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Obama Gets Testy in Tense Texas Interview [Video]

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  1. Wait a minute, the whole thing is a hoax! If you pay attention, there is two cameras. Right when Obama is unleashing his rant he is actually pressing his lapel microphone shut with his left hand. Then the behind camera kicks in and we see Obama waving his left arm up and down, right at the same moment! How could this be. Obviously a montage! If you pay attention and can lip read what Obama ACTUALLY says you can tell he says “watch: this is the last stand of the Texas red-neck”. Talk of racist!

    • Libdergardner Teacher

      lol.. conspiracy theory much?

    • You actually have a point. Whatever Obama is saying is not being broadcast because he cover his microphone. The line about letting him answer his questions is being ‘pasted’ on. Am not sure he actually said anything related “red-necks” though. Also, 7 interviews, 7 minutes…!! Interview from the “map” (read ‘war’) room. THe whole thing seems scripted

      • Answering the question regarding the politics behind the Shuttle orbiters, he says ” I had nothing to do with it” and then he kicks in an old ebonics trick when he says “the White House non got noth’g to do widdit” which is a double negation

  2. Wow. Mr. Cool sure got rattled. His final comment was not called for. He should have shown some class and thanked the reporter for the tough interview. His comment reminded me of a testy Nixon.

  3. Wait was that Sean Hannity doing the interview? Because when Obama is composed and not emotional, the spin is he doesn’t care—-when he asks for time to respond to a question he is testy—–I guess Obama could have said he cut the Repub victory margin by one half since Bush won Texas by 22%. interestingly, Clinton lost TX by only 5%. Obama’s problem is he is too objective. None of the states run by Republican Gov’s would have a balanced budget without federal assistance. He should say it every day.

  4. What is it with you liberals and retarded person comments? Is he testy? Sure, if you watch the video, he is visibly flustered, but if you think he looks calm, cool and collected… you are entitled to your opinion – blinders and all.

  5. That is testy? Are you retarded?