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Look who voted to EXPAND Obamacare on 03/09/11

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  1. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts. I agree that it was rubbing the people’s noses in it ,as why in the world would Republicans let this pass? It looks like this budget battle and defunding Obamacare is nothing more than a poorly made, cheap budget 1978 soap opera. All this drama, and the people are still getting screwed. Whole states getting waivers now. Obama and his Marxist/Socialist Tyrants told Issa they don’t have to tell anyone how the figure out who qualifies for those over 1000 waivers that give some people preferential treatment over others.That right there is aginst Federal law. Equal treatment does not mean waivers for Union vote buyers, crony-capitalists and Liberal campaign pals.

    That right there should be reason enough to impeach/ terminate/fire the whole lot of them. Then they have the nerve to try to tell the people about transparency and honest and open government!

  2. Bet animals will get precedence in healthcare over humans. PETA must be dancing, they were probably behind this.

  3. The Veterinary Care Bill attached to Obamacare was a statement to all taxpayers what both Parties think of us. It has nothing to do with animals. Passing the Bill was nothing more nor less, than rubbing the taxpayer’s nose in dog doo and giving us the finger. Adding this fiasco to the Obamacare Bill also signals that Republicans have no intention of defunding or rescinding Obamacare. That would come as no surprise to Democrats, who know the last election was thrown to them, and they did their job well in what was expected of them.

    Bet animals will get precedence in healthcare over humans.

  4. There is no longer a Dem party. They have been taken over by Progressives. They have infiltrated the Rep party, our schools, colleges, churches and every aspect of our govt. This has been going on for decades. They will not take the risk of losing the next Pres election. They may try the same thing they did in the last election. I watched McCain run to lose. Instead of picking one of his popular fellow candidates, he picked an unknown woman from Alaska. When she became so popular, he had to bring her down by sending her out on hatchet jobs like Katie Couric. Every time he got a rise in the polls he did something to crash it. His own daughter goes on the view and denigrates the tea party. She says old people don’t start revolutions, young people do. She is not bright enough to figure out that behind every tea partier there are grown children who couldn’t make it to the rallies because they have jobs. Something Megan McCain would know nothing about. She calls herself a progressive conservative. I call her an
    The press/B.Omedia gave us two people to vote for. McCain and B.O. The press and moderators made the rest of the candidates out to be loons or ignored them. We can’t let them do that this time.
    The day after B.O was sworn in they started campaigning for his reelection. They have groups on the street going door to door making sure every one of their people votes. I saw a video of Van Jones, the self admitted Communist, giving a speech to young people. Telling them there was no longer a need to respect their parents and Grandparents. Telling them that they knew far more than their elders. Making fun of elders by talking about how young people have to help their elders learn how to use a computer. Telling them they are the future. Sounded like Hitlers speeches the created the Brown Shirts. Kids who would turn in their parents for even saying something bad about Hitler or the party. They praise Che Guevera and Mao, who killed millions of their own people. And yet you see school kids and colege kids wearing Che shirts. Educate your children about what socialism is. Ask them is socialism is so great then why are Cubans risking their lives in rickety boats to get out of Cuba to the U.S.
    Michael Moore went to Cuba and put out videos about how great it is. He showed the hospitals as great places. Problem is he only filmed the hsptl that rich people went to. He didn’t show the ones that had open windows because of no A/C and patients lying there with flies on them. A Cuban sneaked out pictures of the poor peoples hospitals. Michael Moore is a liar and a danger to America. But he put this film out anyway figuring most people would believe him and not check it out. Lying and deception a big part of their propaganda. And if that doesn’t work they use violence.
    So far we don’t even know who we are going to run for Pres. He should have been campaigning long ago. And noone on the list of candidates we have are going to win. The press/media will give us a RINO. Someone they know can’t win. If we don’t right away start supporting someone like Alan West and start campaigning for him we will lose.