Will They Ever Learn?

By | May 21, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Will They Ever Learn?

  1. Commonsense

    So….God creates a being in His image with whom he wants to share his creation but yet makes that being incapable of comprehending His thoughts? I’m not sure that this can be reconciled…in fact one might argue that to create humanity in this way sets us up for following God out of fear, not love, thus making people vulnerable to those who would exploit them.

      1. Commensense

        Of course I wasn’t as a child. But they worked hard to develop the skills within me that would enable me to eventually understand their thoughts and motives. Growing into adulthood, I now am able to think at that level because in principle I was created with that capacity for development.

        Respectfully, your comparison is is too large a stretch regardless. From the Christian perspective as articulated in the article, in principle we do not possess the capacity to think the thoughts of God…our nature can never grow into that capability because God created us with that inherent limitation. So…apparently God wants us to eternally remain childlike in our approach to understanding his thoughts?

        “Love” based on ignorance of how the more powerful other thinks and feels is not love but subordination. Awe, trembling and fear that the great invisible and incomprehensible sky wizard will abandon or punish us if we don’t conform to some arbitary, unquestioned standard of unconditional love and worship reeks of the Neandethal religion of the cave; it is no sin to probe the mind of God. Besides, isn’t mutual understanding and equality the basis of love? To imbue humanity with this capacity is arguabley the rationale for God creating us in his image…