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Palestinian: A People Or A Marketing Term?

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  1. I used to watch Zola Levite, and I enjoyed his teachings about ancient Jewish life, the kind of life Jesus Himself lived, and even further back as Jesus himself was living on the history of the Jewish people who lived on the Earth before Christ was born. Of course I speak of the man Jesus not as the true Son of God. But history does not lie, nor can PLO lies make it go away.

    I have been very interested in the archiology done by Israeli’s under the Temple Mount and what they have found, that is of course until here lately when the Arabs made them shut the dig down….again. What do they fear? I’ll tell you what they fear, they fear the truth about the Israeli people who lived in THEIR land for ages long before there were enough Arab people living to call themselves a people. And the Arabs don’t want the Israeli’s to leak out any word on the dig proving that temples had been built on that sight thousands of years before Arabs ever step foot in Israel. And the Arabs are afraid of what their people will do if they see with their own eyes the proof that the murderer Muhammed was not who he says he was, was never there, was never taken anywhere, and did not ever see God until the moment after he died, and never got anything from God that Muhammed could carry to his murderous people for them to live by. Of course this is why the Arabs won’t allow any further digging under the Temple Mount, and it’s because we are very near to the end, I mean we are starting the build up to the time when God’s word will be revealed.

    I have written the former Prime Minister of Israel and got a very nice letter back from him. I will cherish that letter all my life because it is a letter of faith and strength that all the Israeli people possess. I just hope that I can be half as strong as that man. And I mean Arial Sheron. It’s late at night and I’m sitting here and I hope I have written the right name. He is a conservative and was the Prime Minister back in the early 2000’s. Now, that I’m writing, I would have to do some digging in my records to be absolutely sure, but I feel certain that who it was. I never thought I would ever hear from such a great man, but about three weeks I got this letter from Israel. I took it up to a Jewish temple and the Rabi happen to be there. I don’t know this man, but I felt if anyone would know it would be him. I wanted him to read the address on the envelope and determine if it came from some government office or if it by some miricle actually came from the Prime Minister. Sure enough, as the Rabi was so surprised to tell me that the letter had come from his private residence. I let him read the letter and the Rabi said that it had been written by one of his staff, but the Rabi said he was sure that the staffer was writing as it was being dictated to him by the Prime Minister himself.

    I believe that God allowed me, who is no one from no where would receive a letter from such a great man, who had seen, and been part of the rebirth of Israel. But I praise God’s name for it and as a gift I will cherish it for all my life.

    But what this little story proves is that miricles still happen even through a simple letter from a simple man to a great man. But courage comes from a heart that seeks the truth and will not accept lies. I hate liars. Just like I have told my son that a liar is a person who you cannot ever trust, because how can you ever trust he is telling you the truth? A liar can’t be trusted. And I have met some people who the truth was not in them, and it’s a very scarry thing to realize that of someone you thought you could trust. Trust these days is more precious that gold. And we cannot trust Obama, the liberals who lie to cover they are Socialists, and the PLO are the children of Satan. I know that it is ego on my part, but I hope I live long enough to see these people punished. I want to see the look on their faces when they realize the truth, and the lies they lived, and how much blood is on their hands.