Is the Next Libyan Dictator Mahmoud Jibril?

By | March 29, 2011

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6 thoughts on “Is the Next Libyan Dictator Mahmoud Jibril?

  1. Mona

    We, Libyan people, know that this man is not good for many reasons that are so clear to every one in Libya. The problem is that it was clear from the beginning that somebody from outside is supporting him, and if it was the US, this is another problem!!!

  2. The freedom

    The real answer is to answer the question by the Libyan people is … Because you do not believe in freedom of peoples.

  3. dh

    Please provide citations.

    I don’t see a single source besides “Reuters”, which is in reference to the picture.

    1. Watchdog

      2 links at bottom of article prove the CIA connection made was 100% fact. Do you now know the John Kerry and Hillary met with him in Egypt? Its common news, reported even on MSM leftist promoting stations. It isnt too hard to check things by just putting this man’s name in your browser like this link

      The fact is that this article exposed some solid background on the U.S. backed “interim Prime Minister of Libya” and CIA ties to the whole Libyan Civil war issue.Also is the fact that the author did it BEFORE the CIA was ever mentioned in ANY news outlets. That is called digging my friend. Can';t question credibility when this information gets proven to be 100% correct, even in the lamestream news outlets many days later.

  4. Liberal Watchdog

    Read much? Everything there is sooo hysterical that it is backed up by facts.

    Of course trolls don’t bother to read the article when bashing people for putting out the facts. Such as the CIA is now on the ground in Libya and has been for a while, LOL Ya thats some serious drivel, slick.

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