Wisconsin Protest: Jackass of the Week Award.

By | February 25, 2011

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8 thoughts on “Wisconsin Protest: Jackass of the Week Award.

    1. Daniel

      Thank you lex for such an intelligent, well thought out comment. So much for the “new civility” Obama and his clown company and Union thugs show us today, such as lexes example here.

      FYI- If you have something to bring besides childish veiled fake threats, “bring it”

  1. Daniel

    Sorry Frank, no Teaparty member here, just a concerned patriotic American pointing out the hypocrisy of the Dems holding out and not doing their jobs while blaming that on Walker.After all it is these jerks who are hiding in a hotel out of state not Walker, or doesnt that fact mean anything to you here?
    That statement makes this Independent see him as a Jackass living in a denial reality and spewing lies about it at the same time. This is about the functioning of the State of Wisconsin being held up by a bunch of jerks not doing the job they were elected and get paid to do, not a thing to do with the Teaparty . But some folks want to try to make it out to be anything other than the truth as is written here. That is sad.

  2. Frank Mills

    Just when the Tea Party had a chance to be taken seriously, this is not the sort of thing to grow support. You mean well, but really…

    1. Daniel

      Holy cow! Thanks for the heads up Dan. When writing that article, I was thinking this guy is my age, so how can he make such an ignorant statement about Walker holding up the Senate business, lol.

      The fault lays solely at the hands that contain the old fingers that wrote this article. I know better, and I hate seeing errors and poor grammar in news articles, mags, books or any other reading material. Glad you caught it before too many readers started asking me how it feels to be in my 90’s! Please excuse the typo, I will proofread more carefully from here on out.

      Thanks again,


  3. wi14fan

    You should come to Madison and see how peaceful these protests are. No paid union thugs, just working people who are fed up with the rich buying politicians to create corporate welfare while the little guy takes the hit. Enough already. Stand up America.

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