White House Chief of Staff Daley Reaffirms “Unshakeable” U.S.-Israel Bond

By | April 29, 2011

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One thought on “White House Chief of Staff Daley Reaffirms “Unshakeable” U.S.-Israel Bond

  1. Sarhan

    In West now the noble istitute of marriage ridiculde as result many people are born ilgitmit. The in the same way not born naturally this so called israel is also very much ilgetmit. How ever much you call iligitmit ligitmit it remains ILGITMIT. Shuned by the people around them this ilgimit entity lives lives like a tormented beast. No Iron Domes will protect this evil in Middle East. I wonder who controls USA when a man from Oppressed Race sing the songs of praise for the Oppressers? Lie is a Lie you just can not turn it into Truth. No one has right to give some one else’s land to some thief. No not even UNO > Forget UNO not even God. And if God does that then he is not God but he is Satan indeed.

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