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The Naked Truth

A.F. Branco Political Cartoon - Naked Truth - ComicallyIncorrect.com

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  1. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Excellent toon as always. Nice to see that more and more media sites are realizing just how talented you are! Draw on!

  3. It`s Great You hit the Big time! your cartoons always make the point, & give me a giggle & a smile.

  4. Thanks for all you do for us, love your cartoons.

  5. LOVE your cartoons! Great to see you on a conservative website. Please, keep up the great work!!

  6. Sherry Tierney

    As usual, you have a knack of taking today’s news and condensing it to one frame. Looks like a great new site. They’re lucky to have you. I’ll be stopping by frequently.

  7. Tony,
    I am so glad to see you over here and know that you are getting the recognition that you deserve. Even though I know one day that you will be so famous that you wont have time for Facebook people. I Love your toons and wish the best for you my friend.

    • Hi Debbie.. Thank you for stopping by and the kind words. I can’t imagine not having time for “US” fbook people.
      And, hopefully if I’m ever famous I won’t know it (LOL), The more folks the merrier, cause at this point it’s about getting our message out there and saving our country.

  8. Love the toons, Tony! Keep up the great work and thanks for informing us of this site, I’ve bookmarked it! Also love your FB page.

    We need more conservative artists like you!! The opportunities for humor and satire that the Left presents us are endless, really 🙂

    • Thank you Peg, and thanks for bookmarking this site. Yes, we can use more conservative humor.. The left may have a lot of so-called humor sites, but there is very little humor on them..LOL

  9. Awesome, AB!!