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Maybe Mitch

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  1. Probably because it snowed, Frank.

  2. And re: the oft remarked call for a truce, which I have recently heard described as ‘truce, just another name for surrender’ – ‘truce’ is in no way synonomous with surrender in Mitch Daniels world. Truce means a cease-fire, and the term was used in the context of a call for unity *from both sides of that debate* in the face of the fiscal crisis we find ourselves mired in – preferably before the point we have run out of options and become Greece, or worse.

    And as for those grousing about the Bush deficits – the OMB executes policy, which would be altogether different from ‘setting’ policy. When Daniels was in control of SETTING policy, he turned IN’s deficit into a $1.3 billion surplus. Which looks fairly freaking ATTRACTIVE from where I’m sitting, thank you.

    Fabulous article btw, Mich 🙂

  3. I live in indiana, I’ll move to canada if this moron gets in office. If Indiana is first in education then why are so many schools closing because of the lack of money??? He’s a fraud and a Liar!!!

    • Frank,

      If the money isn’t there to fund schools, then they close. Daniels is doing the right thing by maintaining a balanced budget. The cuts aren’t always pretty, but they must happen. Where do you think the money comes from? If your workforce is cut, tax income is cut, spending has to be cut. It is that simple.

      • I like the last comment,honestly ,they can’t even get jobs to come to this state not any decent ones..and they cut back pay in every factory that did not leave or close.which are loaded down with illegals now….not to mention.my comment on facebook:) please this state and it’s officials are nothing but a joke…