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Look out, World…It’s Burkha Barbie!

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  1. Hi Almita,

    Very interesting “developments” on the Barbie Doll today. Considering that this is an American icon in the toy world for little girls, I find it reprehensible that they now feel the need to semi-covertly try to *nudge* little girls towards accepting the oppression of Sharia Law in this manner. No conspiracy theory here, just common sense. This is advertising at it’s base, as mentioned by the Jeep Barbie drove. I say sell them in the Middle East all you want, just ban them from here in America, where women are free to drive and wear what they want to look attractive in life. This is nudging, plain and simple. I Value, Honor and Cherish American customs and way of life.

    I don’t quite agree with one statement above.
    “Barbie has always represented the progressive American woman. She had her own mansion, she had her own jeep, she had various careers and an amazing wardrobe.” When looking at the political scene today, Barbie has seemed to me to be more a capitalist at her core, with business suits,expensive extras and jewelry, etc. That would make her the Anti-Progressive/Liberal today. Then again maybe they will give her a Chevy Volt next year and tell the little girls that the loads of electricity to charge the car is produced by unicorns peddling zero emissions generators.

    Very interesting, well-written article Almita. I wonder if all the Muslim Barbies will have to wear those flat shoes too? Throw out those high heels girls!

  2. Burkha Barbie.. good grief. I never thought I’d see the day when an American icon was forced to hide her face. Where is all the feminist outrage from the left? Come on libs, where are you now that women really need you? Oh, yeah, forgot .. doesn’t promote your socialist agenda, nothing to see here, move on. (dot org)

  3. Umm, Barbie was all about independence. How does a Burkha Barbie promote that?