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Who Does He Think He Is?

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  1. Thanks Michael,
    The author is certainly aware of England’s involvement in providing Israel their homeland, (it is in the article).
    I was referring more to their general personal acceptance by the peoples of all nations. To keep things simple, I didn’t even mention their plight in Russia or other less Jewish friendly nations. My point was that they had a homeland in Palestine long before Mohammed was born.
    By keeping things general and simple a writer doesn’t have to flip flop between all the anecdotal issues and occurrences such as you point out in your comments. You’ve done a good job of showing that there are truly some actual grievances on either side but the gross major factors still hold true.
    Thanks for your input,

  2. Michael G. Murphy

    You write in your article about Obama that America was the only one who treated Israel with any respect. Does your Reporter know that if it wasn’t for England, Israel would not have become a free and independent state? Does he or she know that without England they would not have been accepted in the UN on as wide of basis as they were?

    Granted, England was all over the map when it came to Israel. They promised the land to Arabs, and then to one of the Arab States, Syria and I think possibly to others as well before they came true on their promise to make it a state for Israel. I think Palestine was the other Arab State and possibly Saudi Arabia as well.

    England along with America has constantly protected Israel in the Security Council of the UN and while they have not even begun to give the kind of bucks or military hardware that we in America have, they are directly responsible for them becoming a nation after God that is.

    It is also true that Israeli Agents have been caught doing espionage in America either once or twice. So, with all we did for them you really would not expect that especially before Obama who loves the Arabs and shows anti-Israeli attitudes became President. Nevertheless, I can think of no other President with the exception of Jimmy Carter who has been as hostile towards Israel as Obama. We have put a lot of pressure on them through the years to give up land though.

    I’m not sure how any Arab can seriously propose Israel give up more land when just about all of them have dedicated themselves to her destruction. But that’s another story. Thank you, MGM.

  3. He thinks he’s the POTUS & a hell of a lot smarter than you!