Obama Appointee Tries to Explain the President’s Lie .. and Fails

By | March 17, 2011

Poor Ms. Higginbottom .. the name has probably given her enough grief through the years so this Congressional hearing could not have been the light at the end of the tunnel she was hoping for.

Senator Jeff Sessions asks the unwitting appointee a fairly simple question about Obama’s statement that he “would not be adding to the national debt” which she immediately tries to qualify, make excuses for and almost seems to channel Obama himself.  Her confused, irrelevant testimony bordered on contempt of Congress and as we neared the end I was just waiting to hear, “uh, Senator.. let me be clear..”.

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One thought on “Obama Appointee Tries to Explain the President’s Lie .. and Fails

  1. Daniel

    Squirm babay squirm!

    I love it, another phony academic who lacks a speck of common sense. Bottom line, Obama’s spending 1.6 trillion more than we take in, in 2012, thus increasing our debt. Gotta love this goof trying to say that is how Obama will *stabilize* the debt. What, keep the spending at those levels to stabilize the massive debt increases of the last 4 years of Democtraic control of Congress?
    This is just another stealh trojan horse statistic manipulator to try to ensure Liberal phony numbers will continue to try to hide the trruth from the people for years to come, nothing more.

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