Herman Cain Announces Presidential Run in Atlanta

Recorded Video of the event:

Here’s a closer view of Herman, but not the entire speech.


Live Editor’s Notes:

Mr. Cain  opened his speech announcing that 15,000 were present in Centennial Park for his appearance. It was not long before the center point of his message came out – he is running for President in 2012.

The entire speech was energetic and hit the critical points required to pull in the Conservative base:

The real problem in the United States today:

“We have become a nation of crisis” Cain continues, “We have a lack of leadership crisis”

And Herman Cain then delivered his plan for fixing that issue:

  • “We are not going to raise the debt ceiling”
  • “America is going to become its own best customer” when speaking about becoming energy independent.
  • “This nation was built upon immigrants – legal immigrants” – “Immigration through the front door, not the back door”
  • “We shouldn’t be suing Arizona [over immigration] we should be setting up a prize!”
  • “You don’t throw your friends under the bus” – on foreign policy
  • Cain Doctrine with respect to friends, “If you mess with Israel you are messing with the United States”

Herman Cain said the right things to create a center of support within the ranks of Conservative Americans. The question is whether he can take his message to a broad enough audience to win the nomination in February.