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0 thoughts on “Paul Ryan’s Budget: America- Our Financial Chickens Have Come Home To Roost And It Ain’t Pretty!

  1. Bill

    As usual you are talking about balancing the budget with off budget items. SS an MC are off budget items. Its a smoke and mirrors to make the folks who are more wealthy than you all wealthier and more for the few. One day things will come back around and take a big bite out of all of you DEMs and Gopers alike for being liars and having absolutely no character or morals, or not doing what you were elected to do, what is best for all not the rich and powerful. You no what they say about Karma.

  2. Bob

    The government isn’t ran like a family or business budget. Never has, never will. Ryan’s proposal is a joke, the President’s is better, but the best proposal is the “People’s Budget” proposal. The People’s Budget: What a “Centrist” Budget Should Look Like