Putting a Face to the U.S. Immigration Controversy

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  • Still want God has unite no man should separate. Even in the bible times family is very important. Apparently, the comments made has no family values whatsoever. Mr Obama is talking about family not about a country or anything like that. These are human beings like you that has needs. Got it fool…….

  • the Mexicans have their own country. if they have a problem with how their Country is run, then they need to take that up with the Mexican Government and not the United States. America needs to take care of itself first.

  • “I don’t believe the United States of America should be in the business of separating families,” stated the President. And he noted, “We should stop punishing innocent young people for the actions of their parents.”

    If the families would obey the laws of our land, Mr. President, this would not be an issue!

    The United States SHOULD ENFORCE the laws of the land, and this issue would have been stopped a LONG time ago! It’s not just Obama… it’s all Presidents in the past who refused to address this issue and resolve it.

    We need to make it EASIER to become a United States citizen. We ARE the Land of Opportunity! By making it so hard to become a LEGAL immigrant you pigeon-hole people. Help them to become LEGAL citizens and they become CONTRIBUTING members of our society, NOT dependent on the governement! But this will never happen because it does not fit into a political agenda!

    By playing politics with this issue we have sacrificed any semblance of security at our borders that we had.