Obama, Bush and Beck all head to Chicago this week.

By | April 12, 2011

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3 thoughts on “Obama, Bush and Beck all head to Chicago this week.

  1. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777) Post author

    Thank you for the attempted lesson about Chicago. I made a small correction to the post just for you. Now, let me give you a lesson on the great lakes region. I have fished the great lakes spanning 40 years. When fishing Lake Michigan for walleye in blowing snow on Lake Michigan,Chicago shoreline, ther lake effect snow would be blowing from the Northeast corridor, straight down Lake Ontario from Canada, across LAKE EERIE, and the corner of Lake Michigan in an upward arc, thus the saying the wind from lake Eerie. As far as taking any site seriously, maybe reading with an open mind or asking a serious question would help you more,instead of just trolling around for the sake of trying to bash people ?

    I didnt notice you commenting on the main theme of the article, which is the 3 people who will be in town this week and how much it costs to see them either. FYI: I spent over 40 years fishing on the great lakes, including Superior where I was born. The last thing I need is a geography lesson from a troll.

    1. Sammy

      LOL! Thanks, Daniel! :)

      Never do trolls comment on the article. Lots of punctuation, spell checkers and apparently geography ‘corrections’. ;)

  2. Tara

    I think its important that if you’re going to talk about Chicago, as the “Windy City”, you ought to know that we are NOT located on Lake Eerie! Try Lake Michigan. It makes it hard for me to take any publication that cannot get simple American geography correct seriously!

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