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Michele Bachmann: 2012 Presidential Profile

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  1. I do have so many photos in my house. I might apply to University of Minnesota
    to see my friends. They will see me in 2013 graduations one
    more semenster I might be new leader and I’m the charger
    of Republican party. Happy holiday to you.

  2. Here is a lady who should be our candidate. Just winism is what got the GOP and America where it is today…with ONLY big one world government politicians like Romney and Perry being pushed to the forefront by dubious secret forces and sold as conservatives.
    If we end up with Romney or Perry as nominees, things will have to get worse, apparently, before they get better and they will get better, one way or the other, by divine Will.

    Electing Romney or Perry is hardly different than electing Obama again…just hardly – that isn’t enough difference to amount to anything of real value.

    I vote with real values, not with pride. Pride is the root of all sin and the number one sin. Romney or Perry have no real values and supporting someone like them is nothing to be proud of anyhow.

    Support life (Romney and Perry sell out life to the highest bidder), support liberty (Romney and Perry are more than willing to sell out liberty to the highest bidder), support the pursuit of happiness (Romney and Perry do not believe in liberty they believe in totalitarian states to control people’s lives as they have/had practiced in their own states).

    I’m writing in a real conservative…won’t ever again vote for another big government politician, neither Perry or Romney will get in office because of myself or any of my family.

    We won’t have to “Hope” the type of change Bachmann will bring is conservative and American, because she is that sincere and trustworthy.

  3. What is her “current” stance on illegals being deported as our law demands? I couldnt find it defined .

    • according to ontheissues.org she believes:
      We meed to secure our borders and enforce current laws. (Nov 2006)
      She is rated B+ by the ALI, indicating an acceptably anti-amnesty stance. (Nov 2010)
      She believes we should declare English as the official language of the US. (Feb 2007)
      (again, repeating myself from Ron Paul’s profile, I believe it was, this should not even BE an issue! That should be a GIVEN!)

      I’ll update the article itself to reflect her stance on immigration.