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Jumping Head First In The Fight For My Children

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  1. I am very saddened to hear the heartache being caused by one thoughtless drone of a Judge. I am also highly peeved off here so i will just put this in plain old english: That pathetic Judge needs to have his/her ignorant ass exposed to the world and but good. If that Judge isnt smart enough to review the facts and make a sound judgement, and do it with the children’s mental health and security in mind, they need to be impeached immediately.How in the world can anyone in their right mind call this any kind of justice ?
    If this pathetic so-called Judge is snooping around in here, or any of this piece of trashes ( the biological mother) friends, I have some words for all of you. You are disgusting pathetic low-lifes for putting these children through this unnecessary ordeal! You are scum, plain and simple. This Judge and this scum of an abusive mother apparently are cut from the same piece of ragged, rotted cloth ! As a footnote, I see no mention of the father here .This has all the makings of a piece of trash wanting the kids back for that welfare check, and the grandmother is in on it! Otherwise Grandmother would have taught that piece of trash that if you make babies, you raise them properly and try to make sure they have two parents, not do it for a bigger welfare check. This is the welfare mentality that is breeding like rats across America. And it is the children whom are suffering because of this rat-breeding welfare Liberal mentality !

    • Daniel, you are speaking my mind!

      I was INFURIATED that things took a turn the way the did… but just wait! When you find out how long it took and the battle we endured… you are going to be even angrier!

      I promised God that I would not let this fight be for nothing! And so that is why I write and why I’m going DIRECTLY after the judges, governors, Senators, Congressman… HELL, all the way to The President if I have to! I am not going to stop yelling until SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE steps up and says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


      It is my goal to one day stand before Congress and DEMAND that these children be protected!

      I probably shouldnt’ say this, because if anyone is reading it I don’t want to scare them off. We need GOOD people to become Foster and Adoptive parents. So at the risk of scaring people off, if I had known from the beginning of our journey that it would take as long and that we would go through as much as we did I probably would not have pursued it. Thankfully I did not know ahead of time because obviously God had a purpose in all of it. These children need someone to stand up and fight for them!

      And you are absolutely correct about the liberal mentality! On another note regarding that, all the crap out of Washington and “activisits” that we Conservatives don’t care about the children…. they need to get their head out of the idealistic and slandering clouds! I know that there are liberals that adopt and advocate for the children, but the change MUST come with taking government OUT of the system! We need compassion and common sense! As in the case with this judge…. you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about him!

      In fact, one of our other children had him presiding over their case and I was scared to death that he would do something stupid there! THANKFULLY he did not.. it was a bit more cut and dry of a case. However, the “rights” of the biological parents are bowed down to when they take no action to prove they are fit to be given another chance! In fact, they have PROVEN they ARE NOT fit to be given another chance!

      Every time I hear that a child “slipped through the cracks” I just want to throw up! They wouldn’t “slip through the cracks” if common sense was used in deciding their fate!