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Conservatives Just don’t do Stupid!

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  1. Conservatives don’t do stupid? Have you seen the douche-bags that are running for president on the conservative side in 2012? Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, the Godfather’s Pizza guy… all of these are morons, and I believe that Michelle Bachmann may actually be crazy. And then there are others like Sarah Palin, who is a board-certified dumb-ass. The list of idiots on the conservative side is a rather long one, even outside of the political scope. Patt Robertson claimed that the tsunamis in Haiti occurred because of some pact that the natives made with the devil in the 1700s, and god was just getting around to getting his revenge. That’s not only an idiotic, completely asinine statement, but it also teeters on the border of madness. Speaking of insanity, how about Glenn Beck? Does anyone not think that he is off his rocker? I mean… come on… conservatives do stupid every single day, and they do it well.

  2. Personally, I do anything possible to avoid associating with any political party. Having said that, it allows me a great deal of objectivity, as well as provides me with a great deal of laughter. I’ve observed that conservative folks spend an incredible amount of their time finding any way possible to bash, bad-mouth, make fun of or otherwise just plain hate on, Liberals. Conversely, I’ve not observed quite the same level of obsession with tossing “mud bombs” (mudslinging) as I call it, at the other party. Last I checked, there’s no big, overwhelming and (in my opinion) loud & obnoxious force equal to Rush Limbaugh on the Liberal side of the fence. Why don’t both parties (Liberals just as guilty as you guys) actually try to GET THINGS DONE, rather than fighting, whining, bitching & moaning and holding your regular pissing contests? Ever occur to anyone who “cares about America” that maybe, just maybe, the reason our society is in decay is because people talk a good game but never deliver on it? Give it some thought, and enough of the childish, pubescent-level maturity, slogans & ads & billboards & bumper stickers, your money would be better served ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING.