Unemployment Dropping as Jobless Turn to Disability Instead

By | March 24, 2011

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One thought on “Unemployment Dropping as Jobless Turn to Disability Instead

  1. Daniel

    This is a nice pick-up by the WSJ.

    We need to go back to the real way of figuring U/E.

    For example, the official rate counts only those not working who have seriously tried to find a job in the last four weeks. That rate, the aforementioned 9.4%, does not include those working temporary jobs, who are doing so only because they cannot find permanent employment. The official rate also precludes those working part-time jobs who would want full-time work, if it were available. Finally, this so-called official rate does not count those who are no longer looking for work as they sense that there are no opportunities out there for them. When those several categories are added to the official 9.4% rate,** the cumulative total is probably closer to 18%**–or just under one in five Americans who want full time, permanent employment, who are unable to secure such work, at present.
    If the GOP wasn’t spineless, they would get us the real numbers and let us inform the nation of the truth every single day until the 2012 elections. The Obama admin. surely doesn’t want this truth broadcast across the nation, as that shows the people the truth.

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