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Rick Perry: 2012 Presidential Profile

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  1. I support many of the platforms that Gov. Perry stands for EXCEPT he doesn’t believe in man made global warming. Of course he would say that because he’s from a state which produces a lot of fossil fuels that, when burned creates global warming. He said that because the rich oil companies wouldn’t support him in his campaign.

    • Hey Phil, I don’t believe in man made global warming either and so do many others. If you believe it I’m cool with that , it doesn’t mean you’re right, it doesn’t mean I’m right, it only means that’s what we believe. A strong case can be made for either side and that includes so called experts. There’s a saying that says when experts disagree everyone becomes and expert. Think about it, when “experts” disagree everyone becomes an expert.
      It just depends on which expert you side with.

      • greyfox and phil,

        A herd of Zebra were grazing when one of them let loose with a huge crap. The other Zebra’s raised their heads up and stared at the Zebra. One of them asked… “Do you realize how much C02 you just released into the atmosphere?” The other Zebra looked puzzled, and said… “If you’re asking if I give a crap, I already did.”

        The question of Zebra-made global warming is ridiculous. Just as it is with “man-made” global warming. ANd the true issue is this:

        Either you believe man is a product of nature, or you don’t. If you believe the former, everything man is designed to do is in pursuit of nature’s grand design. Much like a volcano that spits out enough atmospheric poisons to make auto emissions look silly.

  2. While I believe that Rick Perry is the one candidate that can take obama down easily (IMO Obama will be lucky to carry even the 10 bluest of blue states) I dislike the idea of Palin-I think this would distract from Perry’s Positive record & message. Everyone would be too busy defending palin like they have spent last 3 yrs doing. I would like to see Thad McCotter as VP – due to geography as well as his record (which is about 90% solid conservative). Marco Rubio would not be a bad choice either, my only concern about him is the FL/TX thing-2 southerners on one ticket & there is some question if Rubio is a native born or natural born citizen-which could create a distracting controversy.

    The best thing about Gov Perry is when Obama starts blaming Bush & complaining of inheriting Bush economy, Gov Perry can say yep so did I, so….your point????

  3. Governor Perry, July 13, 2011
    I am a resident of NJ. My older daughter resided in your state for four years and praised you very highly.
    I am hoping that you really will consider running for President because we really need someone strong
    with good values to run for President. As it stands right now, our country is going in the toilet. Everything
    is being taken away from us under the Obama regime. I do not consider him a president. I think of him
    as the head czar of our country with all his little czars. We need someone strong, like yourself, that can
    straighten this country out. Please don’t let us American people down. If you run, I can’t give much, but I am
    willing to help monitarily. Thank you. Eve Turago

  4. We would like Rick Perry to run. He’s so outstanding! If were to win and select Marco Rubio for Vice, they surely would win the election.

  5. Rick Perry beats the heck out of Romney….who I think is a RINO. Rick Perry has done outstanding for the State of Texas and I think he can bring that talent to Washington. He also has bounding energy and charisma which Romney lacks and service to our country in the Air Force which Romney also lacks…..and Romney’s sons apparently lack. Tea Party members take a good look at this man’s record and seriously consider him.

    • I agree 100% with you that Romney is a RINO, and proof was in his endorsement and strong support of Scott Brown (Major RINO) in his successful senatorial bid to take Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachuetts. Americans needs a RICK PERRY and SARAH PALIN in 2012, which would be an incredible and awwesome ticket. Thank you.

  6. Reggie turnage

    I believe Rick & Sarah would a good ticket. Obama and his army is going to be hard to beat.