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Desperate Strokes for Union Folks: Collapse J.P.Morgan, Create Housing Chaos.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Carol, Thanks for taking the time to stop by CDN and share your thoughts.

    Glenn beck has proven this man’s ties to George Soros, and when it comes to destroying countries, we all know the Soros agenda. Attack the political system, overload the welfare rolls, and collapse the banking systems.

    One public hanging broadcast on national TV for all to see, for treason against the United States of America would slow these Communist/Socialist anti-Americans down tremendously! For instance:

    ” The crowd was eerily silent and electricity was vibrating through everyone’s veins, as the Hangman reached for the pull-lever that would drop the 500 pounds of sandbags attached to a pulley and leading to the traitor’s neck.

    Then with one swift motion, the hangman ripped down on the lever, and the crash of the sandbags meshed with the slamming open of the trap doors at the traitors feet. The crowd gasped as the Traitor’s neck snapped with a loud CRAAAAAACK, and his feet convulsed violently for what seemed like hours, yet was only a few seconds.

    Then, as the crowd realised the magnitutude of what had just happened, instead of a loud raucus cheer, they let out a collective sigh of relief and talked amongst themselves in murmurs, with many saying silent prayers.

    One person could be heard to exclaim, as he departed from the Washington D.C newly erected American Amphitheater, ” I bet that is the last time the citizens of this country will entrust the future of America and her children to an outside One World Government agent from only God knows where ! ”

    That is a shortened excerpt from my upcoming Novel.


  2. Carolyn says:

    This idiot moron should be in jail and charged with treason or something. He’s probably great friends with Obama since all Obama’s friends are people of his caliber.