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Air Traffic Controller Not the Only One Asleep in the Tower

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One comment

  1. What does this mean? > President Obama said in an interview that neither he nor Attorney General Eric Holder authorized the controversial “Operation Fast and Furious.”
    “[The Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) program “Operation Fast and Furious” allowed gun stores near the Mexican border to sell semiautomatic weapons in bulk to “straw purchasers” and then track their journey. Many of the guns were linked to crimes, including the killing of a Border Patrol agent.

    Chair of the Committee, Darrell Issa (R-CA),released three emails by ATF officials discussing the program. The committee is investigating who at ATF and the Department of Justice knew and authorized the program.

    Rep. Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released a report on “Operation Fast and Furious,” which says border patrol and ATF agents were told to “surveil” weapons and not interdict. It also said agents warned of devastating consequences, including criminal activity, but supervisors ignored their warnings.]”
    More here> http://cspan.org/Events/Fast-and-Furious-a-Catastrophic-Disaster/10737422274-2/
    The read comments by Rep Issa says it all. So why is Obama so silent? The answer is obvious to me.
    To me it means that he is trying to isolate himself, by providing political cover for his AG. Why? Simply , bceause if you state that your direct subordinate in the Executive Branch didn’t authorize such a stupid and ill-conceived operation it means you must have spoken to him. To go a step further, if you spoke to him and he denied any knowledge of such an operation of such potentially deadly scope he is a GROSS INCOMPETENT or A LIAR! There is no legal or politoical wiggle-room here for scurrilous politicians. If he didn’t know and an underling ATF head executed this as a ‘clandestine’ operation he, the AG, would be obliged to save his own *ss and find out how Fast and Furious originated and who coinceived and authorized it. Point being…the AG knows all the answers by now!

    The performance by this administration’s bureaucratic lackeys before Darrell Issa’s congressional oversight committee charged with investigating this event displayed the usual denial mentality that starts running through the public sector chain-of-command when the sh*t hits the fan. It’s all too documented by past history and needs no examples to remind us.

    I would expect Issa, in the name of that committee to issue a subpoena for the AG and if it isn’t responded to by the appointed date, to hold him in “contempt of congress” and direct House Leader Boehner to initiate a “Bill of Impeachment” for the AG.

    Such blatant and arrogant violations of the public trust by elected officials cannot be tolerated. Impeachment is the constitutional remedy, so let’s get with the program.