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No Bounce for President Obama on Economic Job Ratings

NEW YORK, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — While his overall job rating may have gone up after the death of Osama Bin Laden, President Obama’s economic job rating has not seen the same bounce. Just one-third of Americans (32%) give him positive ratings on the overall job he is doing on the economy while almost seven in ten (68%) give him negative ratings. This is only a slight change from March when 33% gave the President positive marks on the economy and 67% gave him negative ratings.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,184 adults surveyed online between May 9 and 16, 2011 by Harris Interactive.

Much of the reason behind these negative numbers is the overall sense the economy is bad. Three in five Americans (59%) say the economic conditions in their region of the country are bad, one-quarter (23%) say they are neither good nor bad and fewer than one in five (18%) say they are good. While this isn’t good, it is better from the height of the economic crisis when in January 2009 almost three-quarters of Americans (72%) said the economic conditions of their region of the country were bad. In terms of the different regions the Midwest seems to be the worst as almost two-thirds (64%) say the conditions in their region are bad.


The one thing that everyone is watching closely with this economic recovery is when the job market will also start to rebound. While Americans may still rate the job market as overall bad, this is the “best” the feelings towards employment have been since 2008. Currently, three in five U.S. adults (61%) say the current job market in their region of the nation is bad, while almost one-quarter (23%) say it is neither good nor bad and 16% say it is good. In March, almost two-thirds of Americans (65%) said the job market was bad and 13% said it was good.

Looking ahead for the job market, three in ten U.S. adults (30%) expect the job market to be better over the next six months while one in five (21%) say it will be worse and half (49%) believe it will remain the same. In March, one third of Americans (32%) thought the job market would be better in the next six months and 16% believed it would be worse.

So What?

Jobs and the economy remain to be top concerns for Americans and until these turn around in their mind, nothing else will be able to rise to the top. Attitudes on this issue have been holding steady for a while now but they have been holding steady in a negative light. The hope for the White House is that the economy and job market turns around and they, and President Obama, get the credit for that turnaround in time for next November’s election.


Herman Cain to Attend Debate in New Hampshire

Presidential candidate Herman Cain will be participating in a New Hampshire debate hosted by CNN, WMUR and the New Hampshire Union Leader. The debate is schedule for 8pm to 10pm on June 13th at Saint Anselm College in Manchester. The event will be broadcast on WMUR in New Hampshire and nation wide on CNN.

“I look forward to sharing my ‘common sense solutions for America’ and my record of real results with the people of New Hampshire and those watching at home,” Cain said. “I am especially excited about the ‘town hall’ format that will allow for me to speak directly with the people of New Hampshire about their concerns facing this country and my vision for getting America back on the right track.”

Mr. Cain is largely thought to have won the first Republican presidential debate held in South Carolina in early May.

TrendWatch: How Hurricane Season Can Lead to Gas Crisis

ATLANTA, May 24, 2011 — When Hurricane Katrina shut down the majority of oil      refining capabilities in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005, prices skyrocketed overnight and incited a rush on gasoline that led to a nationwide, weeks-long gas shortage. With prices currently nearing post-Katrina levels on their own, this hurricane season could prove even more damaging to both businesses and consumers.

In a recent look at the 2011 hurricane season’s potential effects on fuel prices, detailed how devastating extreme conditions can be to the nation’s fuel infrastructure. While small disruptions occur relatively frequently during hurricane season, the possibility of a major disruption in the near future may be becoming more likely.

According to AccuWeather’s 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast, 2011 is likely to bring a higher than average number of tropical systems than last year, with a higher percentage making direct hits on the U.S. coast. The forecast targets the Texas and Western Louisiana coastlines as areas of greater concern for tropical activity, putting a large percentage of the country’s refineries and offshore platforms in the path of these damaging storms.

When a hurricane causes refineries to close, transportation costs to move oil to other locations are passed down to the consumer. If costs become too high, the platforms themselves must shut down, decreasing supply. This affects fuel prices even more, as well as prices for oil byproducts such as propane, butane and kerosene.

“When an unforeseen event suddenly drives the price of fuel up, smaller businesses have a hard time keeping up,” said Raquel Elie of FleetCards USA TrendWatch. “Owners have to take drastic measures to shore up their expenses, which can mean cutbacks in their budgets or even substantial downsizing. The best safeguard against this is to keep a close eye on prices and always be prepared for a change.”

With the price of fuel in such a volatile state, it is important to guard your fleet against increased costs by managing your fuel spending. Finding cheaper prices on fuel is comforting in the short term, but to effectively manage your expenses, it is important to examine every aspect of your fuel consumption and stop inefficiencies at each step.


Civilians Offered Opportunity to ‘Secure a Job, Support Our Troops’ This Memorial Day

Civilian Corps Chief, Recruitment & Retention, Informs Radio Audiences of the Thousands of Medical-Related Positions Open in Army Hospitals Across the US and Abroad

BISMARCK, N.D., May 24, 2011 — The Civilian Corps of the United States Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) announces “Secure a Job, Support Our Troops,” a Memorial Day media effort highlighting the many medical-related positions and benefits offered to civilian healthcare workers in Army Medical Treatment Facilities across the US and abroad.

“As many take the time to reflect on the well-being of our soldiers and their families this Memorial Day, Civilian Corps has teamed with several media outlets to expound on the opportunities and benefits available to civilian healthcare workers,” says Dr. Joseph Harrison, Chief, Recruitment & Retention, Headquarters US Army Medical Command, Civilian Human Resources Division. “Bringing awareness to these opportunities benefit those seeking a new job or career change as well as the many enlisted soldiers and their families who depend on various medical services each and every day.”

Interviews, radio PSA copy and ready-to-publish articles are being provided to those media outlets interested in participating in the Secure a Job, Support Our Troops media effort. If interested in taking part or to schedule interviews for future segments or issues, please contact Kimberly Ross at [email protected]

Medical professionals who are interested in working for MEDCOM will join nearly 45,000 other civilians and are not subject to military requirements such as “boot camp,” military uniforms or deployment. Video of employee testimonials can be viewed here:

For more information please visit the website,, and be sure to view the on-site calendar for a MEDCOM job fair near you.

The Army Medicine Civilian Corps maintains a day-to-day healthcare of active and retired military personnel and their families through a global network of medical treatment facilities. The Civilian Corps of the United States Army Medical Command (MEDCOM), as part of the United States Army Medical Department, is comprised of civilian federal employees, who work alongside our military counterparts. The Army Medicine Civilian Corps falls under the Department of the Army, which was listed as one of the best places to work in Federal Government 2009.


Kimberly Hodges Ross
[email protected]


Governor Rick Scott Signs Seaport Competitive Edge Bill

MAY 24, 2011

(850) 488-5394

Governor Scott Signs Bill to
Give Florida Seaports Competitive Edge

HB 283 Removes Burdensome Regulation,
Saves Businesses $3 Million

Tampa, Fla. – In keeping his promise to reduce burdensome, job-killing regulation, today Governor Rick Scott signed legislation during a visit to the Port of Tampa that enables Florida ’s 14 deepwater ports to better compete with other ports in the Southeast United States . House Bill 283, sponsored by Representative Dana Young and Senator Jack Latvala, removes redundant state requirements established in 2000, prior to the current federal requirements adopted in the aftermath of 9/11.

“As the best place for international companies to import and export their products, Florida ’s 14 deepwater ports will now be able to compete with any port in the Southeast or on the entire Eastern seaboard,” Governor Scott said. “In Florida , we are taking a common-sense approach to reducing burdensome and expensive regulation so that businesses can grow and expand and create the jobs Floridians need.”

The Florida Ports Council estimates maritime businesses will realize approximately $3 million annually in direct savings by not having to undergo an additional and duplicative criminal history check at Florida seaports. To provide for the safety of Florida seaports, truck drivers, seaport workers and companies must prove a business purpose for port access and present federal credentials to prove they have been screened.

Current federal law requires any person seeking unescorted access to any seaport facility in the country to obtain a federal transportation worker identification credential (TWIC card), which includes a background screening and a threat assessment. Florida was one of only a few states requiring both a federal and a state background check.

Florida’s Seaports Mean Big Business

· Florida ports mean big business and high paying jobs for Florida , according to the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Ports Council:

o Waterborne international trade moving through Florida ’s seaports was valued at $69.7 billion in 2010, representing 55.2 percent of Florida ’s $126.2 billion total international trade. Waterborne international trade increased 22.6 percent in 2010, up from $56.9 billion in 2009.

o Florida ranked fourth among the nation’s top exporting states in 2010.

o The average annual wage of seaport-related jobs is $54,400, double the average annual wage for all other non-advanced degree occupations ($26,933) and $15,000 more than the average annual wage for all occupations ($38,470).

Tim Pawlenty’s “2012 Presidential Truth Tour”

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced his bid for the 2012 Republican nomination for President on Monday, and quickly jumped squarely on the chest of soon to be ex-President Barack Obama with a speech that carried one simple message: The American people deserve to have a leader who will tell them the truth about what is happening in their government today. Check out his video from that summarizes his announcement speech that he gave in Iowa on Monday. You can also drop in a donation there if you like this candidate’s message. I certainly do, and I made a donation today.

It truly is A Time for Truth in America in today. It is time we had a leader who will explain to the American people the dangers of the massive $14.5 trillion dollars of debt that we now face. We need people to understand how that debt will burden future generations of children for decades to come.

It is A Time for Truth concerning America’s illegal involvement in the Libyan Civil War, Egypt’s revolution and overthrow of the government there, and just why in the hell are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan today?

It is A Time for Truth about how the recent Obama appointed EPA and radical environmental activists with the far left Liberal agendas have crippled our ability to move forward in using our domestic energy resources, further putting us at the mercy of what are largely America-hating, foreign oil producing countries. How is that $4 dollar a gallon gasoline working out for your family?

It is A Time for Truth concerning how a self-avowed Communist Van Jones came to be working in OUR White House under the guise of being the Green Jobs Czar. Never mind the leftist lies and propaganda from the far lafet Liberals and their media puppets about how Glenn Beck somehow slandered a good man and got him fired. The Communist is on video saying it in his own words for crying out loud, wake up people. It is time for Obama and company to come clean with the truth about that swept-under-the-rug episode of treason against the American people.

It is A Time for Truth about why in the hell our federal government is suing the State of Arizona for demanding the enforcement of Federal law!

It is A Time for Truth in discussing the State-budget-crushing effects Obama-care will have on every State in the country, due to the massive mandated expansion of State medicaid rolls, not to mention the unconstitutionality of forcing people to buy a product from our incompetent, dysfunctional government that couldn’t even run a cash for clunkers program efficiently. It is also A Time for Truth on how Americans could ever become stupid enough to believe that adding 30 million people to a government-run health-care system will reduce health-care costs and result in better health-care. Tell that lie to the Seniors who have already had $500 billion dollars cut from their health-care budget just to make that scam come in under Obama’s under $1 trillion dollar cost demand. Now Obama and the Democrats are trying to say the GOP and Paul Ryan want to kill Granny by stealing her medicare.Have you people already forgotten the $500 billion dollar hit their medicare already took in the Democrat’s fake health-care reform bill that they rammed through Congress against the people’s wishes?

Finally, it is A Time for Truth about our stagnant economy, including high unemployment, and the skyrocketing food, gas, electricity and everyday cost of living today that the Obama administration and Ben Bernanke refuse to admit the truth about. Haven’t any of you dishonest politicians bought food, gas or anything else in this country lately?  Milk is now at $3.79 a gallon here in Florida, and it wasn’t long ago I paid $2.29 a gallon ! That sure as hell looks like inflation to me there. At the same time, Seniors have been refused a measly cost of living increase for two years running here! Just who does that make us think is on the side of actually caring about the Senior citizens living on a fixed income in America today? Sure as hell isn’t Obama and the Democrats when we look at those facts there. It is high time Seniors wake up and join in the conversation on just how they are being effected by Obama-nomics!

Yes Sir, I agree with Mr. Pawlenty that it certainly is A Time for Truth come the 2012 Presidential elections, and that means a truth that the Obama administration  continues to refuse to give to the American people.

Thursday May 26th – Plain, Hard Truth

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Show Topics: Join Michelle and Rich as they discuss the Discuss the GOP candidates that have yet to announce, the debt ceiling debate and Israel.

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Ron Paul: 2012 Presidential Profile

Personal Information

Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul was born August 20, 1935 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ron Paul married his wife, Carol (Wells) in 1957. In 1968 they moved to to
Brazoria County, Texas where he began his OB/GYN medical practice. Ron
and Carol Paul live in Lake Jackson, Texas. They have five children and
seventeen grandchildren.  One of Ron Pauls son’s- Rand- is a U.S. Senator
from Kentucky, elected in the 2010 election.


1957- Graduated from Gettysburg College
1961- Graduated from the Duke University School of Medicine

Religious Affiliation/Beliefs
Opposes separation of Church and State

Military Career
1965- Drafted into the U.S. Air Force
1965 to 1967- Proudly served in the U.S. Air Force  as a flight surgeon

Civilian Career
Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/Gyn)- has delivered more than 4,000 babies

Political Career
1976- Won special election and served as congressman from Texas’s 22nd district
1977- Lost his seat in the general election
1978- Once again was elected to serve the people of  Texas from the 2nnd district and served until 1985
1985- Returned to his medical practice after losing the 1984 Senate race.
1988-Was the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. president
1996- Re-elected to Congress from Texas’s 14th district, rather than 22nd district, and was reelected five times from 1998-2006
This is his third time to run for President

Political Affiliations
Republican Liberty Caucus
Founder of Campaign For Liberty, an advocacy group

Political Committees
United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs
House Foreign Affairs Committee
Joint Economic Committee
Committee on Financial Services
Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy

On The Issues
From his official website:

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress. 





Ron Paul earned the nickname “Dr. No” before the “new party of no” was even a thought on Capital Hill, due to how often he votes “No” against bills he believes violate the Constitution. Add that tot he fact he is an Medical Doctor, and voila! “Dr. No” he came to be!

He is seen as a Libertarian in his positions on most political issues, andquite frequently clashes with both Republicans and Democrats when addressing these issues.

Pro-Second Amendment
Free trade system
Balanced Budget Amendment
Ending the Federal Reserve
English as the official language of The United States of America
As I’ve stated in another presidential profile, I do not know why this is even an issue! This is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOT The United States of The World, The United States of Mexico, The United States of any other language. I do not understand why in the world everyone expects us to change our ways for them! I don’t see any other countries changing their national language to accommodate us! I ask Mexico- do you plan on making English an acceptable “official” language of your country? No? I rest my case!

Closing Department of Education, but not public schools
Encourages homeschooling & private schools with tax write-offs
Constitutional Amendment for school prayer
Tax incentives for US-based alternatives
Travel between the United States and Cuba
Dismantling government agencies that have no Constitutional role
Reducing the salary of Members of Congress
Sealed Border
Restricting Immigration
Abolishing Social Security, but not overnight
Getting rid of IRS, getting rid of taxes and getting rid of spending
Phasing out death tax
Abolish Federal welfare- leave it to the states

Affirmative Action for any group
Death Penalty
Hate Crime Legislation
Energy Independence
Government bailouts- voted “NO” on TARP, Stimulus Package and Automotive Bailout
ID for immigrants- says it will lead to National ID
National ID Card
Making Patriot Act Permanent
Minimum Wage
Flat Tax and Consumption Tax
Fairness Doctrine

Mentionable Quotes
There are a couple of quotes from Ron Paul that I would like to put my two cents worth to:

“Exceptionalism shouldn’t mean using force around the world. ” (Feb 2011)

The United States has acted as the “world police” for far too many years! I believe the last war we should have been involved in was World War II. I absolutely support freedom and liberty, but it is not our place to keep the world in line.

“We spend $1 trillion a year overseas; it’s needed at home.” (Sep 2008)

I am absolutely appalled at how much of our federal budget is sent to countries overseas, all the while we have just hit our debt ceiling. We are condemned world-wide for our fight for freedom, yet these very same people have absolutely no problem at all taking the money our government thrownsat them. We’ve come to a point in time where we must say enough is enough! You can’t have it both ways! We need to stop sending foreign countries financial aid IMMEDIATELY! We cannot pay our own bills… how in the world do we expect to be able to give “charity” to other countries? It’s absolutely asinine!

“Just about everything Congress does is unconstitutional.” (Jul 2009)

WOW! There are almost no words needed for this! So… if an actual member of Congress is saying this, why in the world do we keep sending the same people back year after year after year? America… we better wake up!Military Mentions
Ron Paul received most of his campaign contributions from the military. (Feb 2008)

This last quote comes not from Ron Paul himself, but from one of his colleagues.

“There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles. Ron Paul is one of those few.”

This is one thing that sticks out above all other facts about Ron Paul for me. I do not agree with everything about him, but one thing is for certain- you KNOW without a doubt how he is going to vote on the issues! He sticks to his principles come hell or high water. You have to admire a man like that! His constituents know how he will vote on any given issue just by the man he is.

If more politicians were like this we might be able to get something accomplished in Washington!  So often we elect our representatives based on what they say they will do, however, when they actually get to Washington they forget what they’ve said they will do! They allow themselves to be bought by the higest bidder amongst the lobbyists. All too often we do not hold them accountable, and keep putting the same people back in office.

Though I do not exactly see eye-to-eye with Ron Paul on the issues I ABSOLUTELY respect him! He says what he means, and means what he says! This is a man of true character, whether you have the same beliefs, ideals and ideas he does or not! Maybe this is why he is so high up in the polls in this race for the presidency! People are sick and tired of the same old political games!

Honorable Mentions
December 2007- Broke fundraising records on the internet
Has never supported a tax increase
Has the most conservative voting record of any member of Congress since 1937
He is the first Representative in history to serve alongside a son or daughter in the Senate
He has been called the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party movement

This one I have to personally disagree with. I remember very plain and clear the day- February 19, 2009 on LIVE TV- CNBC’s Rick Santelli went on a rant for very near 3 minutes on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange in reponse to President Obama’s proposal of the $275 billion bailout plan and other excessive spending tactics. During this rant, which received many shouts andcomments of approval from traders on the floor with him, Mr. Santellisaid it was about time for a new “tea party”. He said the the founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves with what is going on in this country.
For me, this is the start of the official movement of the current Tea Party. No one person has organized it all. Ron Paul very well may have had many of the same ideas throughout the years, but to me, the actual call for the movement came from Mr. Santelli.
On The Web
Ron Paul Official Website
Ron Paul Facebook Page
Ron Paul on Twitter
Ron Paul on YouTube

Ron Paul Official Website

See the profiles of other potential 2012 GOP Candidates

Conservative Blogger Needs Help Getting to 4th Amendment Rally in Indiana

We have decided that traveling to Indiana to cover the 4th Amendment Rally at the capitol is critical to maintaining our role as the independent media outlet for the Republic.

This is not something we have included in our 2nd Quarter budget, so we need to make a special request. We only need $400 for gas and hotel. I will cover the event personally and my wife Angie has agreed to help, so we don’t need any additional staff.

This is an urgent request, please donate today at, so we can leave tomorrow. We will post the news as always on all our news channels.

Thank you for responding to our urgent request to provide you with the real news on the real actions affecting our republic.


Gary Franchi
National Director

Who Does He Think He Is?

Being President does not give Barack Obama the authority to speak for us. Our “Representatives” in Congress do a poor enough job of that. Who on earth does he think he is, saying that America wishes to have Israel return it its 1967 boarders? Those boarders were crossed when the surrounding Muslim Countries decided to threaten Israel with certain annihilation.

Israel is a Democratic Republic very much like our own. They have a similar constitution, and the same three branches of government. They have one Legislative Representative Body of 120 members called the “Knesset.” The people elect the Knesset through many political parties every 4 years. The Prime Minister is now elected directly by the people. There is also a Judicial Branch with a Supreme Court much like our own. They are the only example of truly prosperous people in the Middle East.

In 1929, Arab attacks on ancient Jewish communities in and around Palestine caused them to migrate and immigrate for their lives. Between 1929 and WWII they moved throughout the world and were persecuted (Germany was but one drastic example). Only in the United States were they treated with any level of respect (certainly not without prejudice).

As is the Muslim way to stake their claim, the Arabs built a large mosque atop the most prominent Jewish place of worship. That mosque is known as “The Dome of the Rock.” Finally at the close of WWII the British, who controlled the Arab lands of grater Palestine, “solved the Israeli homeless problem” by giving them a portion of their ancient homeland to build an independent nation, “Israel.” The Dome of the Rock mosque stands in Palestine today protected by Israel as a Muslim holy sight despite the fact that it covers their own holy sight below it.

Muslim Law forbids giving up lands once conquered; therefore the existence of Israel was instantly an offense that they must rectified. This position has not changed and certainly shall not change in their eyes. In 1967, surrounding Arab nations, supplied by the USSR and fueled by Soviet misinformation, mobilized along Israel’s boarders with an expressed and undisputed intent of wiping out Israel. The Israeli Government and Military knew that allowing the Arab’s to attack first was certain death. Only after exhausting every diplomatic avenue, the Israelis pre-empted the attack with a swift and decisive 6-day victory over the many times larger Arab coalition. Thus they gained control over the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and many other large parts of the region (such as the Sinai Peninsula). Arabs to this day will point out that the Israelis attacked them without mention of their own provocation.

Israel returned much of the captured land with the exception of those areas of Palestine necessary for their security. They relocated all the Arabs living there to other Arab nations and took in about as many Jewish refugees from those Arab lands. Muslim sects, (mainly Shi’a & Sunni), as well as Arabs of different nationalities, harbor a great deal of distain for one another. Therefore displaced Palestinians were generally treated poorly in other Arab nations. However, Israel is a common enemy for which they readily conspire and literally compete to destroy. These Arab nations actually care very little for Palestinians, yet the “plight of Palestinian refugees” has become the single largest excuse for Arab hatred toward Israel. They call Israel the “Little Satan” and the US is called the “Big Satan” because we so strongly support Israel. Although generations have passed, the business of hating and destroying all Jews (Christians, and the US) has become central to a great portion of Arab culture.

Since the establishment of the Jewish homeland in 1948, the US has been the largest supporter of Israel. Despite having no oil, Israel has flourished as a shining successful Jewel of democracy in the Middle East amongst a host of oppressive oil rich Arab tyrannical regimes. The recent revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, and spreading throughout Arab nations are anything but a transition to democracy. It is an open blatant expressed and obvious “Caliphate” to a unified Muslim cause. Sharia Law is absolutely not democratic or sensitive to human rights. Although Muslims sects bicker bitterly and lethally, they are uniting under a common cause to slay the Jews, then to create a prophesized worldwide blood bath for anyone who is not Muslim.

Political Cartoon - A.F. Branco - SchooledHistory demonstrates that Muslim fanatics need no more than an excuse to carry out the most heinous of attacks. For the US President to say that our nation desires Israel to revert to its 1967 borders is tantamount to a promise in their eyes. Our politicians’ practice of taking quotes out of proportion and context is novice by comparison to the misinformation machines known as news in the Arab world. Although Israel could never consider such a thing, President Obama continues to recklessly promote the pre-1967 borders without consideration for our actual desires or what that mere suggestion will do to fuel Arab Muslim dissatisfaction. Arab hatred for Israel will run ramped each time Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has to disillusion and disappoint them contrary to President Obama’s words.

Who does he think he is making promises that Israel cannot possibly keep? He also proclaims US intentions to insure Israel’s safety and security. However those two statements are mutually exclusive, short of permanent US military occupation of the Golan Heights and Gaza Strip, we could not possibly insure any such security. Clearly no one, Arab, US, or Israeli, wants that.

There are only two reasons a President would advocate such an untenable deal. The first is that he is that ridiculously unaware of the historic, social, and religious powder keg dynamics of the region. It is nearly irresponsible for a man in such a powerful position to act so recklessly even if he didn’t know any better. The second is much worse, that he does know better. It is shockingly disturbing to realize that this is the more likely case, given his heritage, upbringing, education and interests.

That would mean President Obama wishes to put Israel in another impossible position similar to 1967 where they would have to fend for themselves against an even larger Arab Muslim Caliphate Coalition bound by generations of festering hatred. The thought of a sitting US President being that tainted, is unfortunately beyond most citizens’ ability to comprehend. Therefore too many Americans will dismiss it with all other things too complicated to understand and left to our “authorities.” But isn’t that the problem? Given enough authority, a President need not be careful, benevolent, or accountable.

In typical Liberal/Progressive politically correct doublespeak, President Obama will travel to Egypt in June for a “Peace Talk” that will almost certainly fan the flames of Arab Muslim expectations. Israel cannot possibly extinguish such an inflamed Caliphate without igniting a backfire of great proportions. It has become all too predictable that Liberal/Progressive terms actually mean exactly their opposite. President Obama’s “peace plans” and “peace talks” shall have exactly the opposite effect.

Who said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”? Oh yes, Jesus the Christ, a Jew from Nazareth (in Northern Palestine) some 500+ years before Mohammed was born. Can you give something back to someone who did not exist when it was built?

God knows what will happen.

Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad Suffers Heart Attack in Texas

Salem FayyadAustin, TX – The Prime Minister of Palestine, Salam Fayyad, is resting in a Texas hospital after having suffered a heart attack.

Fayyad was in Austin to attend the graduation of his son Khaled Fayyad from college. On Sunday, the prime minister started experiencing severe chest pains and was taken to the hospital where he then suffered a heart attack. Catheterization, a procedure that opens coronary arteries using a tiny balloon, was performed successfully and Fayyad is resting.

Fayyad is in jeopardy of losing the Prime Minister’s seat that he gained in 2007. His independent views will likely not agree with President Abbas’ new partners – Hamas.

Santorum Announces Staff Additions in Iowa and New Hampshire

Verona, PA – Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) announced today additions to his Presidential Exploratory Teams in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Jamie Johnson of Stratford, Iowa will join the Rick Santorum Exploratory Committee as the State Coalitions Director.  In this role, Jamie will manage the Senator’s statewide coalitions and grassroots efforts.  A 20 year veteran of political campaigns across the nation and a frequent speaker to Iowa Tea Party events, Jamie has become a well-known and well-connected voice for conservatism across the Hawkeye State.  Jamie has also served on the Republican Party of Iowa’s platform committee, as well as a delegate to three state Republican conventions.

April Baylor hails from Ames, Iowa and will serve as Assistant to Iowa State Director Cody Brown.  April previously served in volunteer roles on both the Latham for Congress and Branstad for Governor campaigns.

The hiring of Jamie and April are in addition to Senator Santorum’s existing Iowa team: Senior Advisors Nick Ryan and Jill Latham, Iowa State Director Cody Brown, and Field Director Lucas Draisey.

Kristin Beaulieu, of Nashua, NH, and Tyler Carlisle, of Manchaster, NH, will serve as field representatives for Senator Santorum’s team in New Hampshire.  Kristin Beaulieu previously served as a field representative for Jim Bender’s 2010 U.S. Senate campaign as well as deputy campaign manager for Jim Luther’s New Hampshire state senate campaign.  Tyler Carlisle previously served as an intern for Congressman Frank Guinta’s 2010 House campaign and mayoral races.

The additions of Kristin and Tyler compliment Senator Santorum’s current New Hampshire team, directed by National Political Director and New Hampshire State Director Mike Biundo and Field Director Nick Pappas.

“I am excited to announce the additions of Jamie, April, Kristin, and Tyler to our expanding team in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire,” said Senator Santorum.  “As I continue to explore a run for the presidency, I look forward to working closely with each of them to build the grassroots network necessary to deliver our message of empowering the American people, and not the government.”


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