Like Him or Not, Ron Paul is Relevant

By | April 20, 2011

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9 thoughts on “Like Him or Not, Ron Paul is Relevant

  1. Im4freedom

    Why do reporters say his chances are slim when he hasn’t even gotten started? Yes Ron Paul is relevant and for people already trying to make predictions of when he will drop out of the race, that is the media hard at work trying to make it sound like his run for president destined for failure. So many people come out of the woodwork to say some of his ideas are good and in the same breath say he has no chance. Are we really going to believe what the bias media tells us and fall for their spinning of lies they try to pass off as being a statement of fact?

  2. He is a very wise man, and a Doctor, not a politician only

    I have listened to and admired Dr. Ron Paul since 2007… I wish others would wake up and smell the coffee…

  3. Daniel

    Ron Paul will not qualify for the first Fox debate next month if he doesn’t form an official exploratory committee by then. I respect his independence and disgust for the big government tyrants in both parties infecting Congress today. I think he would make a decent POTUS in 2012, but I doubt the entrenched elitists in the GOP will ever give him a fair shake.
    Here is a thought: Ron Paul, Romney, Trump, Herman Cain, Gingrich, Gary Johnson, Pawlenty, Bachman and Palin all on the same stage in a national debate but with one twist: no prepared questions, no notes, no bullshit, just straight up honest questions from the teaparty, from the libertarians and from hardest line conservatives we can muster up! Make it a real test for them, make it at least 4 hours long or do 3- 2 hour debates on consecutive nights. Moderated by Rush Limbaugh to boot ! Lets get it on!

  4. Mark

    Ron Paul is the ONLY honest presidential candidate who has a chance at winning. We need him badly, regardless of how old he is

  5. Rayburn Douglas Drake

    I like him. I’m glad Rand is there. There are a few more noticeables we need to search for. The political party system is such a grievance!

  6. atticus

    Ron Paul is a true American hero and I am so encouraged that there are men like him in government. He may be the only one in DC right now but perhaps he’ll inspire other men and women to run for office.

  7. PJ McFlur

    Sweet. Now would the blue hairs please get behind him? Its not like he doesnt make much sense. We need a Goldwater that WINS!!!

  8. McClarinJ

    Ron Paul has no respect for the sacred cows of Republicans and Democrats. He thinks for himself and follows his conscience no matter the consequence.

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