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3 thoughts on “High-Speed Rail Rip-off in Liberal La-La Land

  1. Ravi

    There has to be a way to reverse this. Can there be a new ballot measure to reverse the previous voter approval.

  2. Soquel by the Creek

    Having lived in Japan for a number of years, I LOVE good public transportation and high-speed rail. But even I recognize the great sham in California’s High-Spreed Rail boondoggle.

    California can’t even keep local service in high-density cities operating at a profit. Need a poster child example. Look at CalTrain in the San Francisco Bay Area. This train line should be a darling of commuters and taxpayer alike. Unfortunately, it has problems keeping itself afloat.

    The money allocated to high-speed rail in California is mis-prioritized. There are so many other more economically useful and necessary projects that go without sufficient funding such as …

    * Maintenance and improvements to California’s water projects (necessary to feed and quench the thirst of all those that will supposedly use high-speed rail in the Central Valley).
    * Improvements to urban public transportation systems (Want to reduce reliance on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gases, improve air pollution, improve quality of life? Then this is where you spent the CHSR money).
    * Deploy Internet 2+ infrastructure statewide. Fewer people will need to commute on a daily basis for their jobs.

  3. Carolyn

    One thing about liberals is that they never quit. No means nothing to them apparently.

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