“Let’s Move?” or “Let’s Lie?” Michelle Obama’s latest public service announcement.

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  • Well, your article contains a lot of goofy conservative talk, but I realize what website I’m on.

    I was just googling info on that stupid ad, because I hate it so much. It’s horrible to lie to your kids like a game. I can’t believe they actually went with that, wow.

    On a related note, do/did any of you lie to your kids about Santa?

  • Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    Maybe Michelle needs your ideas in promoting fitness, looking at the size of her caboose these days. That is just plain hypocritical for her to run her mouth about fitness to our children.

    Yes mg, the truth getting out sure can be mean spirited at times.

  • this seems very mean- spirited. Sadly, I got here googling how to send Michelle an idea to help promote fitness and a respected trend setting country with our eating behaviors.