Senate Dems Attempt to Raise Taxes Again

By | May 10, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Senate Dems Attempt to Raise Taxes Again

  1. Daniel

    You are the same person who came in here telling people to go F%%k themselves “Stephen”. HOW MUCH OF A CONSCIOUS DOES THAT SHOW YOU TO HAVE IN DOING THAT ? WHILE NOT REFUTING THE FACTS?

    Do you write Obama and Gore and tell them how their Jets are killing Polar bear babies too? You are a simplistic, small-minded lil person who’s opinion dosnt matter to me one bit. Clear enough? Now grow up and come back with some facts. Clear enough? You are a troll, running around under several names with your dial-up internet.I suppose you are on the government dole too. FYI- STEPHEN- Solar and Wind can NOT power 10% of this damn country! Look at Europe. They have wind and solar and yet today RUSSIA is building several new OIL and GAS pipelines to sell them their oil! If your fake “green energy” works so good Slick explain that one!

    FACT- ECO terrorists activists are in fact supported by Liberal Democrats 95% of the time! Fact- Enviro activist thugs give over of 90% of their political donations to the Democratic party! FACT- Gasoline is now over $4 a gallon. FACT- you are now banned from CDN