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Gary Johnson: 2012 Presidential Profile

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  1. I would ask you to reconsider Gary Johnson’s candidacy and since you see one major moral roadblock that’s all I’ll discuss.

    Johnson’s personal position is Pro-choice but I would argue he’s the biggest advocate of the pro-life voice. Why? His approach to almost everything is to remove the unnecessary tier of federal involvement and bring it back to the state level. In voting for President, you give a 1 in 310,000,000 vote to your pro-life conviction (which I share). Johnson will return that favor by giving you a 1 in 25,000,000 (Texas) voice and me a 1 in 625,000 (Vermont) voice! At the very worst, he certainly won’t approve any further Federal oversight.

    I can’t find a single candidate I agree 100% morally with so I think it’s better to side with the one who gives my beliefs greater value.

    Please share your response to my opinion. It’s your post and you get the closing argument.

    • Hi there-

      Thank you for giving your opinion! And please do not be afraid to post another reply- hey, I may have written the article, but I believe the best way to fight this battle we are in for our country is to have healthy discussions and debates. So this doesn’t have to be the closing argument. 🙂 I try to keep an open mind, even with things that I do not agree with.
      I agree a million percent wtih you- there is not a single candidate- or even possible candidate- that I agree 100% with. And with that being said, hey, I don’t agree 100% with my husband- but it’s a close on for him.
      My husband is a Political Science major, so he is a lot more strategic in his thoughts than I am politically! I am having a VERY HARD TIME, now that I am involved in politics, making the “strategic” choice. I am sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am a woman, and we naturally tend to think and make choices with our emotions rather than our head and strategy. (BELIEVE me there is an article in the works on this one! 🙂 )
      Now, to the topic at hand. Gary Johnson. At this point there is only one person I’m leaning towards at all. However, if it came down to Gary Johnon or Barack Obama there would be NO contest! In fact, I would not have near the the problem in voting with Gary Johnson as I did John McCain.
      It is a DEFINITE positive, his history and accomplishments while he governed New Mexico.
      I will MOST DEFINITELY be taking a second look at him… and ALL the candidates. And I will research more on his pro-choice stand. I have a hard time even saying that I would consider taking a look, with that being his stand. However, I am ALL ABOUT States’ rights, and if he speaks from that angle…….. well, I can’t ever agree with it, but….. if a state decides for it, I just know I could NEVER live in that state.
      He’s just going to have a LOT to prove to me, given my first impression of him.