Allen West vs. Code Pink Clowns, Round 4 West- 4 Clowns -0

By | May 17, 2011

Allen West is a Patriotic American Veteran Soldier who has fought for American freedoms in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the above video, he reminds a DNC operative of this when asked where he was five years ago. Simple minds trying to attack this Patriot with DNC- fed, Media Matters false talking points memo should take notes here, and maybe next time they won’t get such an embarrassing lesson.  Take note of the Code Pink Clown with the tape over her mouth and the sign with the simplistic third-grade chant about whether or not this is what democracy looks like.  Does this woman not see what an ass she is making of herself here?

Let’s talk about what democracy looks like, since she asks the question while dressed up like a Pink clown with tape over her mouth. Here is a suggestion, grow up lady, you look like a fool and are being used. How is that democracy shaping up in Egypt today? Answer: It isn’t, period. Maybe Code Pink needs to go BACK to Egypt and spread that fake democracy crud, while inciting riots and causing people to be killed. Code Pink was there, yet ran out when the real revolution started with the help of their urging and inciting. Strange coincidence that Code Pink was in Egypt before the revolution started isn’t it? What kind of a democracy are you supporting by participating in the Gaza flotillas in direct conflict with Isreal’s elected democracy that is trying to protect their citizens? Do only people of your choosing get targeted for your “brand” of democracy, while other’s get denied? Sure looks like it there. That make you out to be simplistic hypocrites, period.

Allen West not only handles the Code Pink Clowns very well,  but in the following video we see how he handles an Obama-puppet up in a hearing on the hill, in questioning him about Obama’s proposed executive order that would make anyone doing business with the federal government Disclose their political donations:


Mr. West represents the true meaning of a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Stand firm Colonel West, we need you more than ever today !







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