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Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire

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  1. We homeschooled one of our children due to the fact that we were so… fustrated with the school system. The first year, I bought a homeschooling book with all the subject in one book including her homework. Let me back track a little. The school wanted to put her into special ed. I homeschooled her 4-6th grade. I also did go with her to a homeshooling group once a week along with a gym class once a week so she had some friends. We studed the bible at home, however we did not belong to a chuch group. I did though take me kids(4 girls) to a church group every wed. night. The second year of homeschooling, I knew alttle more what to do. I bough and borrowed alot of the Becka material. She really wanted to go back in the 7th grade. I allowed it if and only if she got no less than b for a grade. She retained very high grades after this. She is now alost 21 years old. Is in college with one year left. She is on the dean’s list and alway has kept her grades. way up. I did not want to homeschool. I really did not want to, however it turned out to really be a blessing. She needed to be away from the world. She really did.