Navy Seals Made Call to Kill Osama – Not Obama

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  • obama sent the seal team into pakistan , get that straight , he was not there to say shoot him now, he tried to flee and made a sudden move and they shot him. a soilder does not call his superior to get permission shoot a enemy while he is being threatened. common sense.

  • This doesn’t surprise me. Obama is a flake from first to last, never responsible, never competent, with all the grace and class of a drunken steer.

  • The Obama regime while inept, is quite dangerous, and not only to its enemies. It is capable of the worst crimes imaginable, and is committing them now against American citizens and soldiers alike. One only has to defy Obama, and the retributions begin.

  • Seals had helmut cams, thus they sould see everything that was happening.This is pure political wrangling at its worst. I personally am sick and tired of the blatant lies and misinformation coming out of this administration, period. Fire em all in 2012, lets restore some sanity and trust in the White House !