CBS and Time Already on Hope N Change Redux 2012 Obama Campaign

By | April 6, 2011

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2 thoughts on “CBS and Time Already on Hope N Change Redux 2012 Obama Campaign

  1. Daniel

    Hello Dr. Bramhill, and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us here at CDN.

    I will be checking out your blog here shortly. In looking at the Chicago-style thug tactics that have been condoned and/or ordered by the Obama regime, I do not see any serious Democratic challenge to him in 2012. The Dem party as a whole is now known to have been hijacked by the far left liberals by anyone taking the time to look into their actions.I believe that we will see the reality-denying Liberals and Obama trying to convince America that they are going to win in 2012, no matter what the polls point to, just like in 2010, when, on election day Pelosi and Wasserman Shultz both went on TV to announce that they, (Dems) will maintain the majority in the house .

    The old mantra of telling the same lie over and over until it becomes the truth is no longer working on American voters. The country is broke and heavily in debt, period. I also expect to see many old guard GOP RINOS bite the dust in 2012, as we have had enough of their spineless failure to vigorously fight off the liberal agenda .

  2. Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

    With Obama’s early announcement, there is still room for other Democratic candidates. I personally don’t see how Obama has any chance of re-election unless he reverses Executive Order 13489 (signed the day after he took office), which effectively seals all his pre-presidential records. We’re talking about someone who had no public record prior to 2004 and who has reneged on all his campaign promises. Unlike the fawning and obsequious Time and CBS (and the New York Times and Washington Post), Fox News will make mince meat out of him. I blog about this at “The President with No Past” at

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