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LTC Allen West, telling it like it is.

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  1. HI Andrea, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Yes Col West is a true American Patriot. He is smart too. He doesnt have to read prepared statements like the phony politicians of today, he speaks from hie heart and lifes experiences.Did you check out the Presidential profile I did on him here at CDN? Lots of more information on who he is there.

    Heck, I wish we had 535 people like him to fill up congress today. Then we wouldnt have 14 trillion dollar deficits and all this stealing from the taxpayers that is going on today. We are broke and the idiots in DC can’t even pass a budget. Hard to keep spending in check when you dont even have a budget, whether it is our government or a person’s home budget. The minute a person decides they can spend more than they take in, and our gov’t has been doing it for years, they go bankrupt. It is as simple as that. A bankrupt country is at the mercy of the rest of the world, because they simply can’t afford a military to defend themselves.
    I would vote for West for POTUS, and like you I would follow him into any battlefield in the world.

    Thank you for stopping in Andrea.

  2. Col. West is the best one I’ve seen, I’ll support anything he does. In fact I’d even follow him into actual combat—he’s a leader. I said that the first time I saw him on video when he was running for Congress and I feel that way even more so now.