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Tim Pawlenty : A Presidential Candidate’s Profile

Tim Pawlenty - Republican Candidate for President 2012
Tim PawlentyTimothy James “Tim”  Pawlenty is a former Governor of Minnesota and by all appearances is taking a shot at the U.S. Presidency in the 2012 election. But after CPAC 2011, many were left wondering, just who is Tim Pawlenty?

Tim Pawlenty Demographics

Of Polish and German heritage, Gov. Pawlenty was one of five siblings growing up near the stockyards of South St. Paul, Minnesota.

Tim put his Law degree to use in his early career by becoming a labor law attorney at the firm of Rider Bentley. holds a conflicting report that he started his legal career as a criminal attorney.

After his early law practice, Tim ventured into the software-as-a-service company, Wizmo as a Vice President.

Political Career

In 1988, Pawlenty was appointed to the Eagan, MN city planning Commission by then mayor Vic Ellison. One year later he was elected to the City Council.

Pawlenty was elected as a Minnesota state Representative (district 38B) in 1992 and served six consecutive terms in that position. In 1998 he was selected to be the House Majority Leader when Republicans took control that year.

Pawlenty ran for an was elected Governor of Minnesota in 2002. His path to the Governor’s seat was not a straight one. When party leaders made it clear that they favored Brian Sullivan for the State’s lead executive, Pawlenty changed tacks to a U.S. Senate bid. V.P. Dick Cheney asked him to not run so that Norm Coleman could run without GOP nomination opposition. This reset Pawlenty to the goal of becoming Governor which he achieved and was re-elected in 2006.

Policy Stances


In his 2010 State of the State address, Gov. Pawlenty made clear his view on individual and corporate taxation.

Minnesota’s business tax climate is the 8th worst in the nation. That means 42 other states have a competitive edge on Minnesota.


Pawlenty named pro-life attorney Eric Magnuson as the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court. His pro-life record also includes campaign promise to institute a 24 hours waiting period on abortions.


The Governor’s energy policy seems to line up with the “all of the above” line. In a 2008 CNN Late Edition interview with Wolf Blitzer, made the case for domestic drilling in ANWR and tax incentives for renewable energy research.

Q: What do you think about the Saudis increased oil production?

A: Well, it’s relatively good news. We have a supply and demand problem, so the more supply we can get into the market, the better. But we also need to realize we can’t just continue to rely on that approach for our future.

Q: But what about the addiction to imported oil?

A: Well, we have to diversify and Americanize our energy supply. Pres. Bush made the case for going ahead and drilling in ANWR. Listen to the president.

Q: But what do you do about the addiction to imported oil?

A: Well, we have to diversify and Americanize our energy supply. But we need to do it in a way that’s environmentally sensitive and friendly

Governor Pawlenty earned a score of 66% from CATO on it’s Fiscal Policy Report Card, in 2010.

Pawlenty signed a law in 2005 that would raise the minimum mandated mixture of gasoline and ethanol to 20%.


Pawlenty said, “The individual mandate in Obamacare is a page right out of the Jimmy Carter playbook. The left simply doesn’t understand. The individual mandate reflects completely backwards thinking. They, the bureaucrats, don’t tell us what to do. We, the people, tell the government what to do!”


Pawlenty said, “If you have a country that’s based on the rule of law and the rule of law gets knowingly cast aside and we allow illegal behavior to continue then the rule of law is diminished and one of the cornerstones of our country gets eroded in a pretty pronounced way..”

According to Pawlenty required the electronic verification of immigration status for state employment.

Second Amendment

According to a National Review post, Tim Pawlenty signed into law “one of the best concealed-carry laws in t he nation” and was rated an “A” or very pro-gun by the NRA.

Skeletons in the Closet

In 2008, Governor Pawlenty pardoned sex offender, Jeremy Giefer who was later indicted for sexually abusing another girl from when she was 9 until she was 16. Much of the abuse in this second case occurred before Geifer’s first incarceration, but he continued it once he was pardoned.

The pardon was originally issued by a 3-member panel that included Pawlenty and was given only because Giefer later married the girl he had been convicted of having sex with when she was underage.

Pawlenty appointed Jon Grunseth’s former wife Vicky Tigwell to the MSP airport board. Pawlenty had been a campaign advisor for Mr. Grunseth’s 1990 losing bid for Minnesota governor.

2012 Presidential Bid

On Jan 13,2011 at a speech at the National Press Club, Pawlenty said he was considering a run, had not yet made his decision.

Gov. Pawlenty’s style has been called “wonky” but consistent.  Time/CNN put it nicely:

Pawlenty’s problem is that few voters outside of Minnesota know about him, and even fewer Republican activists find themselves bedazzled by his mild-mannered Midwestern charms. Despite numerous visits to Iowa and New Hampshire and a heavily promoted publicity jaunt for his book Courage to Stand, Pawlenty lacks the visibility of some of his opponents, including Palin and Romney. Fewer than 40% of Americans recognized his name in a January Gallup poll, and only 13% held a favorable view of the Republican.

At CPAC 2011, he gave a fiery, hard-line Conservative speech that seemed out-of-character and may be the best indicator yet that he’s going to make the run.

Tim Pawlenty’s CPAC speech:

Here’s some video of Gov. Pawlenty at a CPAC blogger sit-down.

See the profiles of other potential 2012 GOP Candidates

Patriot Act Extension Passed in House

       The lovely couple on the left, (pun intended) are the Rosenbergs. The picture was taken in 1953, shortly before they were executed in Sing Sing prison for selling atomic secrets to the Soviet Union. The Rosenbergs were also proud members of The  U.S Communist Party. Oh, the good old days when Anti-American Communists spewing Socialist propaganda were dealt with swiftly and decisively. As we discuss The Patriot Act extension passing the house yesterday, we must fondly remember the Rosenbergs and how they exemplified the Communist Party USA and the dangers posed in letting them go unchecked in America today. For those of you too young, or too indoctrinated by the American education system today, that think it is cool to wear Che and Mao t-shirts, keep this couple in mind. To be a Communist means to hate America and all she stands for, plain and simple. With the current crop of  widespread young Communist wanna-bes in America today, the Patriot Act could prove vital to America’s future and reengaging in the necessary  fight against Communism.

  After failing to obtain the necessary 2/3s vote for passage about a week ago, the house managed to pass a Patriot Act exten-sion through Dec. 8, as it was set to expire on Feb 28th. Now it has to get through the U.S Senate next, and time is getting short. President Obama wanted the extension through 2013, but due to opposition from the Teaparty, Libertarians and some Conservatives, they had to settle for a temporary extension for now. This vote passed by a vote of 275 to 144, with 27 Republicans joining 117 Democrats in voting against the extension. The controversy stems mainly from 3 provisions that include what may consider an invasion privacy issue. One provision lets the government snoop at will on a wide group of documents, including such things as library records. The “roving wiretap” provision may face the stiffest test of constitutionality in the courts eventually, as it allows the government to pretty much listen in on any phone call they desire without prior court approval. The last provision allows surveillance of any foreigners, even if there is no proven connections to terrorist groups.

  With these temporary extensions of the Patriot Act set to now expire in Dec. of this year, ( if passed by the Senate) this could be a heavy issue towards the 2012 elections. I personally would support a permanent Patriot Act with full powers to fight terrorism, if it included fighting Communism in America today. Our youth today are being duped into believing lies about the Non-existent Utopian Socialism that is in reality is the pathway to Communism and oppressive dictatorships. So when your child puts on his Mao shirt before school one day, you parents might want to remind them that Mao was a brutal Dictator who murdered about 80 million of his own people while claiming to be their friend and champion. I hope to see a real intense conversation about the future of the Patriot Act in coming months, and that must include the necessity of using it to root out the Communist Anti-Americans amongst us, whether they hide behind fake Social Justice claims, or Soros financed  Socialist Organizations such as Think Progress, Media Matters, Center for American progress, etc. Take a good look at the pictures of the cutely named One Nation Rally, if you don’t think the aforementioned groups, along with Union organizers, aren’t de-facto Anti-American Communists. To make my point I shall put up one picture from that rally, thanks to John Romano at Yes, But, However.*

 I support the full use of the Patriot Act to stop the Anti-American Communist propaganda in America, like we see above at  the One Nation Rally. It is corrupting our youth and poses a clear threat to our future.


“Let’s Move?” or “Let’s Lie?” Michelle Obama’s latest public service announcement.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, promoting the "Let's Move" campaign.

Dear Moms of America,

I’ve got great news for you!

Here you were, wringing your hands, worrying like crazy about how to get Dick and Jane off the couch and outside for some good old fashioned fresh air.

Well, our First Lady had you in mind while coming up with the idea that you could lie to your children to get them to excercise.

I can picture you tapping your forehead with the heel of your palm while thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that? Here I was attempting to teach my children morals, while actually posessing a few myself.”

On Friday February 11th, during the Tom Joyner Morning Show, our own Mrs. Michelle Obama shared that some “really cute” Public Service Announcements would be airing over the next few weeks and throughout a few more months. In one of them, while the radio hosts chuckle, she states that we need to be creative when suggesting exercise – especially when a child is being raised in an inner-city where things are not as safe as we’d like.

A commercial is then shown where a child in a NON-inner-city home asks a NON-inner city mother for a dollar. The mother looks right at her wallet, and then proceeds to lie to the daughter, sending her on an active wild-goose chase throughout the home for the elusive billfold.


Now, thirty-three thousand media outlets will tell mommies everywhere to hide the truth from their children to make them climb the stairs. If my kids want a dollar I ask them to help with an extra chore. I don’t make them look for “the phantom purse”, and if you watch, you will note that the mother is holding the wallet when the child enters the room. Does anyone really believe that the child will laugh that off, or walk away so happy with their dollar that they won’t think about what just happened? Children don’t like being lied to, and that would cause one to  see their parent in a different light.
While leafing through the pages that summarized the various sorrows our children deal with, the First Lady chose to focus on single-handedly slimming down America. Now she wants us to help her by deliberately deceiving our children and she says its a “cute idea”. It isn’t a cute idea to deliberately deceive your child. This commercial is built on the premise that it’s okay to lie if the conditions fit your personal parameters, when telling lies has never been the moral habit of choice.

Isn’t this what is plaguing society today? The “little white lie”?

This country’s leadership has an issue with the truth. Everyone tries to avoid it when caught in a sticky situation, and when they’re forced to take a good look in the mirror, because that is human nature, but it doesn’t mean the truth shouldn’t be embraced. Truth is a noble thing that is rare, and when spoken it is health and life to us. Why would we look to tiny deceptions to be our aide when attempting to raise quality men and women who will run this nation when we are gone?

There are more serious issues than exercise when considering the very real dangers that our children face; child trafficking, homelessness, the juvenile system, the flaws in the foster care system, and the abuse that takes place in some of those homes… I could go on.

These warp the developing minds of our little ones while they are in their most vulnerable state. The abuses that many children suffer will affect the lives of their future spouses and the children they will have themselves when they grow up; if they wait to grow up to have children.

Why wouldn’t we as mothers, fathers, and teachers be encouraging our children to embrace the values that will enrich their character so that they can better face the hardships that fate  faithfully throws our way? Don’t we want them to live healthy and effective lives that will benefit their fellow man as well as themselves?

While Michelle Obama preaches against the fat cell during school assemblies and then climbs into her limousine to head home, many of our nation’s school children ride the bus back to whatever hell they may have come from. It is you and I, my friend, who will have to take up the baton to help them through the real challenges of life. Maybe the one in six girls, and the one in thirty-three boys that suffer sexual abuse at the hand of the “friendly” neighbor or “affectionate” uncle, (or worse) can comfort themselves with the fact that at least they’re not fat, while they attempt to fall asleep – riddled with anxiety at what may happen tomorrow.

When I look at Michelle Obama, I still see a woman who grew up in a country whose freedoms and wealth provided her with advantages that tens of thousands of others can only dream of. I can still see her standing in front of a gigantic crowd – stating that she was never proud of her country until that magic moment. This was nothing more than an unprecedented display of ungratefulness for the suffering that every civil rights activist endured as well as the men and women who sacrificed their lives in a war that earned freedom for the sorely mistreated African-American.

Thanks to her latest commercial, I now see a woman who isn’t proud of her country that wants me to lie to my children.  I can say with confidence that not only will I refrain from such trickery, I will teach my children that our President’s wife is wrong to encourage it. It isn’t funny. The commercial wasn’t cute.  It was nothing more than a display of lesser morals and we all know that children learn more from what their parents do than from what their parents say.

I’m going out on a limb here, but perhaps the mother in the commercial would like to go for a walk with her daughter. It’s possible that the daughter may be the one in six who has been looking for an opportunity to open up about what happened with the neighbor.

Upcoming Budget : Nowhere to Run

   We are a country that has essentially given our Congress a blank check to run the country with no budget plan for two years running.  How can anyone expect Congress to control spending when they can’t even pass a yearly budget?  This isn’t your usual incompetency in budget sanity we are led to believe at times, but to the contrary, this is done by design. With no set budget, the taxpayers footing the bill can never track how their money is spent. The truth will eventually come out, but by then the money has already been spent and our national debt just keeps on climbing.

    The first tactic is to delay reporting and proposed submission deadlines. Obama was late in producing his proposed budget again recently. As the weeks turn into months, the spending continues on the ludicrous “continuing resolution” scam that should be made illegal for all intents and purposes. Congress needs the President’s budget proposal as soon as possible, so they can get to work in both houses hammering out a final budget. Here we are with almost 1/4 of the fiscal year already gone, and we don’t even have a starting point from Obama’s supposed economic gurus on another bloated expensive “advisory panel.” Here is a picture of them so we all can see just who these “key economic advisors” are:

  I see Obama appointee Tim Geithner up there, he is the Secretary of the U. S. Treasury today.  He is also the genius who was caught cheating on his tax returns, which happens to be a felony called tax evasion, and blew it off as a “Turbo-tax” error. Instead of going to jail he was put in charge of our Treasury. He is just the man we need balancing our national checkbook today, thank you so much Mr. President and Congress.  And you wonder why the people have lost all trust in government today?

    We can go to any news sources and get a huge variety of interpretations of Obama’s current budget proposal. This will be discouraging to anyone hoping to see a real final budget any time soon. That is not going to happen, as I stated before, the longer they stall, the more they can spend without any real accountability. Jake Tapper at ABC News* lays it out like this:

“President Obama later today will propose a 10-year budget plan that would increase the national debt by $7.2 trillion over 10 years — $1.1 trillion less than if it weren’t implemented.

The plan shows that Obama will not take the lead on any aggressive measure to eliminate the nation’s $14 trillion debt. This sets up the Obama administration on a collision course with Republicans, who are calling for serious deficit reduction and spending cuts. On Friday night, House Republicans unveiled a spending bill to fund the government for the next seven months that they say will reduce the president’s requested spending levels this year by at least $100 billion” (emphasis mine)

 So there you have it, in a time of yearly trillion dollar deficits crushing our economy and pushing us down the path to insolvency, Barack Obama, the big government, big spending, far left Liberal Socialist wants to continue to collapse our economy. Even in the face of fiscal disaster, this man has to play up to the base of his ignorant, fake Utopian Socialism worshippers of the Liberal Left, reality be damned. This whole budget proposal is nothing more than the continous, never ending campaign for power, of one Barack Hussein Obama. Apparently there are plenty of other realists in this country who agree with my statements here. The Wall Street Journal ** exposes some interesting facts also, such as: (emphasis mine )

 “President Barack Obama’s $3.8 trillion budget for the coming fiscal year raises taxes on businesses and upper-income households by $2 trillion over 10 years and cuts spending on programs with considerable political support, but will still leave the nation with $8.5 trillion in added debt over the next decade. The budget plan for fiscal 2011 calls for nearly $1 trillion in tax increases on families with income above $250,000 over the next decade. Banks and multinational corporations would face new fees and levies. And oil companies would lose $36.5 billion in tax breaks over the next decade.”

    When we seek the truth about our government, numbers never lie if we dig down to the real ones. What do we see in Obama’s budget? A broken promise of not raising taxes to start with. We see lies about  the message our government has been telling us for the last decade in this statement from the same article:   “It tells you we’re in a lot worse shape than advertised,” said David Walker, a former U.S. comptroller and now president of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, a think tank focused on budget reduction. So much for Obama and the Democrat’s “summer of recovery” lie they ran around the country tell people all of last year.

  Another observation about Obama’s current proposed budget reveals more long-standing DC trickery. There is very little talk of  the 2011 budget totals in Obamas proposal, instead we see things like 10 year projections and temporary cuts, and 5 year savings, etc. I say tell Obama we want the budget proposal for 2011 nothing more. We want it now before half the year has passed by us. Never mind the gimmickry of spewing savings 10 years from now, or in 2012, 2016, 2020.  Mr. President, we either stop the spending this year or we won’t have to worry about budgets, as there won’t be any money left to spend soon. 

  Today is Feb. 14, 2011. the CBO projects our deficit to be about 1.6 trillion dollars this year alone. That does not  include the damage to our economy and piled on debt that will result from the illegal Socialism-based Obamacare.  Lets get to work on some real cuts to our bloated, wasteful government and do it now. Get off your campaign train and get to work doing the job you were elected to do Mr. President. The people are onto your game of stalling and bloviating with your phony centrist propaganda, while continuing to spend us into economic Armageddon. You are only fooling yourself and those common beggar Nanny State morons that make up your base. 2012 can’t get here fast enough for me. The dangers are very real from Obama’s “nudging” America towards the phony Socialist utopia where money grows on trees and no one has to work for a living or take personal responsibility for their lives.  This whole budget proposal reeks of false propaganda trying to set up some kind of never-ending budget battles in Congress between parties, with no real solutions in sight. Change we can believe in? Winning the future?  What a sick, demented joke on the American people. We simply must defeat this Anti-American agenda in 2012 and that starts with removing Obama permanently from our government. Then, we can follow that up by removing the rest of the cancerous, far left Socialism pimps of the Democratic party in our Congress, for real change we can believe in!

   UPDATE ON Released Budget: From Dick, there are some figures that were pulled from his new book, “Revolt” due out next month.  They expose how nothing has changed and just what has driven our debt up in the last 2 years. It sure isn’t SSI or Medicare, as Obama just told us again today in his TV  propaganda infomercial:

                         INCREASES IN SPENDING UNDER OBAMA 2008 -2010

                        Welfare                  $260 – $400 =  54%

                        Domestic             $485 – $682 =   41%

                        Medicare             $456 –  $568  =  16%

                       Social Security   $612 – $700 = 14%

                       Defense                    $612 – $690 = 11%   

Source: US Government   So there you have it, the 1.62 trillion national deficit  est. for 2010,  is directly due to huge increases in welfare and other domestic spending. I guess the President didn’t really check the true numbers before he spoke on TV today  



  Update info 1Obama Pencils In $37 Billion Budget Increase For DHS, Naked Body Scanners via infowars

GOP reveals hypocrisy with Patriot Act vote

Both parties in the House failed to muster enough votes to extend controversial provisions of the Patriot Act on February 8, which required a two-thirds majority. Some commentators have chosen to focus on the lack of discipline within the parties; both the Obama administration and GOP leadership favor the extension, but neither was able to whip enough congressmen onto the bandwagon. However, the bigger story is how many Republicans—including a number of “tea party” freshmen who campaigned last year as defenders of the Constitution—voted against the Fourth Amendment, as though it is somehow less important than the others.

Specifically, the provisions permit the federal government to spy on U.S. citizens (perhaps “subjects” would be more appropriate in this case) by using roving wiretaps in the name of combatting terrorism, allow monitoring of noncitizens, and give broad authority over records and private property.

After two years of frantic shrieking about the Obama administration’s shredding of the Constitution and unprecedented expansion of the federal government, one would think that Republican lawmakers, entrusted with control of the House of Representatives by the American people, would view such a vote as a golden opportunity to restrict government’s ability to intrude into innocent citizens’ private lives.

Yet a mere twenty-six out of 241 Republicans voted against the extension; of those twenty-six, only eight were newcomers, swept into office by a nonpartisan Tea Party that continues to demand smaller, less intrusive government. After the biggest power shift in decades, the recipients of the public’s favor show their gratitude by trampling on civil liberties.

This is not to suggest that Democrats deserve any credit for opposing the extension 122 to 67. This time last year, the Democrat-controlled Congress pushed through some of the same unconstitutional provisions with no debate, only a few years after crucifying the Bush administration for creating them, in a stunning example of ideological hypocrisy that liberal commentators conveniently neglected to notice.

But Democrats do not control the House. Republicans do. It’s up to them to defend personal liberty and deny the Obama administration the far-reaching police powers it craves. Does the GOP need to be reminded that there will be a presidential election in the near future, the importance of which cannot be overstated, and that the only way to stay in the voting public’s good graces is to practice consistent, constitutional conservatism?

Is there a rational thought process behind ignoring constituents and blatantly breaking campaign promises? Has the GOP leadership implemented a new, unusual strategy—one based on reverse psychology? Perhaps Republicans want to relinquish control of the House, and watch passively as the radical wing of the Democratic Party transforms the U.S. into an authoritarian dystopia.

If that’s the case, they’ll likely get their wish in 2012. Despite a decade of intense government propaganda, driven into American minds with the aid of a compliant pro-establishment media—“We need more power over your life to keep you safe from terrorists” is the usual theme—the average voter does not approve of Big Brother’s roving wiretaps, or snooping through private records. Ordinary people don’t like the idea of some creep with a badge listening to their phone conversations, and don’t like the politicians who authorize such unwarranted violations of their right to privacy.

The 2012 Iowa Caucuses are less than one year away. Already, potential challengers are testing the waters. Let us hope, for the sake of the republic—for the sake of liberty itself—that the 210 House Republicans who voted against the Constitution recognize the mistake they’ve made, remember why they’re in Washington, and start respecting the people who sent them there.

Exploring Possible 2012 Presidential Candidates: Gary Johnson

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson could very well be the sleeper no one expected to win, candidate in the 2012 presidential elections. This budget hawk was the Governor of New Mexico for 8 solid years in which he proved a formidable foe to big spending State politicians from both parties. In another surprise, he also placed 3rd in the recent CPAC 2011 presidential straw poll beating the likes of big name con-servatives such as Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin,, and Mike Huckabee. Of note is that the CPAC straw poll was dominated by Ron Paul and his supporters once again, as Mr. Paul won with 30% of the votes.  Also of note is that many people consider Mr. Johnson to be a Ron Paul- type Libertarian, yet when we take a close look at Mr. Johnson’s credentials we see two very different politicians. For all of Ron Paul’s bluster, he simply hasn’t accomplished the budgetary success, or proven to be as effective at slowing down big government, as Mr. Johnson has.

29th Governor of New Mexico*
In office
January 1, 1995 – January 1, 2003
Lieutenant Walter Bradley
Preceded by Bruce King
Succeeded by Bill Richardson

Born January 1, 1953 (1953-01-01) (age 58)
Minot, North Dakota
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Dee Simms (1977-2005) (divorced)
Alma mater University of New Mexico
Profession Businessman
Religion Lutheranism

Another fact to consider is that Mr. Johnson could run as a Republican, Libertarian, or even on the Teaparty ticket if the GOP forces the forming of another party by not heeding the warnings of the 2010 mid-term elections. This man also doesn’t fit the mold of the big spending old guardGOP RINOS that helped spend us towards $15 Trillion in national debt the last decade. That is a huge plus for a presidential candidate to woo the voters who are fed up with business as usual in DC. I  am already seeing Democratic operatives trying to downplay Mr. Johnson’s credentials, and pass him off as some kind of Ron Paul light, which should tell the voters that he would be a formidable opponent to far left Barack Obama in 2012.

Mr. Johnson took a controversial stance while Governor of New Mexico in 1999, when he advocated the legalization of marijuana. Citing the huge costs of  States prosecuting and jailing drug offenders, he suggested it be treated as a health issue instead of a criminal issue. He also admitted to self-medicating himself with marijuana after a very serious hang gliding accident in 2005, yet today he says he abstains from all recreational drug use, including alcohol, caffeine and some sugar products.

Mr. Johnson is also a very successful businessman, turning his handyman service into a multi-billion dollar construction company with over 1000 employees. Now that is what I call job creation, contrary to President Obama’s agenda of government intrusion into the private sector businesses. Mr. Johnson has traveled to over 30 states recently, possibly to give himself name recognition for the 2012 primaries and elections. He re-buffed invitations to join the Libertarian Party in the 2000 elections and endorsed Ron Paul for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination. Looking back at that election, endorsing Ron Paul over the other candidates doesn’t look like such a mistake on Johnson’s part, considering where we are today. Bottom line is that people need to look at proven track records and experience when voting today, and ignore the media hype and party-line propaganda. In Mr. Johnson’s track record we see some very impressive  statistics against big government spending, which is the most pressing issue in America today. He fought against both parties in his eight years in office, to cut spending and balance the budget successfully. He used the line item veto thousands of times, more than all 49 other governors combined. He cut the growth rate of New Mexico’s government in half. He currently lives in Taos, New Mexico and has 2 grown children. He was married to his wife, Dee Johnson for 28 years and they divorced in 2005, and she passed away in Dec. of 2006 of heart disease.

This man is a proven fiscal hawk along the lines of Paul Ryan, with the proven ability to work with both parties to cut down the size and scope of our government. He will have great appeal to the Teaparty and independent voters alike. The main problem is whether the Old Guard GOP would be willing to extend a hand to him to break their pattern of nominating proven Crony-Rinos, which would only ensure Obama gets reelected in 2012. This man certainly deserves a serious consideration for the Republican nomination for President in 2012.

*Stats provided by wikipedia

CPAC11 Wrap-up and Extra Awards

    CPAC11 finished up on Saturday with some marvelous speakers and closed the conference with freshman Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West of Florida giving a very moving, firm message about true American Patriotism, and its importance in restoring America to the greatest, free nation on Earth.  Ann Coulter gave a wonderful speech that had us laughing  in our seats as she pointedly proved the hypocrisy of the Liberals time and time again. Ms. Coulter also shined some sunlight on the fact that Liberals are using the gay movement to solely bash Conservatives and Christianity and that, based on their beliefs of freedom to chose how they want to live their lives,  they are really a natural fit with Conservative ideology. Considering that certain major sponsors and deep-rooted conservative groups  boycotted this years CPAC, Mr. Keene is to be commended for holding it all together, and making it a wonderful Conservative conference that was also very educational for our youth. Well done Sir.

   CPAC11 drew an amazing record crowd of over 11,000 Conservative leaders and activists this year. As everyone expected, once again Libertarian Ron Paul won the CPAC/ Washington Times Presidential straw poll, with 30% of votes, followed by Mitt Romney at 23%, and surprise ! , former budget guru Gov. of New Mexico, (and Ron Paul-like Libertarian) Gary Johnson tied the absent Chris Christie at 6%. People came from across the nation to see of dozens of exhibitions, panel discussions, film and documentary premiers, and social events to engage other conservatives.  This was truly an uplifting experience for everyone attending and the millions more watching it on TV and the Internet. I would personally like to see them get the whole thing televised live, from start to finish next year, as some can’t see it on a computer. Maybe CSpan could drop the obscure book report shows and make room for CPAC 2012. Surely someone in this country will step up and let Americans see this wonderful, informative event.

                                             My CPAC 2011 Award Winners

Best Overall Speech:             1- Newt Gingrich   2 – Tim Pawlenty  3- Allen West

Most Patriotic speech          1- Allen West   2 – Donald Rumsfeld    3- Mitch Daniels

Most Presidential speech   1- Newt Gingrich   2- John Thune        3- Donald Trump

Funniest speech-                     1- Ann Coulter      2- Ann Coulter      3- Ann Coulter

Most Dysfunctional speech-  1- Ron Paul       2- Ron Paul                 3- Ron Paul

Most Inspirational Grassroots Patriots  –   Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann

CPAC Beauty Queen of 2011  –   Margaret Hoover

Most Disrespectful Group – Ron Paul Supporters

Missing in Action – Glenn Beck, Sen Jim DeMint, Speaker Boehner, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Gov. Christie, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Jan Brewer, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Rep Darrell Issa.

Top Emcee –  Steven Crowder

Exposing the Leftist Agenda Champions  –  Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter

Special Mention to Gov Haley Barbour for proposing the top solutions for repairing our economy.

   These are my personal choices. If you disagree or have some of your own personal awards you would like to see up here, contact me via Mirac777 @ twitter, or put them in the comment section and I will add them if you like.  This can include new nominees or new categories I may have missed. Thank you.



Countering Obama’s Philosophy

Ever wonder where Barack (Barry) Insane Obama gets his perverted philosophy? Do you find yourself scratching your head every time Obama waxes eloquent on the glories of socialism? Do you wonder how any rational person could arrive at the really “out-there” conclusions that seem to spew unhindered from the cerebral cortex of our dictator wannabe? Well, wonder no more. Let’s take a stroll through the heart, mind, and soul of a truly evil man and bring to light a detailed summary of his false teachings.

We begin our journey by reviewing some philosophical terms used by contemporary philosophers. This review will help us see the deviousness – and the attractiveness to the ears of liberalism’s mind-numbed robots that Obama’s rhetoric is intended to produce.

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of reality. It attempts to answer the question “What is real?”

Obama's Philosophy

Getting at the Naked Truth

This is an important term to understand since Obama and his minions are constantly attacking our conception of what encompasses reality. To the great masses in flyover land, for example, God is a reality. Obama will have none of that. Like the philosophy of Communism, to which Obama is an adherent, God is a threat to the state. He must be replaced in the hearts of the masses with total devotion and worship to the State. Hence Obama’s famous quote that his opponents “bitterly cling to their guns and their religion.” Obama’s actions in relation to God are consistent with the tenets of Communism. That’s why you don’t see Obama attending church services… unless it is politically advantageous to do so. That is why there is a great debate as to whether or not Obama is a Christian, or a Muslim, or a tree-hugger, or a Barackophile.

Another area of philosophy we will consider is axiology. Axiology is the study of ethics and values. It critically examines with such questions as “What is good?” “What is ethical?” and “What are right and wrong?”  Obama is a prime example of a person who believes in situational ethics. In other words, Obama finds something to be ethical so long as it is to his advantage at the time. To Obama, ethics are grey instead of black and white. He is a proponent of moral relativism. In a world of no moral absolutes Obama reigns supreme. As the blogger Rick Moran said of Obama, “Barack Obama is just another politician. Devious when he has to be, vague when it suits him and a liar when necessity calls.”

Epistemology is the study of how we know what is real or true. For an example of how Obama learns things read the paragraph on empiricism, below. He may be learning things, but it ain’t truth!

Authoritarianism is the system by which truth is learned from those who are authorities or experts. Oh, what would we do without the MSM? The media bombard us with supposed “truth”. And where do they get their talking points? Obama, of course.

A fifth aspect of philosophy is rationalism. Rationalism refers to gaining truth through logic. In rationalism we ask, “Does it make sense? Is it logical?”
Another way of looking at it is asking yourself: “Am I willing to be persuaded by a rational presentation of the facts?” The catch is that many people are unwilling to honestly answer the question. An anonymous blogger at put it thusly:

If a liberal could demonstrate how Obamacare would quantitatively result in a net improvement of health care in this country without violating my core principles (free market, individual choice and responsibility, etc), I’d be open to supporting it.

But what really happens is that they write a bill nobody has read or understands, demand it be passed, then call you a racist hatemonger for opposing it…and they call *you* “closed minded”.

And then there is pragmatism, which determines whether something works. If it works, it is valid; if it doesn’t it is rejected. Hmmmm, let’s see. Where has Communism “worked?” The Soviet Union? Cuba? North Korea? Vietnam? Albania? Hungary? Poland? East Germany? Chicago? Detroit? East St. Louis? Obviously, Obama is lacking in the pragmatism department. He is so dedicated to controlling every aspect of our lives that he sticks his head, complete with his oversized ears, into the sand and ignores history… ensuring that he is doomed to repeat it.

Finally, there is empiricism, which uses observation or personal experience to arrive at truth. This knowledge is obtained primarily through the senses – through what one sees, touches, hears, smells, and tastes. So what has Obama experienced in his life? Oh yeah, I remember… Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Acorn, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Rahm Emanuel, Rod Blagojevich, David Axelrod, Van Jones, Bernardine Dohrn, Khalid AL-Mansour, Father Michael Pfleger, Saul Alinsky, Tony Rezko, Andy Martin, Comel West, Bobby Rush, Marilyn Katz, Valerie Jaffett, Mark Lloyd, Cass Sunstein, Ron Bloom, Anita Dunn, Kevin Jennings, Harry Knox, Carol Browner, John Holdren, Kathleen Sebelius, Harold Koh, Dawn Johnson, and Louis Farrakhan. This is your Obama. And this is your Obama on drugs. Now, any questions?

So which of these philosophical systems do conservatives subscribe to? (Of course, conservatives don’t reach the same conclusions as does Obama.) The answer, of course, is all of them. But conservatives also rely on another way of knowing truth – divine revelation. That’s why you see conservatives attending church, praying, tithing their earnings, and doing all manner of good in the world. You see, conservatives still recognize that God is real and believe that He speaks truth to their souls. This, then, is the foundation of the conflict between conservatives and Obama. Conservatives believe in a power infinitely higher than that of the State – and Obama knows he can’t win so long as the people believe in God. The rejection of God is at the core of Obama’s philosophy. All else he does derives from his rejection of God. Of course, it would be counter-productive for Obama to actually admit this so we are subjected to endless stories about the depth of Obama’s spirituality (just how spiritual can you get by attending worship services via BlackBerry?) But actions speak louder than words. Every Sabbath you find Obama playing basketball or on the links. God is the furthest thing from his mind. Fore!

Nearly 20 years ago Gerald N. Lund set forth the way the elements of philosophy affect each of us:

Whether he recognizes it or not, every person holds to a metaphysical position, trusts in at least one system of epistemology, and holds a personal axiology or set of values and ethics. Furthermore, these three areas of our own philosophy are interrelated. Our metaphysics (our view of reality) influences our epistemology (the way we gain knowledge), and together the two determine our axiology (our values).

Taking Lund’s argument to its logical conclusion, I paraphrase and alter his following paragraph in order to personalize it for our Dear Leader:

Let’s suppose, for example, that a person like Obama rejects the idea that there is a spiritual dimension to life. That metaphysical position automatically determines what Obama will accept as truth. Revelation is rejected because the reality of God is rejected. Deciding what is good and bad, therefore, will not be dependent on any set of God-given laws or fear of eternal consequences. This is the foundation of Obama’s lies.

(Paragraph above from Gerald N. Lund but altered significantly by PolarCoug in order to demonstrate the applicability of Lund’s train of thought to the case of Obama.)

Obama’s Philosophy

Like any philosophical system, Obama’s doctrine has metaphysical, epistemological, and axiological aspects. Together, these philosophical elements have contributed to convincing millions of Americans to reject traditional societal values and instead placidly wait in line for their handouts from Obama’s stash.

For example, Obama’s argument for the supremacy of the State in our lives is an epistemological matter of his attempting to direct our minds to accept his version of the “truth” simply because that which we hear originates from the government. In his mind, if he says it, it must be true. Obama accuses conservatives of being closed-minded, i.e., we don’t blindly accept his version of reality. This argument is effectively countered by an anonymous comment (from Stan W.) in response to a column on

Closed Minded” is a term Liberals use when they are losing an argument. It means “You will not abandon your principles and come over to my side”.

Liberals confuse Close Minded with Weak Minded, or someone who is easily swayed in their opinion by words or emotion.

Most of the Conservatives I know are Strong Minded. They have no problem listening to and considering a well-thought-out argument. However, that does not automatically mean that they will change their mind or abandon their core beliefs.

Conservatives are that way for a reason. And a Liberal telling us we have to change because they say we should is an ineffective method.

Obama subscribes to the view that people believe in religion because they have been indoctrinated by their parents and that they have also been deceived by religious leaders whose motives are personal gain – money and/or power. We are the people Obama contends are “bitterly clinging to their guns and their religion.” Obama’s philosophy is that this religious indoctrination of the people brings psychological abnormalities – “derangement” or a frenzied mind. Hey, bitterly clinging to an unseen power will do that to you, right? Obama concludes that since there is no God and since religion is a farce, he can live as he pleases without fear of eternal consequences. Why does Obama care about such things as our view of metaphysics and epistemology? Because if he can shape our views on those issues, then those views provide a basis to destroy us. Obama’s philosophy is a rational system. It is not true, but it is rational! If we accept the assumption that there is no super-natural reality, then it logically follows that there is no God. If that is the case, then man is the supreme being. According to Lund “It also follows that if there are no eternal realities, then there are no eternal consequences for man’s actions.” Obama’s reasoning is that he himself determines what is right and wrong, not some set of rules laid down by a group of phony religious leaders claiming to speak for a God who doesn’t exist.

Not only is Obama wicked, but he is proud of his wickedness. And why shouldn’t he be? Obama has convinced himself that there is no God and no ultimate right and wrong. He has convinced himself that he is free from all the psychological hang-ups the rest of us feel – guilt and shame for example. When was the last time you saw Obama acting ashamed? Me, too – never.

Unfortunately for Obama he can’t prove the Communist thesis that there is no God. Based on the very criteria he himself has established, Obama would have to perceive every cubic meter of the universe simultaneously. This creates a paradox: In order for Obama and his Communist philosophy to prove there is no God, he would have to be a god himself! Therefore, while bitterly clinging to his Communist philosophy that God does not exist, Obama is acting on “faith,” the very thing for which he so sharply derides the conservative movement.

Let us learn the lesson. No matter how clever or how sophisticated Obama and his Communist philosophy appears to be, it is not true. Obama’s Communist philosophy is riddled with contradictions, errors, and false assumptions. Conservatism, on the other hand, is truth – truth that has stood the test of centuries, truth that can withstand rational examination, truth that is pragmatic and practical, truth that can be confirmed through personal experience. A conservative need not apologize for his or her beliefs, for these beliefs withstand every scrutiny much more efficiently than do the doctrines of Obama.

Obama’s teachings are based on lies. Obama’s philosophy, so pervasive within our society, leads to a dead end. It is incumbent upon each of us to distinguish between the truth of conservatism and the lies of Obama, between freedom and slavery.

CPAC Straw Poll Reveals Its Own Irrelevance .. Again

By now, most of you have already heard that Ron Paul has won the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Presidential Straw Poll for a second straight year with 30% of the vote.

Ron Paul ran in the 2008 Presidential race but was never much of a contender for the Republican nomination. To top it all off a Public Policy Poll of the top eight prospective candidates has him much closer to the bottom.

Presidential Candidate Poll January 2011

Graphic from CDN, Data from Public Policy Polling 1/21/11

While the Ronulans boisterously supported their favorite candidate at the conference, it is likely that his base was more motivated to participate in the straw poll as Sarah Palin didn’t even attend. With no truly announced candidates in the race, this poll was nothing more than a way to keep Paul’s supporters energized.

Further proof of CPAC’s poll’s worthlessness is seeing Mitt Romney (he who created socialized health care in Massachusettes) come in with a very strong second place finish (23%). Romney had managed to win the CPAC straw poll in 2007, 2008 and 2009 but still didn’t manage the 2008 Republican nomination. That’s 0 for 2 there CPAC pollsters.

Paul and Romney are the last two candidates that have a chance at the Republican nomination .. well, other than Newt Gingrich.

CPAC 2011 Rocks on Day 2

Many big name conservative stars hit the stage for day 2 at the Conservative political Action Conference of 2011. With the rowdy applause and cheering reminiscent of a 70’s rock concert, the enthusiasm was pumped up to incredible levels by a wide variety of solid, hard-hitting, Patriotic speeches. While the messages contained the basic conservative Teaparty theme of smaller, more accountable government, less taxes and regulation, with a return to our Constitutional principles, we learned that these messages could be expressed in an amazingly wide variety of ways.

Day 2 saw the emergence of  idiotic attention seekers such as a Sarah Palin look alike and the asinine antics of an appearance of Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is Too Damn High Party.  CBS was even foolish enough to headline it “Jimmy McMillan Takes CPAC by Storm.” I will not link to the  CBS attack piece on all things conservative by one Brian Montopoli, as it is nothing short of childish liberal rubbish and not even close to real journalism. This does show how low CBS will go today in promoting the Obama-led Liberal trashing of America. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any lower in the respect department, they did.

Once again we saw hecklers seeking their 15 seconds of fame when Senator Orin Hatch was decent enough to answer questions. While one person asked the question of why Hatch voted for the wall street bailouts, the crowd rudely screamed and would hardly let Hatch even answer the question. Again, these people are an embarrassment to all conservatives across the nation, not to mention the fuel they will add to the Liberal attack pieces sure to point out their childish antics. If we want our reps to answer questions to get an insight of why they did something, this is no way to go about it. Plus, this will also make them hesitant to take the stage next year. It got so bad at one point that the panel’s moderator had to step in  and express his disgust with these people who seemed more intent on scolding and screaming at  Senator Hatch, then letting him explain his position at the time of his vote for the bailouts. He apologized for it, yet they continued to act more like SEIU thugs than conservatives or teapartiers.

Day 2 at CPAC was launched by another Presidential hopeful in 2012, Mitt Romney. While his speech did contain an all encompassing rally against the Liberal big government of today, he seems to have skirted the Obamacare debate all together. Many consider him unelectable due to his creation of the failed Romneycare of Massachusetts. Compared to the rest of the firey speeches to come on Friday, Romney’s speech was pretty much forgotten an hour after it was given.

Rep. Tom Price (GA) took the stage at 11;15. Mr. Price said that there was an energy at this year’s CPAC that he didn’t remember being their last year. Most of that energy was good. Mr. Price mentioned the nasty heckling that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Hatch endured in stating, “That’s part of CPAC, isn’t it?”  Why can’t we all just get along may have been a more appropriate question there. Mr. Price addressed the gay conservative group GOProud being at CPAC  as the more conservatives the better. Rep Prices speech seemed to be well-written, with a theme he summed up with a quote from Samuel Adams. ”  It doesn’t take a majority to prevail – but an irate and tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” With statements like that Rep Price has certainly aligned himself with the grassroots Teaparty of America.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN) used her time at CPAC to concentrate on the FCC and their attempt at regulating the internet with no Congressional participation. While her speech detailed the need to stop the FCC,  she largely ignored the many pressing issues the 112th Congress is facing today, such as raising the debt ceiling, Obmacare repeal, Patriot act extensions etc. While I enjoyed her speech, my research showed her to have voted for many Liberal big gov’t policies such as increased foreign aid, increased UN payments, and pretty much increased spending across the board. No wonder she ignored the issues that have led to 14 trillion in debt today. She has voted to increase that debt at every turn. Do you hear me Teaparty members and conservatives from Tennessee? How did this big spending, big government RINO get invited to the CPAC ?

At noon on Friday they gave out an award for the Conservative blogger of the year. It went to Mr. Javier Manjarres of  The Shark Tank, which happens to be here in my Florida and to which get daily updates from. I have to be honest here, in stating that I know of no less than 30 more qualified conservative bloggers who were more deserving of this award, IMO. Who voted for this ?

Next to speak on Friday at CPAC 2011 was Sen. John Barrasso (WY) who also happens to be a doctor. His main topic was Obamacare and he addressed it’s failures and unconstitutionality very well. Sen. Barrasso gave us a Doctors perspective as to why Obamacare must be repealed, filled with many real life examples of the coming danger to America’s healthcare system that Obamacare will bring. Of note, Barrasso said the new House Republican majority had “kept its promise” to voters by advancing a repeal of the healthcare law. “Now it’s the Senate’s turn,” he said.  In my opinion, this is one Senator who might make a good President if he chose to run.

Next to speak was my pick for President in 2012, Sen. John Thune. (SD)  In his low-key speaking style, Sen Thune took a big swipe at the Obama administration and big government Liberals with the statement of, “”President Obama likes to talk about winning the future, but someone ought to tell him: You can’t win the prosperity of tomorrow if you’re mortgaging it to pay for the big government programs of today.”  That sums it up very well, in my opinion. No one candidate will be perfect in 2012, yet i will put Sen. Thune’s record of staunch conservative principals against any other candidate mentioned today.

Later on , former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty also received a rousing ovation when he took the stage. Take note that at this time it was reported that many Ron Paul supporters had entered, and I addressed some of their rude behavior in my Day 1 report here at CDN.  Pawlenty captured the audience with personal stories of his life and growing up in St Paul in a blue collar family that endured many hardships, including losing his mother while a teenager. He summed it all up in saying, “”At a young age, I saw up close the face of loss, the face of hardship, the face of losing a job and I saw in the mirror something else: the face of a very uncertain future,” he said. “I know Americans are feeling that way today. I know that feeling ? I’ve lived it.” Mr. Pawlenty certainly has to be appealing to grassroots conservative voters disgusted with out elitist, out of touch government of today.

Next up came Libertarian and former presidential candidate, Rep.. Ron Paul (TX). While most conservative Americans can agree with many parts of Ron Paul’s libertarian values, we all know he is as Donald Trump stated, “unelectable.” Maybe that was at the heart of the Paul supporters rudeness at CPAC this year. I have admired Paul’s firey speeches for many years and he usually makes a solid presentation of his views of how America should be. While he did that again this year, there was also something else evident in his speech: He either has some serious health issues or he appears to becoming mentally unstable at times, or both. Watch his speech and judge for yourself.  I mean no disrespect to Mr. Paul and his many years of serving our country here, but when we see signs of instability in someone,  especially a member of our government or congress, its high time we speak up and make arrangements to have them removed for the good of the country.

After Ron Paul’s speech came what I viewed as the best speech of the CPAC so far, from Texas Governor Rick Perry. It was very emotional, yet delivered in a way that  has to vault him to the top of possible 2012 presidential candidates, should he chose to run. This was an amazing conservative shout-out to all Americans opposed to the Liberal mess of a government we have today. Gov. Perry threw the crowd a curve-ball when he asked them to pull out their phones and text “FED UP” to the number he gave them. A return text from the number asks supporters to visit, which features a petition to stop the “pervasive embrace of bailouts.”  A smooth move by Gov. Perry to get more people involved in stopping  the big gov’t expansion we see today. Gov. Perry closed his speech with the statement,  “We can restore this nation to its preeminence in the world. There is no other greater cause in our time.” Well said Governor, now about 2012………

Herman Cain, former Godfathers Pizza CEO, a Teaparty favorite and potential presidential candidate in 2012 was up next, and he fired up the crowd with his hard-hitting unique style of telling it like it is. The crowd roared when Mr. Cain said, “the American Dream is under attack,” and that “stupid people are ruining America.” As they say, sometimes the truth hurts people, and Herman certainly put a hurting on the ignorants running our country into the ground up in DC today. I love this guy’s attitude and approach towards the need  for real tough conservatism today. Cain’s speech included a swipe at liberals playing the racist card saying,  “They call me racist too just because I disagree with a President who happens to be black,” he continued. He told the crowd: “You are not racists — you are patriots.” Mr Cain concluded, to a standing ovation: “The United States of America will not become the United States of Europe.” This man is the exact opposite of Barack Obama. He is a successful businessman, not a career rabble rousing community organizer who needs to play the race card to hide his incompetence as Obama has shown to be. Mr. Cain believes in the U. S constitution, which Obama skirts and ignores at every chance he gets today. Mr. Cain relishes the chance to talk and answer questions about the direction our country is headed and possible solutions. Barack Husein Obama hides like a Tyrant and avoids the very people he is supposed to serve when they demand answers for his blatant Anti-American policies . Yes sir, Herman Cain is the Anti-Obama. He will definitely make the primaries in 2012 very interesting to say the least. I would love to see a debate, moderated by a Teaparty member with no pre-set questions between Herman and every single one of the RINO pretenders in 2012.

CPAC 2011 was certainly rocking on Friday!   Saturday should be very interesting with Andrew Breitbart, Haley Barbour, David Horowitz, John Bolton, Jonah Goldberg, Ann Coulter, and Lt Col. Allen West among the speakers scheduled.

Progressives Push To Require .. DOG INSURANCE

There is no other phrase for this liberal mess-of-a-proposal other than “WTF, Over?”

State Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (D-San Antonio) has introduced a bill that would require any Texan who owns a male dog which weighs 20 pounds or more and is not neutered to have an insurance policy covering injuries or damage caused by that dog when it is off the leash or out of the dog’s yard.

Seriously, is this one of the biggest societal problems that an overly-intrusive Progressive dolt has to to push?

Now, I’m from Texas and perhaps that’s why this is even more insulting. Granted, San Antonio is not a great bastion of Conservatism, but it is still Texas and this is a ridiculous push to dilute personal responsibility even further.

Liability statutes already make a person responsible for the damage their pet causes. Next we’ll need Child liability insurance for baseballs that go through neighbors windows or juice spilled on someone’s carpet.

So now an entire community of dog owners will be forced to subsidize the actions of one idiot that trains his Pit Bull to hate pizza delivery guys. The only people that will actually buy the insurance are the middle class and up. The very same people that rarely have dogs that maul mailmen in the first place (although U.S. mail personnel may become extinct shortly due to impending bankruptcy).

Owners are already liable for the actions of their pets. This is an unnecessary burden on pet owners and will certainly create yet another failed bureaucracy for the federal and/or state governments to run.

Even Conservative Bloggers Miss the Point on Spending Cuts Sometimes

I really like Allahpundit’s work and agree with him on most things. Friday he put together a post that makes a reasoned argument for why budget cuts can never happen.

Just 29 percent of tea partiers are prepared to cut Social Security compared to 18 percent who want to toss even more money into the entitlement sinkhole. GOP Rep. Tom Latham warned freshmen Republicans today that they might feel excited right now about winning the big budget battle with leadership, but wait until their constituents have to live with the cuts.

Using a graph from the Pew Research Center, Allahpundit demonstrates that when we talk of cutting broad budget lines, no one really want to cut much of anything.

Support for Decreases in Federal Spending

The problem is right in front of the analyst – look how broad the budget areas are that the Pew Research study surveyed upon. “Public Schools”, “Aid to Needy in U.S.”, “Infrastructure”, “Medicare”. Only the hawk-est of the budget hawks would say “Yes, cut Public Schools, Education and Infrastructure”. Heck, I’m pretty much a small-government guy, but I do know that the government does have a place in some infrastructure (Interstate Highways, FAA, national power grid, etc).

So when Pew asks people if we should cut funds for “Education” of course most people would say “no, cut something else”. What if Pew had instead asked, “Should we ask teachers to pay into their own retirement plans and insurance like most private sector workers?” I bet we get a different answer.

By brushing each area with a broad brush, you will hit a nerve on just about every American. We all know that Social Security cannot be shut off now or in the next 20 years. No one is suggesting that we cut granny off from her socialized retirement plan. Instead a reasoned approach to reducing the benefits for future retirees and eventually eliminating it for all but the most destitute would certainly cut the costs. Medicare would benefit from a similar approach.

The way the survey was phrased, they might as well have asked 200 respondents these questions:

Due to recent budget difficulties, some federal programs need spending cuts. Which of these statements most represents your feelings on which budget area to cut:

  1. Should we stop educating our children to pay off our debts?
  2. Should we ignore the wounded veteran’s health care needs?
  3. Should we force granny to pay for her health care even though she can’t afford it?
  4. Should we stop doing stuff for the needy in the U.S.?
  5. Can we cut off Granny’s social security checks?
  6. Should we stop fighting crime?
  7. Should we stop building infrastructure?
  8. Should we stop protecting the environment?
  9. Should we stop doing scientific research?
  10. Should we stop energy research?
  11. Should we stop defending the country against terrorists? (yes, even the “largely secular” ones)
  12. Should we stop defending the country .. period?
  13. Should we stop paying people that don’t have jobs?
  14. Should we stop helping the world’s need?

While Pew probably didn’t ask those questions, they might as well have. Instead, if #13 was “Should we reduce the unemployment benefit to six months” you might get a different answer.

Cuts are not impossible nor implausible. We have to ask the right questions to get the right solutions. Maybe having a whole Freshmen class of Tea Party legislators will get us to think out-of-the-box.

One can only hope.

CPAC 2011 Observations from the First Day’s Talking Points

     My how things have changed from last year to this one at CPAC. This year has seen a rowdiness that turned into downright rudeness at times that was very unsettling to me.  Surprise appearances by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld drew boos and interruptions of nasty rhetoric from what are reported to have been Ron Paul Libertarians. Whoever you are, shame on you, I hope your names were noted and you will never be allowed near CPAC again. Your rudeness is a disgrace to Conservatives nationwide, and I find it totally unacceptable. In what should be a galvanizing conservative conference you chose to try to be divisive and petty, not to mention disrespectful to true American Patriots who have served this country for decades. I wonder how Ron Paul will address this embarrassment, since these are his supporters we are talking about.

    There are many new faces representing Teaparty groups and assorted conservative blogging groups across the nation at CPAC this year. While this was refreshing, it also brought about a sometimes disorganized feeling to the conference, as some people were not suited to speaking publicly, yet took the stage anyway. Laurie Rothof USA Today Radio, while being a seemingly sympathetic choice for hosting the CPAC,  I found her failed attempts at humor very annoying to put it politely. Hopefully they will smooth out these bumps  for next year to make it the totally enjoyable experience that I found it be last year.  This years inclusion of the controversial group of gay conservatives with GOProud has also been a source of division at this year’s CPAC.  It has caused conservative stalwarts such as the Family Research Council and The Heritage Foundation to pull their sponsorships, and also caused Senator Jim DeMint to boycott this years CPAC. That is a lot of solid conservative muscle to give up for allowing gay participation at CPAC and so far it shows. I also have to wonder if this is part of the reason Sarah Palin has refused to give the closing keynote speech this year, after initially expressing a keen interest in attending. This year’s CPAC has still managed to draw a list of confirmed all-star conservatives and special awards will be given out, along with the straw poll for the 2012 Presidential election.

                                                                                          Thursday, Feb 10th, 2011

        David Keene, the CPAC Chair and American Conservative Union Board of Directors got things started on Thursday and introduced the first speaker, Michell Bachmann. (MN)  Say what you want about Michelle Bachmann, I think she was a great choice to open up CPAC 2011 and she didn’t disappoint. Every Liberal reporter and blogger in America was whining and complaining about Bachmann signaling some kind of  Teaparty takeover of  the GOP because she was chosen to open the keynote address.  For anyone sick of Liberals and the so-called Main Stream Media controlling the message today in politics, Bachmann really blew them away with her now famous statement of Obama ushering in the unwanted  Socialism of  America. Good for you Michelle, stick to your Teaparty principles while sticking it to the left at every chance.

       Senator Ron Johnson (WI) called out  the Obamacare truths of lower quality through rationing and hindering innovation as being his main motivator in taking on and defeating Russ Feingold for the Senate seat after being apolitical most of his life. Obamacare’s passage was the final straw in making his decision to get involved in the fight against the leftist Obama agenda and we can be thankful for Senator Johnson getting involved today. He is proving to be a solid conservative on all fronts. Senator Johnson also called for more more conservative allies in the Senate after seeing what we are up against there. Lets get him some help in 2012 people.

     Senate freshman Pat Toomey was up next and came to CPAC to pitch his first proposed bill, which would obligate the U.S. government to make it a priority to pay down the interest on the national debt, if the debt limit is not raised. The bill is designed to give Republicans additional leverage in extracting spending cuts and budget reform in exchange for their votes to raise the debt ceiling, since it would make sure the government does not default on its debt if the ceiling doesn’t rise. This should be the main priority in Congress and this issue will come to a head one way or the other by March. Democrats have attacked it as a plan to “Pay China First.”  Toomey also urged the crowd to call their legislators and ask them to support the bill, which he said has earned co-sponsorships from about half his Senate GOP colleagues and inspired a companion bill in the House. Pennsylvania can be proud in electing such a solid American to represent us in the U. S. Senate.

     Freshman Rep. Kristi Noem (SD) was like a breath of fresh with statements like, “We don’t know a lot about how Washington, D.C. operates, and frankly, we don’t really care.”  She came to Capitol Hill to change it, not be assimilated by it. She spoke of giving money back to those who actually earned it and criticized the educational system that will create a new generation of youth who won’t receive as good of an education as their parents did.  This lady really represents true American values. I definitely agree with her point that we don’t really care how things used to be done in Congress, as that has us nearing 15 Trillion dollars in debt. Just because we have been stupid for decades of irresponsible spending does not mean we should keep going down that road.

    Senate Minority Leader  Mitch McConnell, (KY) made headlines at CPAC 2011 with the statements like, “A lot of liberals have been saying a lot of nice things lately about Ronald Reagan, and that’s nice to know,” McConnell said. “They want you to forget what they’ve been up to for the past two years, and The good news is nobody’s buying it; the American people are no more convinced [Obama] looks up to Ronald Reagan than they thought  Obamacare would make health care better.”  “You can’t stand up for your principles if you don’t have any,” McConnell emphasized.

   2012 Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich came out swinging, and in his usual eloquent but forceful way also bashed the Leftist myth of trying to equate Obama as some kind of new Ronald Reagan. That hurts me just typing that Socialist ploy here, to be perfectly honest. Newt held up the latest Time mag. propaganda issue and said, ” “I knew Ronald Reagan,” Gingrich said, and I hate to tell this to our friends at MSNBC and elsewhere: Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.”

  Rick Santorum chimed in on the  Obama Reagan comparisons with a statement to the Daily Caller, “Ronald Reagan believed in American exceptionalism and that America is the ‘shining city on a hill,’ but Barack Obama runs around the world apologizing for America. There’s a big difference between the hopeful, optimistic greatness and someone who sees America as a force for ill and who criticizes every aspect of our society other than government.”

   Rep Steve King  called for calling the Democrats bluff on the debt ceiling by shutting down the government if they refuse to cooperate to stop the irresponsible spending . Leftists everywhere are crying about this statement. Let them cry. King also fired a shot at all the illegals and those supporting their criminality by saying, “Anybody that brings up amnesty in this Congress, we need to just take the scarlet ‘A’ for amnesty and pin it on them.”  We also need to draw up pink slips for every single member of Congress who thinks they can ignore the rule of law in America today. It’s that simple, and Steve King is just the man to hold these people responsible for breaking the law.

    Another possible 2012 Presidential candidate made a surprise appearance at CPAC 2012. Enter billionaire Donald Trump. Trump said he was worried about the direction of America and that we need an accomplished President, a well-deserved slap at the lack of any real world experience of one Barack Hussein Obama. He also said America is becoming the laughing stock around the world and he hears this in his dealings with people in other countries constantly.

   New Senator Rand Paul received a hearty welcome at CPAC 2011, even from some of his father’s cankerous, rude supporters. Rand Paul pulled no punches, calling for spending cuts across the board and even served notice on the GOP for attempting to make small cuts while expanding the national debt by 3.5 trillion in the next 5 years. He also called out the transparent propaganda of the left and Obama by saying, “The president of the United States wants to sound now like he’s a conservative. He says he wants to freeze spending. But, it’s going to be this much [a small amount] of the budget, with inflated levels of spending,”

   The last keynote speaker on Thursday was Wisc. Rep Paul Ryan. he started out by pointing out that Obama didn’t get the message in the mid-term elections and in 2012 we will take back our country. The crowd  gave Ryan a very hearty welcome which was well-deserved for this no-nonsense budget guru. Ryan blasted the Liberal agenda of  creating a European-style cradle to grave welfare state and emphasized the Obama. Democratic big government agenda with, ” “All that stands between us today and abundance tomorrow is the burden of public debt, the government’s appetite to spend and the bureaucrats’ passion to regulate.” Well said Mr. Ryan.

    This wraps up the main keynote speaker’s summaries for the first day of CPAC 2011. This is 3 long days of wonderful conservative Americans getting together for the betterment of America. If I left anyone out, it is due to my desire to help inform the folks in a prompt fashion of who is saying what at CPAC 2011. Tomorrow I will review Fridays speeches and  other notables, such as in the beginning of this article, where I mentioned the lack of civility from some folks there. I hope that kind of disgusting behavior will cease to be the embarrassment it is for all conservatives on the second day of the 2011 CPAC.

Hosni Mubarak Steps Down – Includes Transcript of Resignation

Hosni Mubarak resignsAt approximately 6pm Cairo time (11:00am EST), Omar Sulieman announced that Hosni Mubarak had resigned as the President of Egypt. The resignation ends 30 years of oppressive leadership and elitist handling of Egypt’s affairs.

The BBC published this transcript of Egyptian Vice President Sulieman’s announcement:

In the name of God the merciful, the compassionate, citizens, during these very difficult circumstances Egypt is going through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down from the office of president of the republic and has charged the high council of the armed forces to administer the affairs of the country. May God help everybody.

Early reports are that the military is taking over the leadership of the country until free and fair elections can be held. There are concerns that the Muslim Brotherhood may seek to create a theocracy like Iran’s or that the military may never cede control to the result of an election. The world watches.

Video of Tahrir square celebrating the announcement.

Live Stream of Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt

Live video chat by Ustream

Live Blog on Mubarak’s Resignation

CDN will continue to follow this story with a live blog. Check for updates frequently or just stay on this page. It will auto-update.



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