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Mafia-Style Stealth Taxation Without Representation: Meet the VMT

   CBO issues report saying that a new Vehicle Mileage Tax, (VMT) is needed to increase funding for our transportation infastructure to offset a shortage of highway maintenance funding. 

      The picture to the left reminds me of a snapshot taken during the shooting of the Godfather movie, where all the made men are getting their marching orders from the Don. The shot exudes arrogance and a total lack of Presidential decorum, let alone a total disrespect for the historic desk The Chosen One has his Marxist feet propped up on. People rightfully say we should respect our President today, yet when I see things like this, I give the person behind the situation exactly what it calls out for: Disrespect. Contempt. Disgust. Ridicule. Exposure. If the shoe fits, wear it Mr. President. Respect is earned in my world, no matter what third world country comes before America when discussing your hyphenated heritage,  such as *African-American*.

      The VMT report has to have an origin, or as in the Godfather, someone had to give the order for such a report to be made, calling for more stealth taxation being hoisted upon the backs of American taxpayers. The simplistic puppet Ray Lahood, the Transportation Secretary, surely didn’t cook this rehash of an old money grab scheme up all by himself here. No, in fact this VMT scheme has the Marxist DNA of the Supreme Community Organiser in Chief  drenched all over it. This is big government intrusion to the tenth degree folks, not to mention it is simply more taxation without representation. They want to track your vehicle every time you get into it, and to make is so expensive to drive your vehicle that everyone moves into the urban jungles that Obama loves to do his community organising in. This isn’t about economics, as the Don has ordered the CBO to use as a basis for this *report*. This report is more propaganda than it is actual statistics being used for a reality-based report. This *report* is simply another attempt at trying to “nudge” the dumbed-down sheep up in D.C., and the American public, to enhance the power and scope of big daddy government.

    Transportation funding is tight right now according to Kent Conrad, the big spending, more taxation Democrat from North Dakota. who also happens to be the Senate Budget Committee Chairman. By the way Mr. Conrad, how is out budget resolution for 2011 coming along?  Seems to me you could use some lessons in prioritising your work schedule and your actual duties in our Senate, instead of just working on ways to tax the people more. You see, while the current group of eco-friendly green energy fraudsters are trying to force everyone to drive electric cars, they forgot to figure in the loss of revenue that will be incurred from the decrease in gas-tax revenue. Oh what a tangled web we weave.  Conrad himself said this in an article here. 

Conrad said in response that federal funds are tight, and in asking for recommendations on how to raise that money, he noted the possibility of a VMT tax as a way to solve the problem of collecting less in taxes as people move to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

“Do we do gas tax?” Conrad asked. “Do we move to some kind of an assessment that is based on how many miles vehicles go, so that we capture revenue from those who are going to be using the roads who aren’t going to be paying any gas tax, or very little, with hybrids and electric cars?”

      We can’t actually have Americans saving the money we promised then they would save when we pushed them to drive electric cars can we ? No, we have to find another way to tax them,  thus the VMT scheme. If transportation funds are so tight, explain to the people why Ray LaHood, on marching orders from Don Obama tried to cram the high-speed rail down the throats of Floridians recently? When Governor Scott asked if he could use that Federal tax money, which belongs to the people by the way, not D.C. Tyrants, to fix existing roadways and/or bridges, he was told emphatically, NO! Oh what a tangled web we weave.

    So, transportation funds are tight, yet instead of using existing funding to shore up our roadways, Don Obama is ordering Capo LaHood to use that transportation cash to push for high-speed rail boondoggles that will be an endless drain on taxpayer’s wallets for decades to come. High speed rail is not applicable to over 95% of America due to a little thing called population density. One way to “nudge” the people to live in the urban jungles that I call the over-populated ghettos of the inner-city, is to charge them for every single mile they drive, thus the VMT scheme. I also note that not one single government “expert” has had the guts to discuss whether the heavy gas tax would be done away with completely if this VMT scheme was to be implemented. The fact is, the government has a pattern of  calling  for an implementation period at the very least, where most people will be double-taxed to drive their vehicles. From the same article above here is the proof of that statement.

CBO’s report stressed it was making no recommendations but seemed to support a VMT tax as a more accurate way of having drivers pay for the costs of highway maintenance. The report said miles driven is a larger factor in highway repairs than fuel consumption and suggested that having drivers pay for the real costs of highways “would involve imposing a combination of fuel taxes and per-mile charges.

 Notice the double taxation there being called a combination?  No recommendations are being made by the CBO ?  Then why the info-mercial report calling for the VMT ? As the Don said many times in the Godfather, “Just find a way to get it done without it being tracked back to me.”

    Watch our for this VMT tax raise to come up in Congress very soon folks, as Don Obama sees it as a way to raise taxes that can’t be traced back to him. call  and write your Representatives proactively, and tell them to stop this scheme before it steamrolls over us completely. Ask then



Garth Brooks to Obama: I’m Shameless

“I think he’s trying his heart out. I love him to death!”

This quote came from someone that I would have least expected it to come from, especially about the person that was being discussed.

The once legendary country music star Garth Brooks is the person who said these words. The person he spoke so highly of is President Barack Obama. When I heard this very recent interview, you could have knocked me over with a feather, I was so shocked! It appears as though Mr. Brooks “fully” supports the President.

I am sure many people reading this may wonder why I am so surprised that a celebrity would be so enamored with the President. Throughout the campaign most of Hollywood has stumbled over themselves to make sure the world knew of their undying love for him.

However, most country music stars are more Conservative in their political views. Yes, I did say most country music stars, because I do realize that there are some who have been in country music who are far from Conservative. Oh, let me think- one group that comes to mind is The Dixie Chicks. I do find it interesting that with the exception of a couple of compilation albums of the “Greatest Hits” re-released, the Dixie Chicks have pretty much fallen off the face of the earth. Could it be because most country music fans tend to be more Conservative in their views, and when Natalie Mains went on her condemning rant of President George W. Bush many of their fans refused to support them any longer?

Now, I must admit, as a lady who absolutely loves country music, I was a Garth Brooks fan for many years. Notice I said was a Garth Brooks fan! I find his past behavior a bit neurotic- retiring, coming out of retirement, releases an album with an alias identity, going back into retirement, and now evidently he is back out of retirement and doing shows in Las Vegas. Maybe there is a reason for all of his confusion and indecisiveness.

It seems that maybe his confusion was caused by something none of us could have ever imagined. It appears to have been a very well-kept secret up until this point. But it appears as though the true object of his deep, soulful crooning from the very depths of his heart have been finally revealed. Strangely, it’s actually all beginning to make sense now!

Garth Brooks loves President Obama- to death! Wow! That is a very deep and soulful admission, Mr. Brooks!

While I supported President George W. Bush in a lot of his policies, there were many I did not. One thing I do love about President Bush- I never once doubted his love for this country and his commitment to keep her safe. Did I always agree with everything he did and every decision he made? Absolutely not! And I most certainly have never said, “I love him to death!”

So, in thinking about this latest interview with Mr. Brooks, I really began to think long and hard about some of his song lyrics! The song that comes to mind that seems to speak the true feelings of Garth Brooks’ heart is his seventh Number 1 hit “Shameless”, which was on his album Ropin’ The Wind. The song itself was released on September 10, 2001.

Things are starting to actually make a lot of sense now! Billy Joel is actually the one who wrote the lyrics of “Shameless”.  And it has been no secret at all that Billy Joel is a very strong supporter of Barack Obama!

Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991. He then returned to Chicago, where that same year, he accepted a two-year teaching position as Visiting Law and Government Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School.

One can only assume, now that Garth Brooks’ true feelings for Mr. Obama have been revealed, that maybe the fateful crossing of their paths happened when Garth Brooks was touring around the country giving concerts and promoting his albums to sell out crowds. Who would’ve known?! The name Barack Obama was not known to many people at all, outside of his circle of questionable friends.

So, in light of this recent interview, the lyrics of the song “Shameless” most definitely shed new light to the situation.

“Well I’m shameless when it comes to loving you”
Garth Brooks most certainly showed no shame at all in his love and support of President Obama. While many of those who previously supported him in his campaign have recently come out to say they no longer support him, Garth Brooks says he “loves him to death!” I certainly do not hear any shame in his words or voice with that statement!

“And I’m standing here for all the world to see”
Garth Brooks most certainly stood for all the world to see his undying love for the President that many have referred to as “the worst President in the history of this nation”.  It most certainly makes you wonder about the judgment of a man who “fully supports” a President who has made countless poor decisions- or, should I say indecisions in his still ongoing presidency.

“And I’m changing, swore I’d never compromise”
Garth Brooks… or is it Chris Gaines... certainly knows a lot about changing!  He’s retiring. He’s not retiring. He is no longer Garth Brooks. He’s Chris Gaines. Oh, wait! No! He is Garth Brooks! But, now Garth Brooks is retiring. Again. Oh, but wait! Now Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement yet again and now taking his show to Vegas!

“I’ve never had so much to lose
Oh, I’m shameless.

Well, Mr. Brooks, you do have a lot of fans to lose! I can assure you that most country music fans are hard-working, tax-paying citizens of a country they love! They are watching a man who calls himself the leader of the free world do nothing but work to put this nation into bondage and slavery! And you “fully support him”? You “love him to death”? You may be shameless, but I am most assuredly ashamed of you! You had an opportunity to be the voice of your fans and let the President know that he is destroying the working men and women of this nation! Unemployment is unsightly! He places a moratorium on our off-shore drilling, thereby taking away even more jobs; yet, he goes to Brazil and does everything he can to boost their off-shore drilling! Yes, Mr. Brooks, I am deeply ashamed of you, and for you!

“You know it should be easy for a man who’s strong
To say he’s sorry or admit when he’s wrong

Mr. Brooks, will you admit that you are wrong in this? I highly doubt it! How unfortunate! Maybe your next career should be politics! You will fit right in with the elitism, hypocrisy and butt-kissing! Because it will surprise me if you are able to sell enough tickets in Vegas to say you even have a career after your shameful statements!

“Oh, I’m shameless, shameless as a man can be
You make a total fool of me
I just wanted to you to know.”

No… Mr. Obama did not make a fool of you, Mr. Brooks. YOU did that all by yourself! I hope it was worth just wanting to let him know so all the world could see!

Yes, Mr. Garth Brooks… you are indeed shameless! To quote another song that was not written by you, but one that you ended many of your concerts with…..

“A long, long time ago…
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.”

I will try to smile when I remember the Garth Brooks I knew and loved once before… a long, long time ago. Your music did most certainly make me smile! Now, it will only make me sad to wonder if you ever believed in the people who supported you and your music career- the hard-working American people! Because if you truly believed in us you would know for certain that we do not fully support the decisions of Barack Obama! He is destroying this nation and everything she stands for! Your “words of undying love and encouragement” only spur him on more! Thanks for nothing!

“But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died.
So bye-bye,
Ms. American Pie…”
Yes, something has touched me deep inside- deep down inside my heart that aches for this nation! She is becoming a mere shadow of what I grew up knowing and loving! When I heard you “stand for all the world to see” how much you supported the man who has called the God-fearing citizens of this country his enemies I am ashamed to say I ever supported you!

Bye, bye, Ms. American Pie! This country as we have known is disappearing! And bye, bye, Garth Brooks! I can no longer support you! You have sold me out, as well as the rest of my fellow citizens who are fighting so diligently for this country we love so dearly! Every day we are standing up and exposing the atrocities from our government- from both sides! You are doing nothing but selling us down the river! You have gained your fame and fortune on the backs of the hard working American citizens who bought your albums and bought very expensive concert tickets to see you perform! I wonder if you will still be shameless when this is all said and done!

Obama - Shameless

NATO Takes Over in Libyan Civil War. Excuse me?

     NATO< stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and for those who flunked  History and Geography both, Libya is

   A: Not in the Atlantic Ocean and,      B:  Libya did not attack the United States.  The original NATO charter was set up as an organization that constitutes a group of member states that agree to collectively defend their countries against an external attack.  Who did Libya attack recently?  So how would the NATO charter become so convoluted as to allow other nations to proceed with an act of war against Libya ? 

     The United States of America is governed by the laws put forth within our Constitution and bill of rights, not by the U.N., NATO, or the E.U. We are not, and will not be governed by any New World Order or One World Governmental system bent on relegating America to a second-rate country, no matter what the collective failed governments from the rest of the world think. We will fight and defend The United States of America  from having her wealth and prosperity pillagedby a bunch of  wanna-be Marxist/Socialist King-makers, period. The American military action in the Libyan Civil war is illegal according to both the U.S.  Constitution and the NATO charter.

     Just five days ago, NATO refused to reach consensus on the enforcement of the  U.N. authorized no-fly zone, due to Turkey rejecting the idea of waging war against Libya, and France’s reservations on transferring the command of its ongoing operations to NATO.  In the meantime, the propagandists in charge of this war action have now renamed the term WAR, to be calleda Kinetic Military action.  Boy, that is eerily similar to Socialist Democrats becoming Liberals, and then changing their name again to Progressives to try to hide their Socialistic/Communist agenda. ( All the while hiding behind the mantra of the old Democratic Party of the U.S. )  Oh what a tangled web we  weave, when first we practice to deceive!

     If the Obama wants to try to use the example of NATO being active in the Iraq and Afghanistan WARS as a defence for this ploy that has gotten the U.S.into another war, there is one glaring difference between that and the Libyan Civil war of today: America was attacked on her own soil on Sept. 11th, 2001. That dictates the right for America and NATO to stage the counter-offensive against the people behind those attacks, no matter where they chose to try to hide. This war action is a huge step towards a One World Government, as they are now combining Nato, the E.U, and the U.N. into one entity, and using the United States military to lead an attack on another country that has not attacked anyone.

     Now that the dirty work is done and the U.S.can be blamed on the world stage once again for any civilian casualties, here comes the rest of the world agreeing to take part in patroling the no-fly zone. Must be nice to sit on your ass and let the Americans blow up all the anti-aircraft stations, and then when it is virtually danger-free, to agree to supply fighter jets.( See the Arabs )  The only effective military action that was taken here came in the form of the initial barrage of cruise missiles launched by U.S. warships, at a cost to the taxpayer of $567,000 a piece!  Those strikes took out effectively 97% of all of Libya’s anti-aircraft stations. The rest of the story in the media about French jets hitting one truck, and other tall tales about the so-called *international coalition*  is a bunch of propaganda to try to cover up the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has waged an illegal war on Libya without the approval of the U.S. Congress!

Air Traffic Controller Not the Only One Asleep in the Tower

An air traffic controller has been suspended for having fallen asleep in the tower on Wednesday night. At least two planes were forced to land at Reagan National Airport as if it were an uncontrolled airport. Perhaps we should treat the White House the same way.

President Obama started another war, I mean overseas contingency oper.. oh.. wait, now it’s kinetic military something or other.. whatever – he started a damn war, but he did it without consulting Congress and still has not fairly addressed the American people. In fact, all appearances are that Hillary Clinton has actually built the coalition, hammered out the U.N. resolution, organized the NATO handover, and even handled the press conference that finally told Americans some of what’s going on.

It could be a mistake, maybe the President got locked out of the White House again. Perhaps he just has jet lag after the long vacation he took right after unilaterally declaring war on Libya and fell asleep in the oval office?

Nope, not there.

In a surprising statement today, Obama actually admits he’s not all that aware of what’s going on in his administration.

Under fire for an operation that allowed smuggling of U.S. weapons across the nation’s border with Mexico, President Obama said in an interview that neither he nor Attorney General Eric Holder authorized the controversial “Operation Fast and Furious.” [1]

Another serious international matter and the President is where? Doing what? Well, a tweet from the White House official twitter account tells us that he’s going to be doing some warm fuzzy talk on Univision  (the spelling mistake is theirs).

@whitehouse: Bacck from Latin America this week, the President does Hispanic education town hall on Univision Monday night at 7EDT [2]

The air traffic controller got suspended, any chance we can suspend Mr. Obama? Would we notice the difference if we did?


Lies about Libya: The Arab Emirates are behind this war 100%

Go to fullsize image We have all seen the conflicting reports about what is happening in Libya today, and just what is the end goal ? If we try ask the supposed Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military, one Barack Hussein Obama to define this situation, we get silence and/or flat out refusal to offer any plausible explanation. Make no mistake here, we have bombed another country and that is an act of war, no matter how Obama’s PR club may try to spin it. Media spin is one thing, flat out lies are another. This is a war on another country, whether we like who is their President or not. Congress was consulted both before the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, yet they were  not even consulted before the Libyan war, let alone a vote to fund it was not held.  Obama thinks that he can just refuse to call it a war and that makes it a legal action. He  is wrong, 100%.

We were all told in the beginning, that the UAE, or United Arab Emirates were all in with this supposed U.N. plan to bomb Libya. Yet once the bombing started, we saw reports of disgust about the killing of Libyan civilians coming out of the UAE. Keep in mind that the U.S.A. is a long way from Libya, yet the Arab countries are right in Libya’s backyard, yet we saw exactly zero Arab planes involved in applying the no-fly zone right from the start. This mission was supposed to be just to knock out Ghaddafi’s anti-arircraft weapons so that a no-fly zone could be enforced, and then let the Libyans fight their own battle.  Add in the fact that it would serve the Arab countries best interests to ensure that Libya becomes a stable country, and the fact that the UAE has been missing in action up until now is quite troubling. Low and behold, now that the heavy work has been done and the no-fly zone has grounded  Ghadaffi’s air force, we see more media spin, including some directly from the Whitehouse about how the UAE are totally on board now, and will supply some warplanes. From, we see the following statements today:

”  When enforcement of the no-fly zone first began, the U.A.E. hesitated to join military efforts, instead focusing on its commitment to support a humanitarian campaign.”

”  It’s been widely reported that the pledges of participation from Arab countries was a crucial factor in the Obama administration’s decision to participate in military action over Libya. “

Now that the bombing is finished and Ghadaffi’s air force has been grounded which leaves other’s responsible for the civilian deaths from said bombings, the UAE will start to help. The problem here is that Obama and the U.N. said that the UAE participation was crucial to their decision to get involved in the first place. It now becomes painfully obvious that the UAE was not fully informed about the necessary bombings in the first place here.  From that same FoxNews article we see more evidence of deceit and/or lies to cover up the true reason in the U.N original no-fly zone parameters set forth in the original resolution authorising this war:

” U.A.E. support is especially helpful after the no-fly zone was criticized by General Amr Mussa from the Arab League. He said the coalition’s actions exceeded the bounds set by the U.N. no-fly zone resolution. (emphasis mine)

So the General from the Arab League says they are exceeding the boundaries of the original U. N. resolution that authorised the no-fly zone enforcement. This is just one small example of how the true reason for the war action in Libya is being keep in secrecy. Many members of the U.S. Congress are demanding that Obama define this war and it’s end goals to no avail. The State department recently states that it is in serious discussions with the rebel party in Libya. Just what are you discussing and with whom?  What “Rebel leaders” are you talking about there ?

The Obama club bragged about honesty and transparency during the 2008 election campaign.  We sure as hell aren’t seeing any transparency in the reasons for the Libya war action that the taxpayers are being made to foot the bill for once again.  Hope and Change? What?

Hoping that you can change America into  another third world ghetto nation like your reported homeland roots, Africa? After all, the Obama race-based supporters call it historic to elect the first African-American President. Note that “African”comes first there ? This is an illegal military action directly forbidden in our U.S. Constitution, no matter what Obama tries to call it. Start the impeachment hearings today.

Cost of Defense (Trillions) Source:
FY1998 .256
FY1999 .261
FY2000 .281
FY2001 .291
FY2002 .332
FY2003 .389
FY2004 .437
FY2005 .474
FY2006 .499
FY2007 .529
FY2008 .595
FY2009 .637
FY2010 .677
FY2011 .708

While Obama and his Democrat-sheep like to say we need to cut defense spending, that lie is debunked right there. They had total control of Congress for 4 straight years, and look at that defense spending!

The Compulsive Republican

I am a Republican with very distinctive political goals. First, is to make my own future and take care of my own family and to be allowed to do so. I do believe in charity and lending a helping hand. I believe in economic independence, the choice to help out my neighbors and my family. I also believe in rules and laws.  I enjoy going to the poles, all dressed up for an important event, with my shoes and handbag to match.

With this being said, I am extremely compulsive. I do not research all the issues on the ballet.   This is not generally a Republican characteristic.  I walk into the booth and am usually surprised at something on the ballet. Having no opinion whatsoever about this issue and feeling the need, the duty, the responsibility to vote. I compulsively pick the side of the issue, right there in the booth and I hold it in my mind for a long second and pick the best answer? Wait I mean the best choice for me.   Which is somewhat the same strategy I use when shopping for shoes.  I usually don’t have an exact style in mind until I get to the store and have all the choices before me.  Although I do tend to vote on Republican side, but not because of knowledge, it’s my father’s voice in my head.

As a responsible voter, a good citizen, I should be completely informed of all issues.  I usually know beforehand, my vote for a particular person in major elections and not a whole lot on the “little stuff”.  As I have grown, I have come to realize that the “little stuff” becomes huge stuff when not enough thought goes into the vote. I’ve never voted in a primary, I will in 2012. In 2012, I will make it a priority to go to the poles with knowledge and a good pair of shoes and not be surprised or uniformed by one thing on the ballet.

The vote is our voice, our only voice – this time, I want to think before I speak.

Dear Obama: Go Away

Dear Obama,
I understand that you would have no idea who I am. You ran on being a change agent that would be able to do away with the constant political games between parties. I heard you as you ran for office but I believed little of what you said. Senator John McCain was not a candidate that excited me but he was one who I had an understanding of because of his political career and honest disclosures. My limited available choices for President of The United States of America had been John McCain or this young and relatively unknown Senator from Illinois who characterized PA voters as being bitter, unwilling to diversify, and clinging to guns and religion. As a Republican, I was disappointed with the results but this disappointment has only grown over the years of your Presidency.

As an individual, I have been told each and every day that I must sacrifice in order to remain in a financially stable country. I apologize, Mr. Obama, but most of the Americans I know have been sacrificing greatly over the past years. Personally, I am in a job where I am a step above the poverty level without the ability to move to a better position or company because jobs are nowhere to be found. As a graduate student, the financial aid process is now controlled by the federal government. Healthcare premiums have doubled because of the fear the private insurers feel because of the healthcare bill being implemented in the next five years. Gas prices are at $3.75/gallon while you continue to disallow offshore drilling and exploration.

You have now begun a military campaign in Libya in which there is confusion as to what the mission and goals are. It is clear that regime change must occur because of the damage the American led operation has done to the present regime. The sight of you leaving the country immediately after telling us that military operations to implement no fly zone will begin shortly is one not consistent with the American President. American leaders of the past have taken the use of military force as an essential but difficult duty as I hope you do. Along with that duty, you have the responsibility to respect the American people. This is where you are ignorant about being the President to all Americans. As much as you bashed President Bush, he took this responsibility seriously and was forever impacted by his memories of that September morning when America was attacked and our sense of national security forever damaged. I am not sure where you were on 9/11 but I do know what Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached about that weekend which is far away from what the typical American was listening to.

This all comes down to the simple fact that I fear a second Obama-Biden term. No drama Obama may have succeeded in community organizing but I view this as a threat. I have doubts on the birther issue but where is that birth certificate? Who are you really? You are a mystery to most of us making many to worry about the destructive nature of your administration.

Mr. Obama, please take the advice you have given to Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi. When fellow liberals such as Chris Matthews and Dennis Kucinich question your actions and policies, we know you are in trouble. You have lost the moral authority to remain as the leader of this great nation. Please go to Illinois and help Rahm Emanuel continue the destruction of Chicago.

Sincerely: America

Unemployment Dropping as Jobless Turn to Disability Instead

The recent drops in first time unemployment claims should be great news, but it may not be. Certainly, economic news is turning south so why the positive news on unemployment figures?

The Wall Street Journal may just have the answer:

A huge wave of applicants joined the program over the past decade, boosting it from 6.6 million beneficiaries in 2000 to 10.2 million in 2010. New recipients have come from across the country, with an 85% increase in Texas over 10 years and a 69% increase in New Hampshire.[1]

It would appear that as unemployment benefits wear out or job seekers give up, they turn to Social Security Disability Insurance. State government’s may well be helping that happen as it takes the burden off of the unemployment insurance funds that they are responsible for and puts it on the Federal government, more specifically, Social Security.

Certainly the unemployed find it easier to deal with. They would no longer be required to hunt for a job in order to collect the check. If their disability is permanent, so is the check.

States have no incentive to ramp up enforcement, it’s not their money and it takes some pressure. The claimant has no reason not to do it, they get a check even though they’ve already exhausted unemployment benefits. The only people with incentive to fix it would be those paying the payroll  taxes to fund the SSDI: working people and business owners – and what can they do?



General Letter to Wisconsin Citizens

Dear Fellow Wisconsin Citizens,

Praise God for those majority elected or minority unelected politicians who have unwavering support for their leader when he or she strives to do what’s best for the entire State of Wisconsin – and not only for a small subset of the population.

It is totally irrelevant that past governors, regardless of party, left a budget deficit for their successors to deal with. What matters now, is that there is an elected majority of officials who are attempting to do what’s absolutely, financially necessary for this state – in spite of the opposition minority; whining, union bought and owned, politicians (and their out of state union ‘masters’.)

  • It’s not better for Wisconsin when a minority of public union employees have more privileges than Wisconsin tax-payers.
  • It’s not better for ALL Wisconsinites that the state has to significantly raise property taxes to support union perks over Wisconsin tax-payers’ needs.
  • It’s not better for Wisconsin to raise the rate of business taxes so communities can continue to build Taj Mahal-like schools.
  • It’s not best for ALL Wisconsinites that a few get better pay and unreasonable ‘perks’ at the cost of other public employee jobs. Where’s the ‘love’ of fellow union ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ in this selfish reasoning?
  • It’s not better for Wisconsin that this state be controlled by a rebellious minority group of  politicians and union thugs who are more concerned about votes, fat wallets and ‘their own’ causes than the well-being of this great state.

It’s never better for ANY part of the Federal or State governmental/judicial system when the few ‘decide’ for the many.  As evidenced in our own states’ liberal judicial system. Wisconsinites have to put up with a lone judge, functioning as a dictator, who is deciding what is ‘best’ (for all) even when she knows the majority of voters disagree with her decision.

If the majority of people in Wisconsin now decide to turn their backs on the very politicians they voted into office in November, by recalling them – shame on them. Those flip-flopping voters falsely elected politicians that they did not agree with. Those flip-flopping voters misled the politicians they voted into office into believing that they really did want an economically righteous change in Wisconsin –when they really did not! If this flip-flop vote happens, it will show that a majority of Wisconsin voters really are more concerned about the union privileges of a few, rather than what’s right for the State.

On the other hand, if the majority of law-abiding Wisconsin tax-payers really do believe that the majority of the politicians that they voted into office must do what’s best for Wisconsin – ALL of Wisconsin – they had better show it at the upcoming April elections. They had better show it when these selfish, self-centered, ‘union owned’ liberal voters get these recalls started or even implemented.

Here’s what fiscally responsible conservatives need to do:

FIRST: let those selfish, self-centered, liberal recall leaders or instigators know that you are not in favor of recalling a politician who was simply trying to do what they were elected to do by a majority. Talk to those anti-Wisconsin invaders in-person; call or email them.

SECOND: fiscally conservative, law-abiding, tax-paying Wisconsinites better show up at the polls and show that they’re really serious about getting this great State of Wisconsin back on financial track.

And as much as I love this state, I do not have to live in it. If a majority of Wisconsinites decide they want to substantially raise property and business taxes, I’ll move to a state where its citizens care more about the good of that state then they do for the good of a few. If a majority of ‘flip-flopping’ Wisconsin voters decide that they want to continue to make this a ‘tax-hell’ state for retired people, business owners and people who are wealthy, I will move. I will move to a state where the majority of the people in that state encourage retired people to reside in that state because it’s ‘tax-friendly’ to those older people who’ve been faithfully paying their fair share of taxes all their lives. I’ll move to a state that encourages businesses to flock to that state because of great tax breaks and/or tax incentives. If Wisconsin becomes a state where the majority of its voters decide that the law-abiding wealthy business owners of Wisconsin need to be excessively taxed (simply) because they’re wealthy, I’ll move. I’ll move to a state that encourages wealthy business owners to come to their state; use America’s great system of free-market capitalism and make as much money as you want; we won’t ‘hammer tax’ you in our state.

There was a time when this great country was once split over the rights of an individual to own people and the constitutional rights of a man to be free. Imagine it; American citizens willing to kill fellow citizens just so they could have the ‘right’ to own a person. This country was so divided over this issue that one family member was willing to kill another family member for each other’s rights. (Very similar to today’s union/non-union ‘rights’ split.) The problem with America’s Civil War was that one side was wrong. Greed ‘drove’ people ‘over the edge.’ Selfish, self-interests ‘pushed’ the hidden ‘dark side’ (a side we all have) to the surface in America’s Civil War. Personal, self-centered desires drove every-day Americans to the point that they were willing to destroy this nation before they would give up their (unconstitutional) ‘rights’ to own fellow human beings. So you tell me which ‘side’ was wrong?

Now I know that not all union people are selfish, self-centered, union owned sheep. Some union people do think and act for themselves.  Now is the time for ALL Wisconsinites to ‘stand up’ for citizens rights—– not union perks. As I go through my daily life I going to remind people that I would be willing to give it all for the America, with all her wonderful freedoms and liberties.  I am also going to remind people that I would have been willing to fight and die to protect the constitutional rights of Black American citizens. Citizens held against their will. Citizens who were even being told how to think and act! But I’m also going to remind people that I would not be willing to fight or give my life for a labor union. I am not willing to destroy this state so that public workers can continue to live a life of pomp. I find it kind of ironic though that labor unions do ‘deny’ free human beings the freedom to think and act for themselves, and ‘hold’ (some) of their people against their will. You would think an intelligent free people would not once again allow themselves to be ‘owned.’

Wisconsin citizens, you need to see that the budget ‘war’ going on today in Wisconsin is not the ‘people’ against the governor. It’s a ‘war’ between a small, selfish minority of lawless tax-payers, and a majority of selfless tax-payers who care about the economic well-being of this state more than their jobs. (I find it sad that wise, intelligent union people and union leaders can’t see that what’s best for all Wisconsinites: good jobs, good family environments, and low taxes, is the very things Governor Walker is proposing.)  What’s going on right now in our state is a ‘war’ between Wisconsin tax-payers who care more about this state then they do about the collective bargaining ‘rights’ of a few.

Fellow Americans, we need to wake up. We need to see how far our fellow citizens were once willing to go to ‘feed’ their selfish, evil, self-satisfying desires. We best not make that mistake again. We must squelch this anti-American, anti-State, anti ‘what’s best for all’ movement before these people become like ‘rabid’ dogs—–a people out of even their own-control.

Winning the Future in Florida: Scott signs Students Success Act.

Governor Scott signs Student Success Act

Jacksonville, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 736, the Student Success Act, into law at the charter school, KIPP Impact Middle School in Jacksonville . The historic bill puts in place part of the Governor’s 7-7-7 Plan by requiring merit pay for Florida’s public educators based on student achievement.

“I am proud that the first bill I sign is this important legislation that will give Florida the best educated workforce to compete in the 21st century economy,” Governor Scott said.  “We must recruit and retain the best people to make sure every classroom in Florida has a highly effective teacher.”

Sponsored by Senator Stephen Wise and Representative Erik Fresen, the legislation changes how teacher performance is evaluated, including the following:

  • · Teachers will be evaluated using a scale of four levels for performance (highly effective, effective, needs improvement and unsatisfactory), instead of being evaluated as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.  In 2009, 99.7 percent of teachers earned a satisfactory evaluation.
  • · At least half of an educator’s evaluation will be based on student learning gains for classroom teachers, 30 percent for non-classroom personnel and 40 percent for school administrators, instead of 100 percent of the evaluation being based on principal or peer review.
  • · Teachers in hard-to-staff subject areas, like math and science, will earn more money, instead of paying all teachers – regardless of subject taught – using the same scale.
  • · After July 1 of this year, new teachers will work on annual contracts, instead of receiving tenure after three years of satisfactory evaluations, which is essentially an employment contract for life.

What People Are Saying About the Student Success Act:

“This landmark bill recognizes that teachers are the most important factor in schools when determining a child’s success,” said StudentsFirst Founder and CEO Michelle Rhee. “We applaud Florida for its adoption of bold and comprehensive education measures that put students first.”

“The action taken today recognizes that quality teachers are the fundamental component of a first-rate education,” said CFO Jeff Atwater.  “Exceptional teachers will now be distinguished, celebrated and rewarded for their dedication and skill to impart knowledge that inspires our students.”

“The passage of Senate Bill 736, ‘The Student Success Act,’ would not have been a success without the months of collaborative committee work and public input from teachers, administrators and parents,” Senator Stephen Wise said.  “I’m thankful for the cooperation from the many groups and individuals who contributed to the discussion on instructional quality, along with the dedicated committee members.  Our teachers are incredibly influential and important to the success of our children and our future as a State.  I believe this bill will attract top-quality educators to Florida and foster a student-centered, world-class education system.”

“This is a momentous occasion for our state’s education system,” Representative Erik Fresen said.  “Excellent teachers are the driving force behind student success and this bill provides for a system that recognizes those highly effective educators and rewards them appropriately.”

Thank you Governor Scott for ensuring that all future schoolchildren will get the best education possible.

Economic Forecasts Too Rosy?

The last few weeks have been ripe with claims that the U.S. economy is recovering. Pointing primarily at consumer sentiment and holiday spending, analysts expected that the outlook for America could only improve from here.

Unfortunately, the numbers don’t add up:

  • Gallup’s economic confidence index is at -31, well below its 52 week low
  • February orders for U.S. durable goods dropped almost a full percentage point just after having risen an adjusted 3.6% in January
  • February existing home sales dropped to the lowest rate in decades which drove housing prices even lower.
  • Oil is still on the rise. Crude for May delivery was touching $106.00 per barrel and going up.

While the most recent report on first time unemployment filings dropped to 382,000, it is unknown how much of this is due to actual increases in hiring or job seekers just giving up.

So while the Federal Reserve may be talking up an improving economy, take it with a grain of salt – Bernanke was saying even rosier things all the way back in 2009.

“Consumer spending, which dropped sharply in the second half of last year, grew in the first quarter,” Bernanke said in congressional testimony May 5. “In coming months, households’ spending power will be boosted by the fiscal stimulus program, and we have seen some improvement in consumer sentiment.”

Who would have thought that by “months” he meant like 26 or 30 of them?



Desperate Strokes for Union Folks: Collapse J.P.Morgan, Create Housing Chaos.

Desperate Strokes for Union Folks;  Unions turn to trying to use mortgage holders to fight for power and disruption, just like they used teachers, firemen and policemen in Madison, Wisconsin.

SEUI operative/anarchist and career rabble-rouser Stephen Lerner was exposed recently in article, in trying to force the collapse and disruption of everything from banks to wall street to government, by calling on home mortgage holders to wage a de-facto strike by refusing to pay their mortgages and staying in their homes during the current mortgage crisis. Make no mistake folks, this is an act of domestic terrorism in a desperate move  by Union operatives to hide the fact that the public sector Unions are bankrupting States across America. Mr. Lerner can be heard in the following audio clip trying to champion the recent Madison Union thuggery as some sort of success model. My question to him would be, just what did you accomplish in Madison, other than exposing Union thuggery and hypocrisy?

The answer to that question, is absolutely nothing, other than proving yourselves to be nasty hypocrites with no respect for true Democracy in America.  Collective Bargaining  and bullying of states coffers to buy Democratic votes and enrich yourselves is a thing of the past in Wisconsin, and soon to be in the rest of the states that want to balance their budgets and restore fiscal sanity.  Listen to the following tape of Mr. Lerner’s plans that reveals the true modus operandi, or method of operation, of  Union operatives today, as it is quite telling and oh-so-informative:

Take note that Mr. Lerner is also on record as to making several visits to the Whitehouse recently. Isn’t that interesting ?

The Union’s outrageous salary, extravagant pension and medical plans have been exposed across the nation today, and now the Unions have to try to effect some sort of damage control, so they are trying to recruit home mortgage holders to do their dirty work here. For those of you reading this that are thinking of falling for this ploy, I have to ask you how many mortgage restructuring plans and other help for mortgage holders to stay in their homes are already available today? Plenty. For those of you who were unqualified to own a home in the first place, yet got loans knowing damn well you couldn’t afford them in the first place due to any one of the numerous Fannie and Freddie everyone deserves a house whether they can afford it or not schemes, I say tough ! Get out and get an apartment, or increase your income so you can afford to pay the mortgage payments, period. This is America, where when you want something,  you get out and work for it, not ask the government to give it to you at the expense of the taxpayers. Clear enough?

Update 3/28/11 Rep. Jason Cheffetz has written a letter to the DOJ Chief Holder demanding an investigation here. While the average informed, concerned citizen figures Holder will refuse to take a serious look into Lerner’s attempt at Economic Terrorism through innocent mortgage holders, there is an interesting CC ( for carbon copy) at the bottom of this letter.

cc:  The Honorable Darrell Issa, Chairman
cc:  The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Minority Member
Maybe the House Oversight Committee will investigate this and further expose the agenda here. Also, many people are reporting that Lerner is an Ex-SEIU executive, yet when Glenn Beck called  Lerner’s number at the SEIU, it was still intact and said he was on some sort of temporary leave. This could be a ploy to try to distance himself from the SEIU because of their reputation of bullying and thuggery. They need to make him appear to be nothing more than a concerned citizen while he tries to convince innocent mortgage holders to crash banks and wall street, and further destroy a fragile housing market.  This plan looks like it has been in the works for awhile over at SEIU, and for those who doubt their continued  involvement see this. They have been trying to paint banks as predators for several years, all because of their own agenda that pushed financial institutions to make loans to unqualified people.  Creat a mortgage crisis, then be there to help people to fix it. (supposedly)
The bottom line here is that SEIU and other Unions are desperately trying to use innocent mortgage holders to go on a de-facto strike and not pay their mortgages to wreak havoc on the banking industry and Wall Street. Remember the saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste ?”  This is how Lerner and company hope to take advantage of the current fragile housing  and mortgage industry that has virtually been on the brink of total collapse ever since Activist-laden groups like Acorn and Fannie & Freddie have been telling us that everyone deserves a house, whether they can actually afford it or not. This Lerner terrorism attempt is just a continuation of the long-standing plan to bankrupt America, and collapsing the mortgage and banking industry is just one part of that plan.
Update Via The Blaze: When I wrote that Lerner saying he was no longer with SEIU was a ploy to distance his plot from them, turns out it was right on the money.

Wade Rathke’s Startling Admission: ‘Economic Terrorism’ Engineer Stephen Lerner Is Still on SEIU Payroll

Lerner has not been “fired” by SEIU as they report. He was placed on paid leave last fall to think through his contribution to the union, but was certainly present at the recent international executive board meeting.

Allen West vs. CAIR Round 2

Rep. Allen West held a town-hall meeting last night in Florida, and once again a representative from CAIR showed up with their standard leftist talking points disguised as questions. If  you missed the beginning of this ideological battle between LCT West and CAIR you can see it here. In keeping with CAIR’s leftist tactics of trying to discredit/ marginalise a true American Patriot such as 22-year military vet Rep. Allen West, we see that West does not back down an inch from the truth being told. This man has been there and done that, he has seen firsthand the dangers and oppression inherent in the Radical Ideology and no one is going to *blow smoke up his butt* and tell him otherwise.

Recently, a bus in Israel was blown up, one woman killed and many more injured by the so-called religion of peace. The Fogel family was murdered and a 3-year old baby had his throat slit by these same fanatics operating under the guidelines of Jihadist war against non-Muslims that is outlined in the Koran. CAIR can send every leftist-talking-point propagandist they have in their arsenal at West, but this true Patriot Warrior will never back down. Hold your ground Colonel, we have your back. In the meantime, tighten up your security, and keep your M1911 .45 handy, as these people do not like being exposed by infidels who will not bend to their will.  America needs true leadership, so watch your back please.

After being made complete fools of in their first encounter with Col. West, one would think CAIR would have learned from that tactical mistake, but no, in keeping with the leftist tactics of trying to discredit anyone with an opposite view, they sentanother misguided puppet of Islam to do try to engage in a battle of  will against Col. West once again last night. The results were quite the same, as we saw in round one of this battle of attrition, in the above linked video. Here is the West vs CAIR puppets round 2 video:

With true Patriotic Americans such as Rep. Allen West fighting for America, it certainly does look like we are Winning the Future for all Americans.

Progressives Target Wisconsin Republican Randy Hopper with Smear Campaign

Apparently Mr. Bowers over at Daily Kos is on another misadventure. Unable to affect the outcome of the Scott Walker repair bill, Chris has decided to craft a  political ad that will run in Randy Hopper’s district in the hopes that it will end up in Mr. Hopper’s recall. I was forwarded this email from a reader:

Wisconsin Republicans say the state is too broke to pay for teachers, but they just gave the 26-year-old mistress of a union-busting Republican Senator a state job with a fat raise. It’s a classic Republican scandal filled with hypocrisy, cronyism, and their special version of “family values.”

Here’s the story. Last year, Wisconsin Republican state Senator Randy Hopper left his wife to live with a young Republican political operative. Last month, as Governor Scott Walker unveiled legislation calling for deep cuts in state workers’ salaries and collective bargaining rights, Hopper’s mistress was hired by the state on the advice of Scott Walker’s cabinet as a “communications liaison.” Further, her salary is 35% higher than her predecessor’s.

Randy Hopper is now facing recall. At Daily Kos, by using something called Google Surge, we can make sure that when anyone in Hopper’s district goes online for almost an entire week they will see an ad about the scandal.

It will cost us $12,128 for us to do this. Can you contribute $12 to Daily Kos help make it happen?

Randy Hopper is one of the most vulnerable Republicans facing recall. He is a freshman, and only won his seat by 163 votes. A poll conducted by Daily Kos and PPP shows Hopper losing to a generic Democrat 49%-44%.

You can see the ad we’re going to run on the right-hand side of this email. When it runs, it will link to a local Wisconsin news story verifying all the details. Since we are using Google Surge, any voter in Hopper’s district who goes online will see the ad multiple times.

With Randy Hopper already teetering on the brink of defeat, it’s hard to imagine how he could win a recall election after an ad campaign like this. Please, contribute $12 to Daily Kos and make sure every voter in Randy Hopper’s district knows about this scandal.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

Daily Kos is a union puppet theater. The big-labor union bosses could not be more perturbed that duly elected representatives are tearing apart their incestuously-gained, impossible to support contracts. Progressives and Unions are co-dependent – without each other, they both whither away. These tactics are nothing new for progressives. Dig into someone’s private life, invent a bit if need-be, then smear. Don’t confront the issue, destroy the person. Saul Alinsky taught them well.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. – Saul Alinsky


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