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Wisconsin Judge Puts New Union Law on Hold

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  1. I love people talking about *legitimate claims* yet fail to rebuke one single item in an article. Sad how some people are that simple and naive. For example, what part of hundreds of teachers not showing up for work do you think is not a strike? You know, an Illegal Strike by Wisconsin law? Thus the judge is an activist siding with Unions for political gains.

    People will look facts in the face today and try to deny them with bloviating about non-relevant matters, because they are afraid of the truth. I am really impressed by 14 Senators who refuse to do their jobs because they lost the elections and ran and hid in Chicago like children throwing a tantrum.
    Then I am even more impressed when the vey people blocking the Democratic process of the state Senate from doing it’s job try to tell people they want democracy. Pathetic hypocrites and their uneducated followers trying to make their actions look like the opposite of what they are here.
    I could care less who appointed this flake of a judge. Her leftist 5 minutes of fame will be over very soon.

  2. We have way too many liberal Judges in this Country. I agree with you that these union people and Senators in WI acted like a bunch of children. Obviously they are not use to be told NO to anything so when they don’t get their way they throw tantrums until they get what they want.

    • Sorry to burst your article’s bubble, but Sumi was appointed by a Republican governor. So, what’s this article’s claim again? Oh, right. There is no legitimate claim.

      • QUINCY NEWSPAPER INC (QUINC-7) Another leftist hack trying to look smart- DREW see Michael Funk- Chicago ,Illinois area. Union puppet.

      • I don’t know nor do I care who appointed this Liberal Judge. There are some “Republicans” who call themselves that but lean liberal themselves. My whole point is we don’t need Liberal judges from any party because they are all loony that I have seen.