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Left Wingers to Finance Wisconsin 14 – CDN Fights Back

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  1. Kasandra-UW HR Student

    If this was really about the majority of people not wanting to be in unions, Walker could simply impose a bill that requires WI to be an “open-shop” state. This means that people can choose whether or not they want to be part of the union. If unions weren’t really a majority, and therefore not a threat, why would Walker do everything he could to weaken and decertify them? Are we also forgetting the private sector’s right to organize? Employer strategy tends to try to keep workers happy to avoid being vulnerable to unionization, do they not? If unions didn’t exist, or rights to collectively bargain at all, what incentive would companies have to provide fair wages and employment conditions? Also, what is with all the name calling Ex-Liberal Daily Kos? I am not a dirty hippie scumbag. I am a working college student, coming from a lower-middle class family, putting myself through school and am ready to contribute society. While I worked several jobs while getting a degree, I still needed and received help from state programs and the staff employed by such programs. I am happy to pay their salaries through taxes.

    • Kasandra-UW HR Student

      Also, I would like to say that I am extremely saddened at the success of government (at all levels) to continually divide the people on issues that we seem to have no control. Political posturing, talking-point parroting, partisan rubbish is most of what I see on either side of the fence. Where are the truth-seekers? Are we making a better world for our children by continuing to fight with each other? Can we really believe that if we can individually ensure wealth is left for our own family, while our neighbors suffer, will lead to a better world for them to live in? Can we ever just be truthful in a discussion on how to proceed with the decisions for our future? My mother always said that “life isn’t fair,” and I have accepted that. Yet I am not quite ready to accept that promoting my self-interest and my self-interest alone will lead to happiness and prosperity for generations to come.

  2. Send $1 each to the Democrat cowards makes perfect sense to me. That’s all they are worth. LOL. Those who send them $1 should also throw in a pacifier since they’re acting like such babies.

    • Democrats rely on the support of the people, the great many people who may only be able to afford a dollar apiece for the 14 Democratic Senators, myself for example. Republicans call on the fewer and better off who can afford to donate larger amounts. The real sign of support is not how much a few wealthier people can donate but how many people donate what they can. Scoff as you wish but that greater number of donors is the same majority of voters that will vote Republican Senators out of office very soon. You call the unions monstrous political machines but yet have no problem with donors such as the Koch Brothers who “only wants that’s best for America”?

      And don’t even start to talk about the Bible!! American Conservative Christianity has become pure hypocrisy.
      You people are truly pathetic!

      • Why do you Dems. think all Republicans are rich? We’re worse off financially than you are because we have to give our tax dollars for all the entitlements Dems. seem to think they deserve. I’m sick to death of paying out my ass on taxes to give it to those who think they are above such things as actually working for a living.

        • That’s complete horseshit, utterly laughable! I’m a retired blue collar working bloke who worked a steady job and now have a puny pension. If you’re poorer than me, you’re probably within poverty levels. But I’m not even really complaining for myself, I do have enough to live a simple life, but there are those who have far less than I who are being tossed aside as if they simply don’t matter at all. I know people whom you would call bums and trash who bust their asses every day of their lives just to survive and need and use the services that our taxes afford them. It must astonish youy how life is still a daily struggle for those getting all of those glorious freebies, getting that free ride you think they enjoy! Those are the people I care about and if I should have to pay more in taxes than I might at first thnk is fair, if I feel they are being used to better the lives of those who most need help, you won’t hear me complaining. Can you say that? All I hear from you is “oh boo hoo for me”.

          • So you are ok with cradle to grave welfare generation to generation. I am tired of supporting people who don’t want to take care of themselves. I have had to take loans out before to pay my taxes. This is America, if you want a better job with more income you can go to college at night or online but don’t live you whole freaking life off the backs of taxpayers. I’m betting you’re actually one of the ones who get the entitlements.

          • People do need to work but they need a society that doesn’t crush them

        • I do not recieve any “entitlements”, just for the record. You’re wrong again.

        • Next I expect that you’ll tell me that I didn’t fairly earn my pension.

  3. EX_DailyKOS Liberal

    I amnow taking a different approach. I am giving $30.00 to Governor Scott Walker’s relection campaign. Then, thanks to the exposure here of just what DailyKos thugs and nasty Che worshippers are really like, I am adding $5 to each Senator- because I believe in true democracy.

  4. EX_DailyKOS Liberal

    I am picking my Senators to send the money to right now. I think this is a very honorable thing to do.
    A democracy does now include elected senators running away from the jobs they are paid to do.
    A democracy does now include OFA invading our states and sticking their noses onto our business.
    Democracy does no include **fake*** grassroots actions that try to make UNIONS seem like the majority. They are the minority.
    Democracy does not include UNION workers acting like proviledged parasites demanding $100,000 salary and benefits packages that the hard working people get stuck with paying.

    DaliyKos Scum sheep are too mathematically challenged to understand that there WILL be layoffs if something isn’t be done to fix our Wisc.budget. DailyKos parasites and bullies coming in here acting like they somehow are the only people allowed to support one side of this action, and then try to call it some kind of Democracy, need to grow up and get a life. While they are at it they can all kiss my rear end if they don’t like this type of ***true*** Democracy in action.

    Lets all get behind our duly elected representatives in Wisc and make sure the Liberals get even a bigger beatdown in 2012 then they got in 2010! Take a look at who these ugly-acting DailyKos people are right in here. Disgusting low-lifes who can’t bring reality and facts into a situation to state their position. I hereby QUIT DailyKos because I dont approve of anyone using a crisis to try to overthrow the government of Wisc like they are doing. FYI, that isn’t Democracy. Every single problem we see today, the Democrats and DailyKos sheep and ignorants try to use it to beg for cash. One UNION spent over 40 million dollars of their members cash on the 2010 elections. That same UNION is heavily propmoted and is in bed with the parasitic thugs at DailyKos. Unions are the worst “big corporations” in America when it comes to buying elections. Lets put a stop to them today. Support a REAL grassroots movement, like this one here at CDN. I bet you won’t see CDN members ever carrying the nasty signs that the thugs from OFA and other phony paid political operatives in Wisc. have been seen with. Go to DailyKos and take a look at all the lies told there while they are trying to help the wanna-be Socialists/Communists control elections.
    They will never-ever get another nickle from me! Yes i donated once there, not fully understanding just what DailyKos was doing. I have finally seen DailyKos for who they really are today, all because of this one email from a concerned father. Thank you sir. My money is going to CDN from here on out, and REAL DEMOCRACY

  5. So.. you think that sending five bucks to some lame repugnants will matter? DOn’t you know that DAilyKOS is 100 times what this mess of a site is?

    Conservatives don’t now how to read anything other than the bible… which is a questionable read at best.

    Challenge Unions but you will be wrong, one way or another.

    • EX_DailyKOS Liberal

      I shall be making that 10 BUCKS because anyone who has to call names and act like a nasty, bible-bashing thug like you does not impress me one bit, Clear enough?

      WE WON in 2010! get over it! Who is wrong there? Your gravy train gig is over. I suppose you fake name will be DailyFoxLover after the next elections. Maybe not, they don’t pay people to spreads false propaganda against America like the DBC< Soros and DailyKos does.

    • Well it’s obvious to me that YOU or any Dems. have never read a bible. It shows in your actions and the way you treat people. Maybe you should take it up. You would be amazed at how much you could learn.

  6. Wahahahahahhahaha. Conservatives are trying grass roots activism. that is precious.

    This is a lame attempt at best. You won’t ever measure up to the likes of moveon, MSNBC, NPR, etc.. you don’t stand a chance, but thanks for the laugh.

  7. Unions are the only way that workers can bring themselves to the level of their greedy corporate executives. Unions give workers the respect and compensation they are entitled to.

    Walker and you mindless conservatives just want to hold on to your money and possesions, well, the people are coming for you .. just like in Egypt

  8. Really?? really??? You praise the constitution and hate democracy!! UNION ARE ALL ABOUT DEMOCRACY YOU MORONS. You are supporting the wrong Senators. the ones that left are the real people’s firend. This is stupid, don’t waste your money.

    Unions gave us weekends and 8 hours days. They kept children from working in factories.

    If you fight unions, you fight the workers, the people, everyone.

    • What is wrong with you? Unions are out for themselves. If you hate corporations, you must hate unions. They are one in the same. Kids these days.

    • “hate democracy” What? Democracy elected more votes for bringing union pay a little bit closer to the rest of us, but the minority decided to stop government and throw a tantrum to force mob rule. That’s closer to anarchy.

      This episode shows how liberals distort the concept of democracy to always fit their position. Good for us, we now know your game and are activated.

      • Swizzle,
        You have some great points here. The real question is how many people actually understand how oppressive pure Democracy is vs. the Republic our founding fathers stood up for us. As Ben Franklin put it, “a republic, if you can keep it..”

        It is up to us to keep the republic from deteriorating into a democracy which is nothing more than Mob rule.

        • Well said Rich.
          If we also look at the calls for the new catchphrase of the leftDemocracy, we see just what kind of *Democracy* these Dems are pushing for. This is Communism at its purest form, no matter how the Liberals rebrand it.

    • EX_DailyKOS Liberal

      Sorry Jim, you have life backwards. If the Unions are bankrupting the States ( and they are part of it) and the people elct a person to fix it, then the people pushing the UNIONS AGENDA are the ones against true Democracy. Walker ran on the platform of fixing this mess. He TOLD the people Unions have to be scaled back to even it up with the private sector,who also happens to pay their salaries packages. That is happening now. You can’t spin it any other way, the duly elected Governor is doing what he promised to do in the elections. HE WON the election.

      Walker is the true hero for the people of Wisc today. They will thank him in the long run.

    • No, the ones who ran away and hid are the laughing stock to the rest of America for their cowardice. Only cowards run and hide. The Republicans stayed there to do their job that the taxpayers are paying them to do like the responsible adults they are.

  9. Rich. This is awesome. I’m the one that forwarded the email to you and this is the kind of thing I hoped someone would do with it.

    I’ll put $5 in for Cowles, Darling, Ellis, and Ftizgerald.

    Thanks again for doing this.

  10. I am putting up $40 in this effort – aw crap.. make it $50 – I don’t really need lunch tomorrow. $5 each to:

    – Rich Zipperer
    – Van Wanggaard
    – Leah Vukmir
    – Dale Shultz
    – Luther Olsen
    – Terry Moulton
    – Joseph Leibham
    – Mary Lazich
    – Frank Lasee
    – Neal Kedzie

    Now it’s your turn.