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Big L, little l : L(i)bertarian Decoded

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Michelle Ray is the host of In Deep on CDN Radio, Social Media Director for Conservative Daily News, and can be found on Twitter as @GaltsGirl


  1. Most interesting, Michelle. I have been calling myself a small (L) libertarian for many years, for what appears to be the opposite of your distinctions. I consider the Libertarian Party to be the uncompromising dogmatists, so involved in internecine squabbling that it will never be an effective force in American politics. Trying to organize such staunch individualists is akin to herding cats. I attended one meeting about 15 years ago and never went back.

    I know pragmatism is anathema to libertarianism; but I am unwilling to allow my ideals to prevent me from influencing and making common cause with conservatives, in our existential battle with the Marxists and Jihadists, who wish to enslave me. E.g. I think drugs should be legal for many very good reasons; but I suppose that since I don’t use them, and understand the irrational fear conservatives have for their potential pernicious effect on their children, I am more than willing to postpone that issue for a later time.

    This permits me to propagate ideas about Liberty, in minds that otherwise slam shut at the mention of the Libertarian Party or its candidates. Perhaps incorrectly, but nonetheless effectively in discourse with conservatives, I equate small (L) libertarians with most of our Founding Fathers. This resonates with them, and over the last few years I have perceived a remarkable acceptance of libertarian thinking by conservatives becoming Constitutionalists.

    To me, that is a huge step in the right direction, which the Libertarian Party itself does not seem to deserve much credit. I have long said that if the drug issue is removed from the table, I can make a libertarian out of most conservatives in five minutes of conversation. Anecdotal evidence has confirmed that proposition to my satisfaction in the past few years. ◄Dave►

  2. Right on Michelle. I find myself clooser to the big L than the little l. Interesting how misunderstood we libertarians are. I’m glad you wrote this and hope more can understand us.