freedom extends well beyond the ballot box. When we permit intolerable behavior from members of Congress (and the Presidency) with the only remedies being sought are calls to resign (Weiner), it erodes faith in government. Perhaps a fix for that would be to place every elected official under the UCMJ, what is good for our troops is good for them.

    Enjoyed the article.