Why Obama May Be Hesitant on Libyan No-Fly Zone

By | March 2, 2011

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4 thoughts on “Why Obama May Be Hesitant on Libyan No-Fly Zone

  1. Mirac

    The incompetence of the chosen one surfaces more and more every day. I saw the “rebels” leader in Libya today on TV. Sure looke d like a US military bullet proof vest and a Colt 1911A- 9mm military issue pistol on his belt. Add that to his Che cap and Che-esque neck wrap he had on , and mark my words, the U. S. will be shown to be aiding the Rebels in Libya exentually. All this while the ditherer in chief tells the world we can’t get involved in other countries business.

  2. twistedmuser

    He’ll probably roll over and go back to sleep. Upon waking he will convene a committee to help him draft a sternly worded letter, after which he will direct Hillary to deliver. I’m not actually saying he should do anything. I am saying it was a whole lot easier to criticize when he was running for office the actions of GWB vs performing actions himself.

    1. Rich Mitchell (twitter: @CDNNow) Post author

      I agree whole-heartedly. I am not saying that he should or shouldn’t although I am leaving towards, not adding Libya to our list of current “Overseas Contingency Operations”, “Man-made disasters” or whatever crafty term we’ll be using next. The fact that he is paralyzed by the decision is more my concern.

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