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Bye, Bye, Bye, Geithner!

While all the lyrics of this particular song do not fit my emotions, there is a particular line that I am singing after the news I just read! Please excuse me while I sing out loud. Feel free to join in at anytime!

I know that I can’t take no more
It ain’t no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye, bye, bye…

Thank you, N’Sync! I could not have said it better myself!

It seems as though Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has finally had enough! In a report from Bloomberg, it appears as though Mr. Geithner has given an indication that “he’s considering leaving the administration after President Obama reaches an agreement with Congress to raise the national debt limit”. This information does not come from just one source, but three different people who are “familiar with” the situation.

While I am very excited about this news,  I am scared to hold my breath. The fact that he is “considering leaving the administration” is not good enough for me- yet!  When the official announcement is made, there will another song I will be playing. It goes a little somethin’ like this:

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I’m gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust

The article states he has not made his “final decision”. Let’s pray his final decision is to exit stage left!

It is reported that Timmy has told his associates that “he needs a break from government service”. After all, he has had a pretty rough go of things the last few years! He’s had to deal with the distress of financial fall-outs on Wall Street from both sides of the fence. First, he had to deal with things as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and then he had the responsibility of things as President Obama’s Treasury Secretary. Things are mighty tough for you indeed, aren’t they Mr. Geithner?

I’m sorry. I did not intend for my sarcasm to be so thick.

Now with the debt ceiling crisis going on, Mr. Geithner doesn’t seem to be able to take the heat…. so maybe he’ll get outta the kitchen for good!





TIME Editor Calls Obama ‘A Dick’ On Live TV- MSNBC Suspends Him

Time Magazine Editor Mark Halperin should have known better. While on-air “gaffes” are not rare, a media member flatly stating his opinion on-the-air only because he thought it could censored out later is not a common occurrence. Perhaps Mark should take some motherly advice- “If you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing at all!”

That might be too much to ask in this day and age where everyone thinks their opinion matters (point proven in this article as I, the author give my personal opinion).

Then again… maybe Mr.  Halperin was right. While a lady should never talk that way, I would have to agree with his assessment of the President’s attitude yesterday.

What I find sadly amusing is how this situation has played out this morning.

First there was the incident itself.

Then came the syrupy-sweet apology.

Then MSNBC announced that Mark Halperin, the reporter who made the “gaffe”, was “indefinitely suspended”.

The video posted does not show the entire exchange between Joe Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski during Mr. Halperin’s apology, but it has been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet. Ms. Brzezinski was what I would call syrupy-sweet and very over-the-top in saying that they also apologized, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

I find interesting that  Mr. Halperin has been “indefinitely suspended” for his remarks, yet it’s “anything goes” when discussing Conservatives. Just a few examples for you to mull over:

  • Chris Matthews calls Michele Bachmann a “balloon head”
  • Some have said that MSNBC has an “almost unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin”- and I am sure it is obvious their “obsessive” coverage of Governor Palin is not positive
  • Specifically, Governor Palin was blamed by NUMEROUS MSNBC  (as well as other MSM outlets) hosts, pundits, etc. for the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords
  • Ed Schultz, another MSNBC host, was given a slap-on-the-wrist discipline of a one week suspension for calling Conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham a slut
  • Cenk Uygur, yet another MSNBC host, mocked a gay GOProud chairman in an on-air interview

These are just a few of the endless remarks against Conservatives that have had little or no repercussions for the offender.

Another interesting note for readers. In my research for this article, I read that the rumor mill is churning with whispers of CBS possibly being in talks to steal “Morning Joe” and replace their never ending boring morning programming with Joe and Mika. I’m guessing the rumor mill may be grinding to a halt after today’s fiasco.



Hollywood Reporter
Gay Conservative Mocked

Michele Bachmann Kicks Off Iowa Bus Tour

Iowa City, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann will kick off her Iowa campaign bus tour on Saturday, July 2. Along the Iowa state campaign trail, Bachmann will host meet-and-greets with supporters and attend Independence Day weekend activities, while sharing her message of constitutional conservatism and taking questions from voters. The following events are open to credentialed media: (Please note all events occur in Central Time).

Saturday, July 2, 2011
Iowa City Campaign Bus Tour Kick Off and Breakfast Chat
8:00 am CT
Bluebird Diner
330 E. Market St.
Iowa City, Iowa
Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers’ Market Stop
9:30 am CT
1st Ave. and 3rd St.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Marshalltown Lunchtime Chat
1:00 pm CT
Taylor’s Maid Rite
106 South 3rd Ave.
Marshalltown, Iowa
Des Moines Iowa TEA Party Bus Stop
5:00 pm CT
Iowa Capitol Building, West Lawn
East 9th St. and Grand Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa
Iowa Cubs Baseball Game
7:00 pm CT
Principal Park
Des Moines, Iowa
Sunday, July 3, 2011
Carroll Lunchtime Chat
12:30 pm CT
Pizza Ranch
425 US Highway 30 West
Carroll, Iowa
Le Mars Meet-and-Greet
4:00 pm CT
Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor & Museum
115 Central Ave. NW
Le Mars, Iowa
Sunday Evening Outreach – CLOSED PRESS
6:00 pm CT
Cornerstone World Outreach Center
1625 Glen Ellen Rd
Sioux City, Iowa
Monday, July 4, 2011
Clear Lake July 4th Parade
10:00 am CT
Downtown Clear Lake

Study Reveals Impact of Real Estate ‘Shadow Inventory’ on Recovery

ATLANTA, June 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Despite steady gains in key industry sectors, the nation’s housing market continues to exert pressure on the overall rate of economic recovery. While financial conditions across multiple financial sectors suggest economic stabilization and growth, delinquencies still exceed pre-recession levels due to continued turbulence in the mortgage marketplace, according to Equifax (NYSE: EFX) national credit trend research for May 2011.

Slowing today’s economic recovery are the challenges posed by high shadow inventory levels, which are contributing to the continued rise of severe mortgage delinquencies and write-offs. According to Equifax research, write-off dollars for home finance, which includes first mortgage and home equity installment loans as well as home equity revolving accounts, are still climbing and have yet to show signs of peaking. In fact, home finance write-offs reached $304.6 billion in 2010 compared to a combined total of $126.7 billion for 2006 and 2007.

Equifax data shows that severe delinquencies among these loan vintages have remained nearly constant since the first quarter of 2010. Further analysis reveals that as of May 2011 there are approximately$319.7 billion in 2006 and 2007 first mortgage vintages that are in the initial foreclosure process – many of which may be written off.

Real estate owned (REO) properties represent another roadblock to recovery. According to Equifax, first mortgage REO rates remain high as lenders struggle to divest of properties unsuccessfully sold through a short sale or foreclosure auction. While various factors over the last few years have led to fluctuations in the number of REO properties, REO rates since March 2011 are on the rise and causing continued economic strain. Equifax data shows that in May 2011:

  • Three percent of all U.S. first mortgages representing $21.8 billion were REO properties.
  • Foreclosure complete rates of 1.45 percent were almost in lock step with bankruptcy rates of 1.6 percent – suggesting that the majority of REO properties are the result of bankruptcy proceedings.


“Shadow inventory and real estate owned properties are still playing a dominant role in today’s mortgage market and slowing the pace of economic recovery. While we are seeing stabilization across multiple sectors of lending, there remains a significant volume of delinquent first mortgage loans, which has slowed the foreclosure process. Until these foreclosures are processed, the mortgage market will continue to impact economic growth,” said Craig Crabtree, senior vice president and general manager, Equifax Mortgage Services.

Patriotism and The Draft

After viewing this video, sent to me by a good friend…

…I was reminded of the reality that now in America, the FEW are bearing the burden of responsibility of the MANY. Since principle bereft and weak-kneed politicians caved in and made the draft an obsolete thing of the past our National Guard and Reservists have been assuming the responsibility of the citizen soldier.(1) So now, especially since Viet Nam, we have a generation of young people for whom a sense of patriotism is alien. It is no coincidence the draft was abandoned in 1973 in large part due to protests and a general belief that the draft was unfair. It was a political backlash reaction to the end of the Vietnam War.

Ironically, the latest efforts to get a draft law passed originated with the sleazy Chales Rangel (D-NY), recently disgraced congressman. That was just last year and it had NO co-sponsors and died in committee. Before that he tried passing the same bill in 2007 and it went down to a resounding defeat in the House by a 402 to 2 vote.

I’ve posted my own plan in the past and have it saved. I’ll probably post it as a new topic for discussion soon. Not a draft as we knew in the past with too many loophole exceptions, but a plan titled Compulsory Military Service.

I always hearken back a few short years to that comment by the lead singer of the Texas-based Dixie Twits(Chicks) who wondered aloud overseas no less….”The entire country (US) may disagree with me, but I don’t understand the necessity for patriotism. Why do you have to be a patriot? About what? This land is our land? Why? You can like where you live and like your life, but, as for loving the whole country … I don’t see why people care about patriotism.”(2)

For many older Americans she voiced then what we believed too many young people felt. An ignorance about what patriotism is all about. That in America one has an inherent civic obligation as We the People to take pride in what we have created, be ever vigilant to threats from without and within or risk loosing it all. Not unexpectedly to me, we now are approaching that crossroads marker for the survival of this representative democracy we call a constitutional republic dated Election Day 2012.



Oh Say Can You See

I remember several years ago while looking to buy a house the realtor kept bring up properties that had HOA’s (Home Owners Association). I told her don’t even worry about pulling the files on the properties. I knew then that it would just cause grief and trouble if someone tried to tell me what I could do on the property I paid for.

In a single day I read two separate news reports where an HOA is being tyrannical and downright un-American. In one case the HOA is demanding that Fred Quigley- a veteran who fought in Korea and Vietnam- take down his flag pole. Mr. Quigley  proudly flies the flag that he so honorably served, the flag of The United States of America, on this pole.

In the other case, the HOA has halted construction on the home that was to be built by Homes for Our Troops for Sgt. 1st Class Sean Gittens who was paralyzed by an IED.

The HOA in Macedonia, Ohio told Mr. Quigley (I am sorry I could not find out the rank he attained or I would address him as such) he could fly his flag from a stanchion from his home but Mr. Quigley would not hear of it. In a statement concerning the matter, he stated:

“To me, a flagpole is a thing of boldness and is substantial. Putting a flag on your house is like putting a wreath on your door. It doesn’t mean as much.”

The HOA even stated that “landscapers have to work around it” and it would require electricity to be ran to the pole for illumination. OH MY GOSH! A landscaper would have to do what he is paid to do and run a line to the pole for a light. I was actually surprised that the HOA knew that flag etiquette deems that the flag be illuminated in the event it is flown at night.

I am proud to say that Mr. Quigley’s community have rallied around him. Many of his supporters gathered together with him as The American Legion performed a Flag Raising Ceremony at Mr. Quigley’s flag pole.

Sgt. Gittens and his family have been up against a very determined HOA. The HOA in the Evans, Georgia neighborhood have stated that because the Gittenses’ house would be smaller than most of the houses in the area, it would bring down property values even though the house exceeds the minimum square footage. The HOA even had the audacity to request that they build a second story on the house. REALLY?! A disabled veteran who is bound to a wheelchair or bed at all times should be required to build a second story?! The Gittens Family decided to build their new home elsewhere to end the conflict. Homes For Our Troops will now be able to build a home for the good Sgt. And his family without having to battle the HOA the entire time.

John Gonsalves, president and founder of Homes for Our Troops, made a statement saying:

“This home is about freedom and independence adapted to the Gittenses’ needs, but it’s also about roots. Luckily we can enjoy the [American] dream because of people like Sgt. Gittens. So who deserves it more than him?”

I would personally like to take these HOA presidents behind the woodshed and give them a few lessons on how to honor our veterans and OUR flag. There should be no other held in higher regards than those who have put his/her life on the line to defend our great nation and/or do her bidding. It is because of these individuals that we have the freedoms we have today. All of our freedoms have been bought and paid for with the literal blood, sweat, tears of our great men and women who make up our great military. Many have even given their very lives so that you might be free today.

July 4 Update: Ohio Veteran Wins Fight To Fly American Flag On Pole Outside His House


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.

-Benjamin Wallace



Bachmann Campaign Responds to Questions on Medicaid Payments

Washington, D.C. – Bachmann for President Spokeswoman Alice Stewart has issued the following statement in response to questions regarding Bachmann and Associates Counseling Clinic receiving payments from the Minnesota Medicaid Program:

“Medicaid is a valuable form of insurance for many Americans and it would be discriminatory not to accept Medicaid as a form of payment. As a state-sponsored counseling service, Bachmann and Associates has a responsibility to provide Medicaid and medical assistance, regardless of a patient’s financial situation.”

Cain Shares ‘Economic Vision’ in Greenville, South Carolina

(Greenville, SC)- Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain shared his “Economic Vision: Jobs for America” plan today at NEXT Innovation Center in Greenville, South Carolina.

Cain’s plan details his three “Economic Guiding Principles”:

  1. Production drives the economy.
  2. Risk-taking drives growth.
  3. Measurements must be dependable.
Production drives the economy.

Cain believes that the federal government should ease the burdens of excessive taxation and regulation to spur economic growth to increase production. This includes lowering the top corporate and personal income tax rate to a maximum rate of 25 percent, suspending taxes on repatriated profits and making the lowered tax rates permanent. He also proposes a regulatory reduction commission that would seek to review and potentially eliminate some current regulations whose compliance costs weaken job creators.

Risk-taking drives growth.
Cain believes there must be increased access to capital. To do so, he proposes eliminating taxes on capital gains and their dividends. This would also incentivize companies to invest in worker training programs, new equipment and emerging technologies. History shows that the largest beneficiaries of such a reduction on capital gains taxes are new technology investments.

“The capital gains tax represents a wall between people with money and people with ideas,” Cain said. “And people with ideas are the catalyst for new businesses and new job growth.”

Measurements must be dependable.
Cain’s plan would help stabilize the value of the dollar in order to provide monetary stability by dramatically reducing the national debt through meaningful spending cuts and restructuring government assistance programs. Stabilizing the value of the dollar would help to eliminate uncertainty that impedes business expansion and job creation.

Cain believes that implementing these initiatives would provide economic certainty to businesses for investment, innovation and hiring purposes. He estimates that these changes would cut the unemployment rate in half when fully implemented.


Three-Quarters of Americans Give President Obama Negative Ratings on His Handling of Jobs

Three-Quarters of Americans Give President Obama Negative Ratings on His Handling of Jobs

Majorities also give the President negative marks on his handling of healthcare, the environment, unrest in the Middle East and education

NEW YORK, June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — President Obama has seen his overall job rating drop this month as well as his rating on how he is handling the economy. And, when looking at some other specific issues, the downward trend continues. In February of this year, just three in ten Americans (29%) gave President Obama positive ratings on his handling of jobs. Now one-quarter do (24%) while almost half (46%) give the President a rating of poor, The Harris Poll’s lowest rating.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,163 adults surveyed online between June 13 and 20, 2011 by Harris Interactive.

Three in five Americans give the President negative ratings on his handling of education (61%) and healthcare (63%) while just 34% give him positive ratings on both areas. In February, just under two in five U.S. adults gave the President positive marks on education (39%) and healthcare (37%). On the environment, over half (56%) give President Obama negative ratings while 37% give him positive ratings and on his handling of the unrest in the Middle East, 57% give him negative marks and 38% give him positive ratings. In February, two in five Americans gave the President positive ratings on his handling of both the unrest in the Middle East (39%) and the environment (41%).

Partisan support

Among Republicans, the President’s best numbers are on his handling of the environment where 13% give him positive ratings. For Democrats, three in five or more give him positive ratings on his handling of the unrest in the Middle East (65%), the environment (63%), healthcare (63%), and education (60%). But only two in five Democrats (42%) give the President positive ratings on how he is handling the issue of jobs.

Independents, who typically decide elections, are not happy with the President’s handling of these issues. Only one-third (34%) give him positive ratings on how he has handled the unrest in the Middle East while three in ten give him positive ratings in his handling of the environment (31%), healthcare (31%) and education (30%). The lowest rating is on his handling of jobs where just 19% of Independents give President Obama positive marks.

So What?

Foreign policy wins are nice for a president as are winning on big domestic issues such as healthcare or the environment. But these are not things Americans typically vote on come Election Day. Come November, what people tend to think about is how they feel, compared to the same time 4 years previously. As Ronald Reagan once asked, “Are you better than you were four years ago?” President Obama has a little over a year before the answer to that question really matters but if it were asked now, based on how they see his handling of a key issue such as jobs, Americans may say no and vote accordingly.


Team Bachmann Rolls Out Campaign Bus, Continues Tour in South Carolina

Charleston, S.C. – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann rolls out her Bachmann for President campaign bus in South Carolina today, continuing the momentum from her official candidacy announcement in Waterloo, Iowa. Bachmann plans to bring her message of constitutional conservatism to voters in South Carolina before taking to the road to the key caucus states in the coming months.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lexington Kick Off – Lexington, S.C.
12:30 pm ET
Flight Deck Restaurant
109-A Old Chapin Road
Lexington, S.C. 29071
Greenville Kick Off – Greenville, S.C.
3:30 pm ET
Event will take place at Magnolia Park located at the intersection of Interstate 85, Interstate 385 and Woodruff Road
Magnolia Park Town Center (parking)
1025 Woodruff Road
Greenville, S.C. 29607
National Townhall Meeting – Rock Hill, S.C.
8:00 pm ET
NOTE: The townhall will stream live on
Winthrop University
DiGiorgio Campus Center – Richardson Ballroom
269 Campus Center
Rock Hill, S.C. 29733


Restore freedom and reduce deficit: Defund TSA

The story of a 95-year-old woman’s TSA search is just another example of the agency’s abuse of power and continued attack on our fourth amendment right. (For details on the story, check here.)

If you’re not familiar with YouCut, it’s a site put up by Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Citizens vote in the poll on proposed spending cuts, and can also leave suggestions for proposed cuts.

Here’s my suggestion, in an email sent to Rep. Cantor:

* * *

Greetings Rep. Cantor,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss and suggest cuts to our overgrown governmental spending problem. You Cut is a fantastic idea.

I have an idea that addresses two concerns at once…

The first concern is, of course, the monumental spending spree and overgrowth of our federal government at the taxpayer’s expense. The second is the growing over-reach and arrogance of the TSA, and its role in violating our rights guaranteed by the fourth amendment.

I’m outraged and disgusted at the increasing number of horror stories about this governmental agency. A 95-year old lady with leukemia forced to endure a humiliating search and removal of her adult undergarment (soiled) before she could fly to her medical treatment? Honestly? Children being strip searched like violent prison inmates?

When people get upset about overly aggressive use of power, like the lady’s daughter who started crying, they’re searched for ‘acting unusual’. Are these agents hired from some kind of emotionally-bankrupt staffing agency? What caring person wouldn’t be upset over their sick, elderly mother being humiliated in such a way? The last I recall, it wasn’t little old ladies flying planes into buildings or bombing the USS Cole or chanting ‘death to America.’

Is this the administration’s way of convincing Americans to shut up and accept the physical intrusion on their person? Is this what our founders – or any reasonable, rational human being – considers ‘freedom’? Is this the liberty that so many fought and died for, that immigrants sacrificed their homelands to find, that we hold in trust for our children?

No, sir, it is not. This is an egregious misuse of governmental power that goes against reasonable search of persons.

And now there are hints and announcements that the TSA wants to stretch from airports to every other method of travel and movement to perform these searches in the name of safety.

If Homeland Security’s goal is to make us feel safe from terrorists, they’ve accomplished this:  I feel much less afraid of Al Qaeda than I do of Janet Napolitano’s unchecked power trip. When did we become the USSA? This is wrong, Mr. Cantor. I know it, you know it, and I’d guess even Napolitano knows it.

I’m not sure how much of our tax dollars is used to fund the TSA, but I’d like to suggest that department’s funding to be cut, either completely or at least in a significant amount, to help keep this rogue agency from systematically harassing the American citizen. We should not be funding the demise of our own freedom.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully yours…

City Council Attacks Taxicab Entrepreneurs

City councils across the nation are taking a page from the Federal Government in their ability to take over entire industries. Taxicab companies are fighting against their local bureaucrats for their very existence. In Hampton Roads, Virginia, it is no different. Just like when the Federal Government accused doctors of cutting off limbs for more money, apparently local governments feel taxicab drivers exhibit the same characteristics. They claim drivers take longer routes, overcharge customers, drive unsafe vehicles and provided selected services. These bureaucrats use crony capitalism to dismantle the taxicab industry. Now, the term public-private partnership is worn proudly.

In 2007, the City of Hampton, Virginia used tax money to hire the Tennessee Transportation and Logistics Foundation (TTLF) to conduct a Taxi study. The study states that restructuring “depends upon the actions of the existing or potential full service taxi companies.” It also states that things could deteriorate with the loss of Hampton’s only full service taxi company if it decides to relocate its equipment and capacity elsewhere. In addition, GPS technology to track cabs; vehicle age limits and 24/7 dispatching were requirements within the study and it acknowledged some businesses will not be able to comply and go out of business. So, the City of Hampton implements an ordinance that prohibits nearly all from doing business in Hampton Roads.

Someone gave this college professor (disguised as a company) the authority to implement an ordinance that puts people out of business. Our local governments are instilling draconian ordinances that cannot be refuted and greatly impacts the industry catering to limited number of companies.

The neighboring city of Newport News took a slightly different route by appointing a Transportation Panel to engage the issue. Two organizations represented were the airport and the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber who voiced concern about the customer service and impact that the taxicab industry has on tourism in Newport News. So, when researching the Chamber’s membership, the two active members under the taxicab category are the Yellow Cab of Hampton and Yellow Cab of Newport News, the largest companies in their respected locales.

If the Transportation Panel wishes to protest the taxicab customer service or tourism issues, the airport should not be involved. With body scanners, taxicabs are the least of their customer service problems. While the airport implemented a 10-year vehicle age limit on taxicabs, the average age of a Delta aircraft is 13.8 years and US Airways is 12.2 years. What age restriction is the airport going to require of these airlines? Oh, that’s right…. Crony Capitalism.

There are situations like this happening across the nation. Salt Lake City reduced the number of taxis 25 percent and the number of cab companies to two. They even restricted the number of taxis waiting at the airport. Just this week, San Francisco taxi drivers went on strike due to mandatory credit card machines. Now, where’s the outrage at our city government for pushing credit card machines.

In Miami-Dade they conduct audits and they have an auction for taxi medallions at a minimum bid of $100,000. They also require wheelchair accessible vehicles, security cameras, rear compartment swipe (credit cards) and dispatch systems. Of course, TTLF conducted a study in 2007. In Austin, they had a four-person team from the city conduct an audit to where they required more than one full-time Enforcement Officer to ensure compliance. Again, the implementation of these requirements was preceded by a TTLF taxi study.

City council members need to consider where you stand on this issue because if you vote to implement this, this will create another bureaucratic department and put businesses out of business. For a small business owner, buying a new taxi every so many years or demanding expensive oversight equipment is the equivalent to a major airline purchasing an aircraft. But this is a good test to see who is willing to make the vote…crony capitalism for the airlines, credit card companies & government control or entrepreneurism for their constituents?

To my fellow citizens, it is a time to see where your city council actually stands. If they vote for it, they are either ignorant on the subject or exercising crony capitalism. Either way, they may need to go. Either way, let their actions speak.

My Children Are Threatened


This continues the story of our journey to have a family. The time frame for this chapter of our story is September 2008.
If you continue to read along, you will see first hand the reality of how broken the Foster Care system truly is.


We had finally reached a point where thing were on track for all five adoptions to go through. After almost a year of postponed court hearings, our first two children were free for adoption. The biological mother’s rights had been terminated in the final court hearing, but we had a mandatory 90-day waiting period before we could actually consummate the adoptions.  Our other two older children were free for adoption, as their biological parents’ rights had been terminated before they ever came to us, but we had not completed the 6-month waiting period of them being in our home that is required for us to consummate their adoption. The baby was not free for adoption at this point, but we had a court date and knew that nothing had changed on the case. It was just a matter of waiting out the time until the court date.

One afternoon I received a call from our agency telling me that they wanted to start working on the adoption paperwork. I told them that we were going to wait and adopt all five children at one time. She told me that this would not be possible if we wanted to adopt the older children. I asked her why, because we had already spoken with all of the CPS case workers, they knew our situation and various reasons why we wanted to adopt all five at one time, and no one had a problem with this arrangement. She told me that she would call me back.

It wasn’t but a few minutes later that I got a call from the Director of the Agency. She told me that the CPS case workers had told them we said we did not want to adopt the older children if we were not able to adopt the baby, and we would not make a decision until after the baby’s court case was final. She told me that CPS was actually getting ready to remove the older children from our home if we did not go ahead with the adoption right now.  I asked her who had told her this but she refused to tell me. I told her I would call her back, and I ended the conversation.

I went into panic mode. Anger rose up in me and I came out fighting like a Mama bear protecting her cubs! I immediately started calling my CPS case workers. I had three separate case workers, since we had two different sets of children, and the baby. None of the three case corkers could believe what I was telling them! They were livid!  They had never said anything about removing the children, and in fact, all of them knew we were on schedule according to what our original plan had been.

After making phone calls to several officials within CPS, we were able to figure out that the motivation behind all of the threats was because of money.  From what we were told, our understanding is that the agency receives $10,000 for every child who is adopted through their agency! I do not have the actual proof of this, but this is what I was told by the CPS officials who were so very gracious and kind when I called them so panicked and furious.  When I told her about the threats from the agency that the children were going to be removed from our home, she became furious! She assured me that the children could not be removed from our home unless CPS was there to remove them. Even if the agency were to remove the children, the CPS representative must be present. Otherwise, any removal is illegal. She reiterated to me that CPS is the only ones who can remove the children, and they were NOT going to remove them from us.

Once I heard this, I knew it was time for us to leave the agency. Their purpose was to be there as our representatives and look out for our interests. Yet we actually had to fight against them, and CPS was looking out for our interest far more than the agency was. So we started the paperwork IMMEDIATELY to go straight through CPS instead of the agency.

It is our understanding that the Agency was hurting for money just to be able to meet their budget needs, and they knew if we finalized the adoptions on the older four children they would have $40,000 in their bank account before the end of the year. They knew our waiting period would be up on all four of the older children and we could legally adopt all four of them in December.

We knew that the baby’s court date was in January, and then we would have to wait the 90-days before we could actually consummate his adoption. With all the waiting we had gone through by this point through the system, what were another few months?

There were many different reasons we wanted to adopt all five children at one time. We wanted to have a big celebration, my parents wanted to come in, so coordinating for more than one event like that from out of town was going to be a challenge. CPS had no problem with this arrangement from the very beginning.  They all knew our plan and understood why we wanted to do things the way we had planned. We had thought long and hard about all of this. We also wanted to try to prevent as much rivalry as possible. With these children who have been rejected and passed from one home to another so many times, feeling a sense of belonging is important. If one set of children were adopted and the others were not, this had the potential to create a lot of added turmoil and stress for the children.

In the end the agency lost a total of $50,000 from us, because they tried to bully the wrong person. Do not lie to me! More importantly, DO NOT threaten to take my children from me when you know you cannot, because I will fight back! I am sure they had no idea what hit them when they received our notice saying that we were terminating our business relationship with them. They picked a fight with the wrong person! These are my kids they were messing with! They learned the hard way that I will fight anyone, anywhere, at anytime for what is in their best interest.

I cannot begin to tell you how angry it makes me to know that the children caught in this system are nothing more than a commodity to so many people! $10,000 per child! This money would be better spent by overhauling the ENTIRE system! There are so many things that need to change in this system to help these children!


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