Trump Tromps the Teleprompter

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  • Obama and his Teleprompter, lol. Now the Republicans are making wisecracks in the primaries about Obama’s prompters, while reading the wisecracks from a teleprompter.

  • You are right on the money Daniel! Trump is a total breath of fresh air and a very brave American patriot!
    It’s so great that he can actually speak to an audience without reading a prepared, politically correct, garbage scripted teleprompter!
    Hopefully Mr. Trump can and will stand up to the puss in the WH and win the election of 2012…. What a GLORIOUS DAY that will be. GOOOOOO TRUMP!!
    Let’s see those college transcripts of Obama, then we can move on to the stolen SS# from Connecticut, then on to illegal political contributions, then maybe the SUPREME COURT!