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Federal Shut Down…before you open that beer…

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  1. One simple rider would give the soldiers full pay in the event of a shutdown. Democrats are using every excuse they can find to allow the Senate and Dirty Harry to block any real spending reform, which even the stupidest of morons should be able to see that we need to cut spending. $14.2 trillion in debt and some ignorants think taht we can just keep on borrowing money and making government bigger.

    As if National parks being closed for a week will kill people. Idiot dems were on the floor today saying if people want to pay for their own abortions they should have that right. I agree, so lets quit using our tax dollars to pay for the murders of babies for irresponsible nanny staters, and people who lack personal responsibility. Bottom line is that the non-producing parasites vote for Liberal Socialists for more freebies at the expense of hard working Americans. Here is an eye opener; With no budget last year, no one can actually figure up a budget for this year and 2012. There are no factual base numbers to work with, therefor they are trying to hide how bad our true debt is by denying the real budget process to proceed. Our debt is increased by approx $30 billion dollars EACH WEEK, and they are arguing over a difference of 7 billion dollars. iIt is all nothing more than bad theater and drama.