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Liberalism: Perpetuating a Society of the Poor

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  1. This article was hyperbolic and closed-minded. While there were good points, it did nothing more than feed the conservative mentality and aggravate the liberal. It was a show. I can’t wait for people to start turning their heads in both directions rather than walking around in circles… leaning one way or another.

    A word of advice on effective argumentative essays: Words like, “forcing,” “killing,” “obliterate,” “wallowing,” “hoarding,” (I could go on) are poor tactics of persuasion. They are a transparent means of manipulation.

  2. I would classify myself as more liberal than conservative. I think “purposely destroying wealth” by redistribution may be a bit exaggerated. I think a lot of people who are liberal aren’t calling for socialistic “equal distribution of wealth” (although i’m sure there are some who do). I think many are calling for SOMEWHAT more distributed wealth. Equal distribution would destroy incentive to work or achieve. Why work harder if you can’t gain? However I think many believe the gap is SO large.. that they can’t reach the bottom rung of the ladder to start the climb upward.

    It doesn’t give a lot of motivation to work 3 jobs just to pay the rent, (yes i have 3, one full time and two part time) car insurance, health insurance, utilities, etc.. and know that while, yes i am slowly growing my savings, I am just ONE medical crisis away from being totally annihilated. Especially if the insurance company finds a loophole to not cover me.

    http://www.cbpp.org/images/cms//6-25-10inc-f1.jpg <- income gap over time

    I like capitalism. However, capitalism has changed over time. As lobbyists hammer congress to change regulations and rules to increase their bottom line, it becomes harder for someone on the bottom to work their way up. Not impossible, but harder.

    If we hadn't modified the system to reward companies to move their labor elsewhere, we could produce goods again for export. We'd have more jobs. With the 1970's capitalism, a person could work a full time job, and be able to buy a house and a car, and the wife could stay home with the kids.

    As the climb up the ladder becomes harder, it starts to seem impossible. That destroys the motivation of many to try.

    You brought up some valid points, I like your article and this site, even if I don't quite agree with all of it. How could really form a belief structure or view of politics, the economy, and society if I don't indulge in study of multiple view points?

    My only suggestion is to be careful in how you categorize people. Not all people who consider themselves "liberal" have the same viewpoints, and not always to the extreme it has sometimes been presented here. There are different degrees and shades. Thanks for your time