Eliot Spitzer’s New Show on CNN

By | March 2, 2011

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3 thoughts on “Eliot Spitzer’s New Show on CNN

  1. Daniel

    Gee thanks for such an intelligent addition to the conversation from our neighbor to the north. Let me inform you of one small fact: I am a registered Independant voter here in the U.S.A. So much for your “Republican rumor.”
    What part of educated and intelligent speaker fits into his posted lies about not raising taxes increases our national debt by 3.6 trillion dollars do you not understand ?

    Personally, I could care less what you accept, as it has no bearing on the American political scene. I vote here you don’t.
    As far as level-headed people are concerned, you are the one that looks the fool with your post here, not the millions of Americans who refuse to tune into Spitzer’s latest leftist rag show, simply because they are smart enough to see through the leftist misinformation, while you on the other hand apparently are not.
    People want the truth, and looking at Spitzers ratings, he fails to deliver that, time after time. As for his filthy past, that speaks of a person’s character, just like someone posting in here trying to defend it speaks about their character, or lack thereof.

  2. Barb

    This article about Eliot Spitzer is so obviously written by a hard headed REPUBLICAN that it is a wonder that any normal level headed person could accept it. I watch his latest show every night and even though I am not an American, I fully accept what he says. He is a well educated and intelligent speaker. His past is just that but the writer obviously delights in digging up old news. Look into the Republican shares of scandals as well.

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