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Underdogma – Book Review

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    • Ron Paul? Are you on drugs this morning? Paul wants to end federal taxes and abolish the IRS. That means lazy people, and whiners, would need to work. My kind of man. Unfortunately, America has too many leeches and he will never be elected.

  1. American Exceptionalism my ass. The US has lost it’s popularity simply because you choose to spend billions upon billions killing poor people in the third world while you leave poor people within your own country to perish from disease and rampant crime.

    If this is the “worlds only superpower” I fail to see what it is that’s so “super” about it. The American people get to work harder for less while the rich get richer by the minute.

    If you stop fighting unwinnable wars all over the world and take care of your own people instead surely both national pride and diplomatic relations will improve, not to mention your finances.

    • Mills,

      “If this is the “worlds only superpower” I fail to see what it is that’s so “super” about it. The American people get to work harder for less while the rich get richer by the minute.”

      Spoken like a American-wannabe, whose feet are hobbled by your own government from creating your own wealth. People like you are pathetic leeches.

      As for what you fail to see, let me spell it out for you, leech. You are reading this on an “American Invention,” conceived in an American garage, whose inventor is filthy rich. When you go home today, I want you to throw out every product that was invented by an American, who was free to invent, design, and build that product without binding government regulations comparable to Soviet Union-era policies. You can start by removing your house telephones, cellphones, and personal computers. Unplug your internet. Then toss out your television. Now go to your medicine cabinet and flush those anti-biotics. And then, I want you to count how many global inventions have come from your hallmark countries, such as North Korea, Cuba, and even your own. The truth is, less government interference produces the best people who are free to pursue personal wealth and fortunes.

      BTW, the U.S. also leads the world (along with Japan… another non-socialists country) in number of Patents.

      The primary reason for U.S. debt is both parties who can’t control spending. Thats a government problem, not a people problem, where in the U.S. “people” to jail for bouncing checks, for basically doing what the government does. As for our wars, you will be the first one bitching about “where was America?” when the first islamic bomb takes out a million people. Or, like them, you blame the U.S. for it.

      Go stick your head back in the sand. At least you’ll find it more blissful.

      • Hello Max,

        That wasn’t very kind. You also failed to address much of what Mills was saying. No doubt, there have been many product innovations in our capitalistic nation, but that has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t take care of our own while investing our resources in oversees violence. An example of not taking care of our own is the fact that over 20% of American children are impoverished and our glorious market does not provide employment for over 14 million red-blooded Americans (http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm). I don’t think you had to be so mean to Mr. Mills and you really could have addressed what he had brought to the forum. I hope you don’t call people leeches in person, I don’t imagine that would go very well.

        I wish you the best in your inquiries of the world,