Ron Paul: 2012 Presidential Profile

By | May 23, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Ron Paul: 2012 Presidential Profile

  1. Brent Highley

    There are, however, a few problems with Dr. Paul and his philosophies. The first and foremost being that, while I support the idea of no longer sending aid to our enemies, Dr. Paul wants to stop sending aid to our allies, including Israel! Which is no surprise since for many years he published his column in a magazine that denies the holocaust, with full knowledge of it’s content. He has garnered an incredible amount of support from neo-nazi and white supremacist organizations. He is also an unashamed “9-11 truther”, supporting the idea the George W. Bush allowed/arranged the September 11th attacks. Dr. Paul may stick to his guns, but when those guns include “Bush murdered 3000 Americans to start a war”, “Let Iran murder the people of Israel and just ignore it”, “The holocaust is a Zionist Myth”, and “The rest of the world can burn in hell and die, and all it’s oppressed people can just suck it up as long as america is OK”, then a reasonable person with decent values must reconsider their views on Dr. Paul.

    1. Fire

      well. Bush was behind it…. Paul would be president of America, not president of the world… We have our own problems here that are overwhelming us! We can’t afford to be in other countries helping them fight their wars. Now the holocaust being a myth… I’m sure that Paul is not that ignorant. The magazine denies the holocaust, not Paul. Your associating who did an interview with the interview itself.

    2. Fire

      And if you think Bush cares about 3000 Americans, sorry your living in a fantasy world. Bush doesn’t care. He never cared. He was a dirty alcoholic that could barely speak good English and got his way bought into office by his father so they could secure oil in other countries for the family fortune. That’s the name of the game, get into office: see how much you can do for yourself before you get impeached or 4 years are up. Sad. But True, don’t be naive. How do people still not understand this?

    3. Brenda Thomas

      Israel wants us to stop “supporting” them. In trade for our “support” we tell them what to do. The leader to Israel has requested that we let them fight their own battles. If you don’t believe me, just look it up.